In an era where the cost of running a vehicle becomes more expensive by the day and also, comparing the high cost of diesel with other motor lubricant. There is a need to find routes and alternatives to curb this yet improving functionality.

For this purpose, Diesel fuel additives were manufactured.  They make up for the lapses of the diesel fuel by stabilizing it, helping it burn smoother, eliminate moisture and add lubrication. They not only supplement the energy needs of your vehicle but also provide additional benefits to your vehicle and pocket.

Furthermore, this article not only provides insight to the concept of fuel additive. In addition, is a review of five different brands of the product – a platform for you to be adequately informed when making a purchase in other to maximize the benefit from each brand.

Top 5 Best Diesel Fuel Additive Reviews and Guide


Diesel fuel additive is a formulation of chemicals added to the vehicle’s fuel. They are meant to improve quality and functionality in the vehicle. In addition, they increase fuel’s octane rating and serve as corrosion lubricants (to reduce the wearing out of important vehicle components) and hot and cold weather protection.

They also help to avoid rough idling, smoke emissions, remove moisture, clean and prevent deposit buildup, stumbling, stalling and weak acceleration problems in the vehicle.

Benefits of Diesel Additive

  • Helps to improve the environmental-friendliness of your vehicle as some additives decrease the amount of carbon emission produced by your vehicle.
  • Some diesel additive products are known to improve the driving power of your vehicle. It causes them to bounce back in strength and power, giving you a sense of speed and control over your vehicle
  • They are easy to use and very cost effective. Vehicle owners are able to save up to 20% of diesel fuel. It is also a DIY application and do not require you to engage a specialist and the results are instantaneous and continual.
  • It can improve the life of your vehicles injection system. This is one of the benefits to cherish in the use of diesel additives. It provides both a long and short term benefit for your vehicle.

Reviews of Top 5 Best Diesel Fuel Additive for Car/Vehicle

Having known the importance of diesel fuel additives, gaining knowledge of different brands available in the market and how they compare with each in terms of functionality and price is also essential. This section of this write up takes a dive into a review of five brands of diesel fuel additive

1. Opti-Lube XPD Diesel Fuel Improver: 1 Gallon without Accessories Treats up to 512 Gallons

Opti-Lube XPD Diesel Fuel Improver

Opti-lube XPD increases the lubricity properties of Ultra-low Sulfur diesels; it not only improves it but upgrades its quality and enhances its performance. It also contains an anti-gel property that keeps your fuel flowing down to -100 F

The XPD formula is a preventive anti-gel component that interacts with the wax molecules in a way that prevents them from stacking and subsequently forming large, filter plugging crystals (gelling).


  • It is enhanced to reduce fuel system wear
  • Provides improved power and fuel economy for your vehicle
  • Cleans injector systems
  • Reduces emission, prevents rust and corrosion of parts
  • Improved water separation and strong performance in cold weather.
  • It is compatible with all vehicle emission systems.
  • It has 83% five star rating and just 1% one star rating by Amazon customers.


  • The product is prone to leakage.



2. Archoil Performance Kit P-1 for All Vehicles – Stiction Solution (2-in-1)

Archoil Performance Kit P-1 for All Vehicles - Stiction Solution

The AR9100 Friction Modifier is a Nanoborate-based oil additive which forms a solid boundary lubricating film to reduce friction and provide anti-wear, extreme pressure and anti-corrosion protection to engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems. This one represents an excellent value compared to other, less concentrated or more diluted products.

The AR6200 should be added at every refill and is suitable for use in a broad range of fuel types including diesel and other hydrocarbon fuels.


  • Comprises of Nanoborate-based oil additive that is highly concentrated without needless fillers and AR6200 diesel fuel additive.
  • Helps to reduces friction, anti-wear and anti-corrosion protection to engines, gearboxes and hydraulic system.
  • It ensures a smoother, powerful and efficient operation of your vehicle
  • It is safe for wet crutches and limited slip differentials
  • Suitable for all vehicles.
  • It eliminates cold start problems, rough idling, cylinder misfires and loss of power and acceleration.
  • The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the product does not eliminate HEUI injector issues within 100 miles.
  • It produces a more complete and efficient fuel burn leading to the reduction of harmful soot emissions.
  • It has 83% five star rating and just 3% one star rating by Amazon customers.


  • Most of the customers which rated 1star said that they didn’t notice any change in their vehicle after application.


3. Performance Formula One Shot 8oz., Case of 24 Bottles Treats 30 gallons diesel fuel per Bottle

Performance Formula One Shot 8oz., Case of 24 Bottles Treats 30 gallons diesel fuel per Bottle

Stanadyne Performance Formula protects against fuel gelling, lubricates, cleans and protects entire fuel system. It also reduces smoke, demulsifies water to improve filter/separator efficiency. In addition,  keeps fuel fresher and is compatible with up to 5% bio-diesel (B5), and alcohol free.


  • Suitable for all vehicles.
  • It is specifically formulated to provide an all-round peak performance for diesel powered engines.
  • It has up to 5 point cetane gain to improve combustion and power. All resulting in better acceleration, torque and power.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and treats up to 30 gallons of diesel.
  • Ensures smooth, easy and fast starting at all times.
  • It lubricates, clean and protect your engine and injection system
  • No customer rated it one star; it has 83% five star rating and just .17% four stars rating by Amazon customers.


  • It is quite expensive compared to other brands.

4. Hot Shot’s Secret P040464Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost – 64 fl. oz.

 Hot Shot's Secret P040464Z Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost - 64 fl. oz.

The HSS Diesel Extreme Clean & Boost is another concentrated cetane improver which also contains a highly effective fuel stability package. It treats up to 150 gallons of fuel and is cheap compared to other brands.


  • Helps to keep diesel engines in clean condition – lines, tank and injectors.
  • Improves the horsepower and performance in all diesel equipment.
  • Also Improves the distance that the vehicle can cover.
  • Removes moisture from the system, stabilizes fuel and boost cetane.
  • Acts as lubricant to fuel pump and injectors.
  • It coats the tank and lines with a rust and corrosion inhibitor.
  • It has 74% five star rating and 10% one star rating by Amazon customers.


  • Low ratings customers complained of damages to their injector pumps and led them to purchase new ones.
  • Others complained that they did not see any improvements.


5. Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive – 16 (case of 12 bottles)

Stanadyne Performance Formula Diesel Fuel Additive

This fuel additive is acclaimed to treats up to 60 gallons diesel fuel per Bottle. It should be used all round the year to ensure protection against all fuel related problem.

Most noteworthy, all bottles can be blended with each other and is not damaged – although it may not provide twice the benefit. The Bottles are more convenient to use than the larger jugs.


  • Extra value for your money with 12 bottles of Stanadyne diesel fuel additive.
  • It restores/Increase Horsepower of the vehicle.
  • Reduces and stabilizes fuel Consumption and improves certane.
  • It reduces emissions from combustion. It cleans, protects the engine and prevents wearing out and corrosion of the parts.
  • Ensures cold weather protection for your vehicle.
  • Suitable for all engine fuel system requirements.
  • It helps to remove water and contains no alcohol.
  • Specially Formulated for use with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel.
  • It also, has 81% five star rating and 2% one star rating by 122 Amazon customers.


  • Bottles are not see-through. This may disrupt users from knowing the exact quantity left.

In Conclusion,

This article focused on the concept of diesel fuel additives and dived into a review of five products of it available in the market. Hopefully, this would serve its purpose of moving you out of your computer into the market to purchase the best diesel fuel additive for your vehicle.

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