Innovation in the world of fitness, Whole-body Vibration Machines are eye-catching gadgets providing their users with many benefits. However, if you are looking for the top vibration plates and vibration machine exercises for the stomach, this article is indeed your cup of tea. To know all that is, make sure to read it till the very end. We have got it all covered for you!

Vibration Plate
Programs Weight
1. Max-care vibrating platform9910300lbs
2. Bluefin Vibration Platform180 5330 lbs
3. Confidence fitness vibration505+ 300lbs
4. Life-pro rumblex 4d plate Adjustable 7330lbs
5. Global Relax Vibration PlateAdjustable Adjustable 330lbs

Kinds Of Exercises For You To Perform Along With Vibration Machine For Stomach

  • Bridge on one leg:

By putting your body weight on one leg laying on a flat surface, posturing the other leg like a bridge in the air is known as Bridge on one leg. This vibration machine exercise for the stomach works on your lower back and abdomen core muscles to provide a flatter stomach and stronger hamstrings.

  • Sit-ups:
8 Best Vibration Machine Exercises for Stomach - Helpful Tips

Sit-ups are abdominal exercises providing mobility to the whole of your abdominal muscles, including rectus abdominis, and hence works a great deal in flattening your stomach.

  • Triceps dip:

Strengthening your triceps is a great way of starting your bodyweight workout routine. Keep it coming, folks! Tricep dips are an essential part of your bodyweight workout and an effective vibration machine exercise for the stomach.

How to perform it?

Put the edges of your heels on the vibration plate with your hands placed on a chair. Push your body using your tricep muscles and keep repeating.

  • Push-ups:

Push-ups are one of the most common vibration machine exercises for stomach folks to go for. Wishing for a flatter stomach, this exercise yields incredible results. 

  • Lunges with bands:

Lunges with bands are not at all difficult or different than the original lunges. The only difference there is the positioning of your hands while performing it. You can set your hands wherever you like in regular lunges, usually on your hips, to have a balanced posture. In these, you use bands to work out on your arms while working on your lower body. The preferred frequency for performing this vibration machine exercise for the stomach is 23 to 28 Hertz.

  • Biceps curl:

This is a relatively simple vibration machine exercise for the stomach in which you curl your bicep brachii muscle, as is reflected by its name. Using dumbbells, resistance bands, etc., performing this exercise strengthens your arms and affects the pectoralis major muscle in addition.

  • Lunges:

Lunges are made to be done for lower body posture and fitness. The preferred frequency to make Lunges on a vibration plate is 22 to 28 hertz with a period of 30 seconds.

How to do lunges?

Lunges are comparatively more straightforward. Keeping your back straight, you have to bend with one leg on the floor to balance your body and the other foot on the vibration plate. The knee of the bent leg on the vibration plate has to make a right angle. Make sure to center your body weight correctly.

  • Squats:

Squats are one of the most basic yet important vibration machine exercises for the stomach. The main muscles concerned with this exercise are the thigh muscles, the butt area, and the stomach. The preferable frequency for performing squats on a vibration machine is 23 to 28 hertz. The time limit for which you have to stay on your vibration plate is 30 seconds only.

How to squat?

Keeping your hands parallel to the ground and your back straight, bend your knees, keeping in mind that they do not surpass your toes. Make sure to bring your body in a sitting posture with your hips protruded backward and your back straight.

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Benefits Of Vibration Machine Exercises For Stomach

In addition to stating the benefits, vibration machine has to offer concerning belly fat. We want to inform you of the same perks you get for performing these vibrations mentioned above machine exercises in general.

  • Keeps you fit: Health comes first. A vibration machine is a perfect way to keep your body fit. 
  • Gains muscles: Exercising hard on a vibrating machine is an excellent workout to gain muscle mass.
  • Improves body’s strength: Strength of the body comes when the muscles get stronger and worked up. Via aerobic activity of the muscles, energy level gets boosted up. 
  • Maintain the blood pressure:  Folks who are not so comfortable performing static exercises have a better option of undergoing vibration training. Researches show a systolic pressure fall in obese women with hypertension. 
  • Shapes the body well: Vibration machines play a significant role in toning muscles of the body and hence, shape the body well. 
  • Minimize Fatigue: When the body works and muscles clench, blood flows, and the body gets fresh and rids of fatigue.
  • Weight loss: With the speed set on a particular timer, the body uses energy to follow the reflex action of the voluntary muscles of the body, which in turn burns calories, and you lose weight. 

