When you have to cut a tree branch but it is too high for you to reach from the ground with a regular saw, what do you do? Basically, you have three choices. You can get on a ladder and try to cut off the branch (a risky venture if you ask me) or simply let the branch be. The third option would be to use a pole saw.  A pole saw is basically a chainsaw on a stick. Maybe not exactly. But you get the picture. A pole saw is a handy tool that makes it easy to saw off tree limbs that would be otherwise beyond your reach. They can be battery operated, electric or gas-powered. There are various models of pole saws, all with unique features. In this article, we review the best pole saws in the market and go over important considerations that will help you choose a good pole saw for your need. However, which pole saw is best, find out today as you read through the entire post down to the buying guide.

Top Rated Best Pole Saws 2020 Comparsion & Consumer Reports

Product Name/ Image
MAXTRA Adjustable Head Pole Chainsaw for Tree Trimming
MAXTRA Adjustable Head Pole Chainsaw for Tree Trimming BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • Powered by gas
  • 42.7cc powerful engine
  • 1 foot pole extension
  • Unit weight 10 pounds
  • 65.4 x 12.6 x 11.8 inches dimension

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WORX WG309: Best Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw
WORX WG309: Best Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • Electric model
  • An 8 amp motor
  • 8 foot pole extension
  • Unit weight 10 pounds
  • 42 x 8 x 9 inches dimension

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Sun Joe SWJ803E Multi-Angle Telescopic Electric Pole Chain SawSun Joe SWJ803E Multi-Angle Telescopic Electric Pole Chain Saw BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • Electric model
  • 8 amp motor
  • 10 foot pole extension
  • Not specified
  • Not specified

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SALEM MASTER Saw with Telescopic Pole for Cutting Branches
SALEM MASTER Saw with Telescopic Pole for Cutting Branches BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • Uses electric/ battery
  • 7 feet extension
  • An 8 inch bar
  • 10.98 pounds weight
  • 44.3 x 9.1 x 4.6 inches dimension

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Greenworks: Best Cordless Battery Powered Pole Saw
Greenworks: Best Cordless Battery Powered Pole Saw BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • Battery model
  • 8 feet extension
  • 40V pole saw
  • 8. 36 pounds weight
  • 107 x 7 x 7.5 inches dimension

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Types of Pole Saw Which You Can Choose

  • Electric pole saw: Electric pole saws are powered by electricity. Therefore, they have to be plugged into a power outlet to keep them running. This means they can be cumbersome to carry as the cord may get in the way of your work and make it difficult to work with. You also cannot go too far from the power source when working with this kind of pole saw. However, electric saws supply more power than battery-powered units. Thus, they are ideal for cutting thicker branches. 
  • Manual pole saw: these are traditional pole saws with a handle and clipper or blade at the end. The clipper is used for cutting off small branches while the saw blade is suitable for larger and thicker branches. Of course, they are not as convenient to use as an electric or gas-powered model since you have to manually grind the saw to cut off the branch. 
  • Gas pole saw: gas-powered pole saws are heavy-duty units powerful enough to handle the toughest cutting task. They also tend to have longer bars compared to others and are better at cutting. However, they operate very loud. They tend to e heavier and are cumbersome to handle. 
  • Cordless pole saw: cordless pole saws are battery-powered units. They are sought for their ease of use since you don’t have to struggle with a cord and you don’t have to bother about filling with fuel. They also operate quietly. However, they are limited in terms of maximum power and are also relatively shorter than other models. Hence they are most ideal with thinner tree limbs and should not be used with thicker branches. 

Top Rated Best Pole Saws 2020 Reviews In The Market

1. MAXTRA Adjustable Head Pole Chainsaw for Tree Trimming

  • Top Rated Best Pole Saws 2020 Reviews on the Market Consumer Reports

The Maxtra adjustable pole saw features a multi-angle cutting head which is can be adjusted between 90 to 180 degrees for precise cutting based on the position of the branch. Thanks to this innovative design, you will be able to see exactly where you are cutting and the extent of the cut when using this saw. This design not only makes cutting with this saw easy, but it also makes it safe. This pole saw has an adjustable length with an extension of up to 3.6ft. 

This best value pole saw is built for heavy-duty work and tough sawing tasks. It features a 10 inches bar and a powerful engine which makes it more effective for cutting larger branches. It also has a shoulder strap which makes it easy to carry the saw when it is used. 

What we like 
  • Long reach of up to 15 ft 
  • 10-inch bar for handling thick branches 
  • Carry bag for portability 
What we don’t like 
  • The chain tension screw may not work very well.


2. WORX WG309: Best Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

  • WORX WG309: Best Electric Pole Saw & Chainsaw

The WORX WG309 pole saw is a multifunctional unit with a versatile design that makes it perfect for handling light to medium-duty tasks conveniently. It has an 8-foot extensible pole which makes it easier to reach higher branches without the need for a ladder. The pole is also detachable so you can work with low hanging or fallen limbs without stress. You will love how easy it is to make the transition from a chainsaw to a pole saw with this unit. This handle is also rotatable for even greater convenience when pruning. 

One of the best things about this chain saw is its durability. It promises years of continuous use thanks to an auto-tension chain system. There is also an automatic oil pump that lubricates the saw. These unique features help to extend the lifespan of the chain and bar. 

What we like 
  • Powerful 8 amp motor 
  • Detachable and rotatable handle for convenient pruning 
  • Durable design 
What we don’t like 
  • The saw is top-heavy on the pole 


3. Sun Joe SWJ803E Multi-Angle Telescopic Electric Pole Chain Saw

  • Sun Joe SWJ803E Multi-Angle Telescopic Electric Pole Chain Saw

The Sun Joe SWJ803E comes with a powerful 8-amp motor that can cut through thick branches conveniently. This pole saw also has an extensible reach which makes it ideal for cutting overhanging tree limbs. The telescopic angle can extend by as much as 10-inches so you don’t need a ladder to work with this pole saw. 

