What Does TBH Mean?

TBH is one of the newest and popular slangs common on social network, whatsapp chat and other platform. There are other slangs but people that have written TBH in one way or the other statistics are really high. With the evolution of TBH, many other new words are coming. The surprising thing, this word TBH is not in dictionary yet is more popular among users. Another form of new word among youth, teens is “selfie”

However, all these new words are formulated by teenagers and we can also credit them for their smart thinking making chat sometimes interesting using slangs like TBH, HUM or Selfie.

What Does TBH Mean?


What’s the full meaning of TBH?

On social media, TBH populate almost all chat pages or posts. Facebook is one of the major social media where this word can be seen. That is to say, Facebook users make reference to this word in the course of chat or messaging anyone or partner they which to connect with.

However, the full meaning of the abbreviation TBH simply means “TO BE HONEST”. This word carries power and emotion weight as it majorly uses to get closer to people you wants to connect. For instance, when talking about something that is arguable or uncomfortable, this word TBH seems to help explain it better.   In order word, there are no other slangs that can help explain something controversial since it’s more popular among people than others you may think off.

TBH can be use to describe something you feel it’s really a truth fact. For instance, to be honest, seems to be a long phrase and sounds old in modern day’s usage especially among teens. While on the other hand, TBH seems short, attention catching especially to those hearing or seeing the word for the first time and because of that draws more attention.


As long To Be Honest exist as English word, TBH will remain. There many form which TBH can be use to express oneself perception about somebody or something.   Example, on a social media, you saw someone who is pretty and you want to get closer or connect her, you simply need to text her or comment “TBH you’re so pretty” via message box or in her photo.


These days, things have changed where you want to make someone believe you then say the full meaning of TBH. Since the teens or teenagers has come up with their owe trend of slangs. The short form TO BE HONEST which means TBH is more valuable to use and looks modern.