However, more specific research is still to be conducted to give particular results. 

How To Use A Vibration Plate To Lose Weight

  • The general equation: Vibration machines work simply with no rocket science. On starting the vibration machine, you stand upright on it. Following the natural body reflex, body muscles contract, consuming the body’s energy and burning calories. With options on the machine, you can set the speed and frequency of vibrations. That is, the more frequency you set, get more calories burned. 
  • Specifically to burn your extra kilos of the stomach: If you want to burn your extra calories and lose all your belly fat, you must follow an intense workout schedule. Performing exercises like lunges, planks, etc., contributes to a flatter stomach and attractive body shape. Now, following the same workout plan with vibration machine exercises for the stomach on a Vibration plate yields the same results but two folds. It works by burning your fat via energy consumption by stretching and contracting your muscles while performing what you are doing on a shaking platform. 
  • Contradicting weight loss theory: 

No health organization has approved Vibration Machines to be the remedy for weight loss until now. However, users strongly recommend these machines for yielding excellent results. The drill of using Vibration machines for weight loss is by performing potential exercises on this machine. Working out more than the preferable time is not intelligent and can cause strains, etc. Exercises like squats, planks, pushups, etc., really help in losing your extra Kilos. People prefer to exercise these on a vibration machine to burn extra calories with the help of set oscillations. 

Features of a good vibration plate: 

Besides having a good body shape, a Vibration platform must have the below-mentioned characteristics to be technically strong. These are: 

  • Frequency: A good frequency range plays an integral part in your workout. The preferable frequency for your body to lose belly fat is 20 to 45 Hertz. 
  • Acceleration: Acceleration determines the intensity of your workout, and hence before getting yourself a vibration machine, the range served by the device has to be checked.
  • Amplitude: Amplitude determines the distance your vibration platform travels. 
  • Type of Platform: As already discussed, platform type is of significant importance, depending on the exercises you must execute.

For instance, if you want to work out on your belly fat and burn all the extra calories, full-body upright or laid on a platform is preferable, making the potential exercises like planks, etc., easier and more effective.

7 Best Vibration Machine Reviews




Our first top product is the Max-care manufactured Vibration plate. With a touch LED panel vibration plate, this machine has a chic look. Moreover, it has a large weight capacity and porting wheels, making it portable. The base possesses suction cups to avoid slipping and falling.

Coming with a dual motor, the machine provides an excellent range of frequencies. This specific sort works amazingly for folks suffering from chronic back pain.
Additionally, it is a perfect machine to perform stomach exercises on. Having ten preset programs, the device has a Bluetooth connection to provide a rather musical environment while working out—all in all, a top-notch vibration plate with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

  • Has a Bluetooth connection
  • Works for chronic pain providing gentle vibrations
  • Has a well-set programming technology
  • A Lifetime guarantee
  • Doesn’t work for an intense workout
  • Not room-friendly




Our second best product on the list is the updated newcomer in the market. Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform serves amazingly with so many fascinating features. One of the crucial ones is its high-frequency operational range. The machine is straightforward and straightforward to operate. However, it makes it a bit harder for its user to compare the speed range.

One of the cons the machine has to offer is it being pricey.
Nonetheless, the Bluefin Fitness Vibration Platform comes up with excellent customer service and robust construction. An operational remote also comes with the machine. Moreover, its quiet operation serves to be icing on the cake, making it stand out amongst the others.

  • Updated and simple to use 
  • Customer service is exceptional 
  • Sturdy quality construction 
  • Quiet operation 
  • Available on Amazon 
  • Operating range is in frequency rather than speed
  • Steep price 




Our third bestseller is the very known Confidence Fitness Vibration Machine. This brand is known for manufacturing products that last long and work exceptionally. As is reflected by its upright shape, this Vibration machine’s niche is working on losing extra calories. The Confidence Fitness Vibration Machine helps with losing extra Kilos, as well as improves your overall health.