You will love the convenience of using this pole saw. It is electrically powered so you can easily operate this saw with just the push of a button and you don’t have to bother about smoke or fumes as in gas-powered units. It also has a chain tensioning system that can be adjusted effortlessly and an auto oiler which keeps the saw chain and bar lubricated during use to prevent damage. 

What we like 
  • 10-inch extensible reach 
  • Easy switch 
  • Auto lubrication system 
What we don’t like 
  • This is a heavy saw 


4. SALEM MASTER Saw with Telescopic Pole for Cutting Branches

If you want a pole saw for some heavy-duty task this is the unit to get. It features a 20V engine that s able to deliver 2000rpm of motion with its brushless motor. This cuts faster than many other models and operates more silently. This is a pole saw with a cordless design. This makes it more convenient for work as you simply have to charge the unit and it is ready for use. 

This unit also features a telescopic pole design with up to 7 feet of extension that allows you to reach tree branches at a height of up to 12 feet without a ladder. This unit also has a lightweight design. This makes it quite convenient to use especially because the length is extensible.

What we like 
  • High-performance unit 
  • Cordless design 
  • Powerful motor 
  • It has a safety switch to avoid accidental starting.
What we don’t like
  • None


5. Greenworks: Best Cordless Battery Powered Pole Saw

The Greenworks cordless pole saw features a powerful 40 V engine that is powered by a 2Ah battery. This battery is rechargeable and this unit is cordless which makes convenient operation possible. This unit features a telescopic handle with a 3-piece telescopic aluminum shaft that can extend by up to 8 feet. The handle can be removed as well if it is not needed. 

This unit is built to be durable even when handling some heavy-duty tasks. There is an easy to adjust tension chain system which makes it super convenient to tighten the chain. There is also an automatic oiler which oils the chain and bar for optimal use and durability of the unit.

What we like 
  • Cordless design for convenient use 
  • Extensible by up to 8 feet 
  • Easy tension adjustment 
What we don’t like 
  • You may find the “lock-out” switch heavy to pull especially when you are wearing heavy gloves


How To Pick The Best Pole Saw In 2020

When it comes to picking the best pole saws, it is all about choosing a unit that best meets your own requirements. Most pole saws are similar in terms of their build and basic functionality. However, there are some specific features you should look out for to find the best one for your need. This includes: 

  • The working height: typically, the working height of your saw will be specified on the product package or on the product page. The indicated working height is the sum of the length of the pole and your arm length. Hence, a pole that claims to be 10 feet will actually be about 7 or 8 feet long in the real sense. Most pole saws also have an extensible or telescopic handle which makes it possible to add a few more feet to the working length or reduce it as need be. While going for a unit with a long handle is great, consider the fact that the working end of the saw may become difficult to control as the length increases. 
  • The length of the cutting bar: generally, it is recommended that the cutting bar of your saw should be a minimum of 2-inches longer than the diameter of the limb you intend to cut. Hence, the length of the cutting bar will determine the maximum diameter of the branches you can cut with the pole saw. 
  • Weight: weight is an essential consideration in choosing pole saws. Since you have to control the saw at the end of a long pole, a lighter weight model with being easier to work with. Unless you intend to do heavy-duty work (in which case you would be ready for some heavy lifting) a 20-pound saw is a bit of an overkill. Go for a lighter model between 7 to 15 pounds. Generally, gas models tend to weigh more than electric or cordless pole saws.  
  • Detachable handle: poles with detachable working ends make it easier to cut low hanging branches or felled pieces of wood since you can work with the handheld saw directly. 
  • Consider additional features: in addition to these basic features, some pole saws have additional features that set them apart from others and may make it easier to make your choice. For instance, a non-slip grip will make it easier to handle the pole. Some other desirable features such as auto-oiling feature, safety switch and anti-vibration.

How To Use A Pole Saw 

A pole saw makes it possible to reach and cut tree branches or limbs that you may not be able to reach when you are working from the ground. Considering the precarious angle and height of such branches, you must understand how to use a pole saw and some important safety tips.

Note that if you have to use a pole saw to cut a branch, you are in dangerous territory and you have to be careful not to put yourself and people around you in danger. Clear a work area underneath the branch you want to cut. You don’t want the falling branch to constitute a hazard. 

Don’t just jump to chop a large limb clean off. It is wiser to make some preliminary cuts in some parts of the limb to reduce the weight of the branch you are cutting as much as possible. Try to make these cuts at horizontal or nearly horizontal angles to the branch. 

Be careful and ensure you position the saw right on the branch you intend to cut. Hold the saw with both hands. Place it in a vertical position and stabilize the weight. Before you cut, position the saw in a way that its weight rests on the branch. Be sure you are well-positioned as well. Hold the tool in such a way that your hand is at chest level. Be sure to stand away to the side of the limb and not below it. This means the pole should be positioned at an angle to your standing position and not directly upward. You may increase the length and angle of the pole if this is possible with the tool you are using. 

Finally, begin by cutting a groove in the limb cutting as deeply as possible perpendicularly to the branch. This groove we guide your other strokes you make into the branch. The first few strokes will be the most difficult. You may feel the saw may slip especially if the branch is sloped. Once you can create grooves this way, you can continue to finish the cut. 

Conclusion & Recommendation

From this review of the best pole saws, our top pick is the SALEM MASTER 20V. This battery-powered pole saw is quite versatile to operate and has a lightweight design that makes it easy to control. The MAXTRA 90-180 Degree Head Adjustable Pole Chainsaw is another great choice. At the end of the day, consider the various features of these units to find the best one for you based on your specific needs and preferences.