Losing weight is one of the core focuses in our society. Many don’t like the idea of being fat or obsessed. Everyone wants to look smarts like celebrities. But the issue surrounding why people tend to add more weight in recent age is the food content consumed.  If you can’t control your food type, then the weight loss goal becomes the alternative of reducing gained calories over time. Traditional exercise running, swimming, push-ups, and more were the most popular ways in the ages, but it seems slower and energy-consuming while little or no fat is burned. However, scientific development has helped a lot in innovating machines to speed up weight shedding, but there are still difficulties deciding the right one. Why? There are now plenty of cardio machines on the market, making people get even more confused on what exercise machine burns the most calories? It is just like the more you look, the less you see, becoming clueless on what to do. Nevertheless, never give up, help is always around the corner as we have a lot to tell you about the various cardio exercise machines to try at your leverage at home. Going to gym centers might not be necessary as these machines are easy to use by oneself unless you feel so.

What Exercise Machine Burns The Most Calories? Top 5 Machines


If you’re fat does not mean there is nobody that cherish you, therefore, don’t feel bad about it. Some people no matter what exercise they do or diet doctor’s recommends, there won’t be changes, as such don’t kill yourself with worries. God loves you that way.

Contrarily, the society that we find ourselves in frowns at being fat, especially women. They can do anything to stay slim. Some can go the extra mile of doing surgery for calorie removal. As for men, 80% of the world population don’t care if they’re obese or not as fitness is not their attraction. However, if your job role cuts across the showbiz, entertainment, film making or music artists, your scale of worries increases because of the fear of being overweight. So what should you do? Fitness goal is a must to remain in good shape. To achieve this. An exercise machine will do you well.

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You must understand, the number of calories to burn using exercise machine varies from one person to another.  Factors like age, sex, weight, etc. are determinant. If you can push harder and be faithful to your training session or schedule, you might give out up to 500 calories weekly. As you work out, you might do yourself good to track calories burned using a fitness tracker. Hence let’s see the various exercise machines to try:

  • Treadmills

If you’re a die-hard runner, a treadmill should be among exercise machines for your home training. Although, in most gym centers, treadmills are available. The design allows you to step on it and do some form of exercise such as running, walking, or trekking. Mostly, athletes love them because it let them build stamina and also keeps them fit. Most importantly, if you can run on this device at a higher speed level, you’ll burn extra calories than you would normally achieve while doing walking exercises. As you lose out fat, likewise build core leg, lap, or thigh muscles as well.

  • Rowing machine

Rowing machines are not popular in most homes but in gym centers, presently found. It allows the use of both your legs and hands to row the machine like you are padding a boat. This action helps increase heartbeat rate improving blood flow throughout the body.  While metabolism is being increased, calories are also reducing, and to get the best of result, endeavor rowing at higher acceleration. Also, the rowing machine is quite comfortable to use because the design features a seat for you to sit on. For most people, it is a machine for muscle building.  Yes, it is, but you can only have a flat tummy for muscles to surface.

  • Spin bike cycling

Spin bikes come portable for indoor cycling. They are also referred to as stationary bikes because you ride them just in a fixed location and able to cover distances just like traditional bikes. A spin bike could let you burn fat faster since it requires pedaling. You will use up enough energy while respiration takes place. The higher the resistance, the more weight loss. So if you can pedal harder, you’ll be amazed that this machine can burn the most calories you would least expect. Although, they can be expensive but there some spin bikes under $500 with better resistance.

  • Elliptical bikes

These are low-impact exercise bikes compare to spin bikes. With elliptical, you can ride forward or backward direction. The reverse direction could make a whole lot of difference in calorie reduction as you would need to exert much force, but in the end, it worth the try. An elliptical has a different speed, and resistance level, which means a more challenging workout if you can go higher level as weight loss will also be significant. Many online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and others have some quality elliptical to help you burn calories. However, ensure you pick a good one.

  • Vibration machines

The truth is that vibration machine exercise works to burn most calories. It is a simple device that comes with variable speed, resistance bands – for those without handlebars, timer settings, etc. While most exercise machines are designed for a fixed position workout, vibration machines give you that privilege to perform different position exercise. For instance, you can do squatting, lunge, planks, push-up’s exercise on a vibration platform. It exists in two forms, portable and whole body types. Therefore, you can choose between the two kinds. They are easy to use and operates – beginners will love vibration machines for their weight loss demand.


While you might be interested in what exercise machine burns the most calories, it is good to note that your dedication to using whatever exercise machine you have determines the number of calories you can burn. Why? It is possible to have the best machine. When you don’t follow a routine training guide, your result may be minimal.  As such, depending on the exercise equipment you have, follow the user guide on how to achieve the best performance.  Using the machine 3-times a week is not bad, but this falls back to the minutes spent per day. Spending up to 30 minutes daily, in the case of a vibration machine gives answers.