The company says that 15 minutes of use per day will deliver exceptional results within no time. While the oscillation occurs, this Vibration Machine lets you do Arm raises, etc. It has a screen on top of the machine showing the stats of your workout. It has a sturdy body with a slim and intelligent design.

Resembling a treadmill, the Confidence Fitness Vibration Machine is best suitable for folks dedicated to losing weight in no time and hence, makes our third bestseller. Working 10 minutes, three times a day on our Hurtle Fitness Vibration Machine is preferable. In sum, the Confidence Fitness Vibration Machine works to improve your blood circulation and strengthen bone density.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Fair bang for the buck’s value
  • Shows stats on its computerized screen
  • Resembling a treadmill, it covers a lot of area than the others on the list 




Our fourth best-seller, the Standing Vibration Board Exercise Machine, is no lesser than the others in providing its users with fitness and improved flexibility. It features tension cords to provide a complete body workout. The machine helps ton the muscles and burns all the extra Kilos effortlessly. Our Standing Vibration Board Exercise Machine is best known for the shape of the abdomen, making the upper body firm and fit.

This Vibration Machine exercises for the stomach are easily performed on this machine. Along with strengthening bone density, the device works on your stamina and improves the blood flow across arteries. The Standing Vibration Board Exercise Machine comes in a compact size with a fair bang for the buck’s value. Fit this machine anywhere at your place quickly. With a computerized screen to keep track of your stats, the device offers 20 different vibration speeds.

  • Compact size
  • Cheap 
  • Easy to use 
  • Works for upper body exercises 
  • The user has to be good at balance before using it.




Our fifth product on the list is no lesser than the others in its solid technical features. The Zen shaper body has a curved plate design that keeps you fit with its 3-automatic and ten manual modes.

With a wide range of programming, the machine is preferably used for 5 minutes to 30 minutes. It comes with elastic fitness bands, the Zen shaper has a USB input, providing a musical environment. In sum, it is perfect for people who are working on a bodyweight workout. It burns calories and is easy to work out.

  • years of warranty
  • Easy to use 
  • Wide range of preset programs
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Not portable 




Our sixth best-seller is the fantastic Yovital 3D vibration plate exercise machine. It features durable loop resistance bands. It has a 400W dual motor and five different 3D vibration modes. The preferred period for which you can use this very vibration machine is 10-15 minutes.

Additionally, it has a music player, providing you with a friendly musical environment while working out. All in all, with a 100% money-back guarantee of 24 months and excellent customer service, the Yovital 3D vibration plate stands out amongst its fellow competitors. Customize your fitness workout with this remarkable Yovital 3D vibration plate exercise machine.

  • Money back guarantee of two years
  • Music-friendly
  • A free trial is available 
  • Has a good speed range
  • Not room-friendly




This full-body workout vibration machine is our seventh product on the list. However, it stands no lesser than the above six. BC Vibrant health power 1000 vertical vibration machine is a special edition in the market of vibration fitness machines.

Recommended by the all-known fitness expert Becky Chambers, this Vibration platform has its charm and importance. It works for all of your body with a 500-watt motor. With an acceptable frequency range of 26-45 hertz, this machine is straightforward and straightforward to use, just like the others.

  • Its large size allows performing any kind of exercise on the platform
  • Easy to use
  • Has a fair frequency range 
  • Is really large to fit in a small room 




Last but not least is the incredible, Life-pro Rumblex 4D Vibration plate exercise machine. As one of the most comprehensive vibration platforms in the merchandise, this machine works incredibly on your bone density, circulation, and belly fat.

Having seven different training modes and is made sturdy with robust construction. With remarkable efficacy, the machine comes with a lifetime guarantee. In sum, it is an attractive choice for folks determined to lose their belly fat and improve their bone density.

  • Great efficacy
  • Easy to operate 
  • Has a range of preset programming
  • Suitable for gyms 

How to pick the best vibration machine for stomach exercises:

Finding the best vibration plate for losing weight and keeping your body fit is not easy at all. With so many brands manufacturing these vibration plates, choosing one among so many isn’t easy. However, certain factors play a crucial role in determining your type of vibration plate and, hence, should be considered before snapping one up. Below are mentioned some factors one should look into before grabbing their all-time fitness partner. 

  1. Types of vibrations: 

Different technologies and techniques are being used to manufacture a vibration plate. Since vibration plates are all about vibrations, it is essential to know what kind of vibrations it gives before purchasing a vibration plate. There are several kinds of vibrations different vibration machines offer. These are:

  • Pivotal or Oscillation (Side to side)
  • Linear or vertical (Up and down)
  • Sonic (Sound vibrations)
  • Tri-planar (Linear with Extras) 
  • Elliptical (Circular type motion) 

2. Intensity of vibration: 

The intensity of vibration plays a vital role in your daily workout. It is imperative to know at what speed and power to work out and exercise without getting fatigued. However, for your belly to lose fat, you must work out at a moderate intensity (not too much, not too less) over a long time to prevent getting fatigued.

3. Preset workout program: 

This is where technology comes into play. A preset workout program helps you with a more killer workout, working remarkably. These programs come with the vibration plate upon purchase. Through these, you can keep an eye on your daily workout stats like running kilometers, your maximum speed or intensity of the vibrations, etc., on a computerized screen right in front of you. All in all, this workout program helps tremendously in your daily home workout. 

4. Platform dimensions: 

Commonly, Vibration Machines are available in the merchandise in three types, based on the dimensions the platform comes in. These are: 

  • Standing, single plate: With a small single plate of oscillation, the machine resembles a footrest. You stand on it, and it works for you. Suitable for small areas like homes, offices, etc. 
  • Standing, full-body: This type differs from the first by arm handles. This machine gives accurate stats and a complete workout routine. You can perform any static or dynamic exercise on it, and hence, it is preferable for stomach exercises inclusive.
  • Whole-body, lying down: This type of Vibration machine is designed to be laid on. It is perfect for performing any exercise with a whole lot of space like pushups, etc. These vibration plates are also used to lose belly fat and do an intense workout, giving excellent results.

5. High quality: 

Snapping up a vibration plate that is not durable is a mere waste of your money and time. Hence, it is crucial to purchase a robust construction and sturdy enough to live several strokes. The best way of doing it is to go through honest reviews and consider the best-selling brands for your purchase. 

6. Warranty: 

A lot of brands provide a minimal two-year warranty for vibration plates. In case of any technical issue or any problem with the software, customer service comes into play. Hence, to prevent your time from sparing, it is vital to pick the brand providing the best customer service in town. 


A. How long should you exercise on a vibration plate? 

Knowing for how long you have to stay on your Vibration machine spares you many problems like strains, excessive muscle contractions, health risks, etc. The most favorable timings are 10 to 30 minutes in a single rep. Repeating it three or four times a week is preferable and yields the desired results. However, it heavily depends on the types of exercises one is practicing 

B. What activities should I do? 

Vibration machines themselves have a significant role, but the results depend heavily on the types of exercises one performs. 

Below are mentioned some of the potential exercises you can perform at home using one of these machines: 


  • Planks 
  • Lunges
  • Calf raises
  • Crunches 
  • Squats 

C. How much do vibration plates cost?

Vibration plates come from a range under a hundred dollars to being real pricey in no time. You can snap up a moderate vibration plate for some hundred dollars. However, prices go up drastically to some thousand USDs, depending on the manufacturer’s brand and the quality material they use in its manufacturing. 

D. Are vibration plates noisy? 

Vibration plates obviously produce sound because of the continuous oscillations; however, brands are manufacturing machines with no noise. Hence, vibration machines making no sound come in at a higher price than the ones producing noise. 


All in all, these Vibration machine exercises for the Stomach are straightforward to perform yet give tremendous results. To seek maximum benefits from it, one must know and manage the timings on the machine. With Zen shaper, shaping your body to the finest, to MaxCare Vibration plate, relieving your chronic back pain, these Vibration machines have come a long way. Do not forget to buy yourself one if you are looking for a flatter stomach and fit body.