Shower chairs with wheels are important safety and health equipment for homes and institutions. They make access to the restroom and bathroom easier, safe, and convenient for people with mobility issues or the elderly. It makes it easy for seniors to bathe and use the commode. 

People with mobility problems need help and support while using the bathroom. The shower chairs with wheels have made it easier and more convenient for the elderly and disabled to move from one place to another independently without much hassle. They are ideal when it feels difficult to stand for a long time, and it feels like your strength and balance are failing.

These shower chairs with wheels come in different varieties, brands and with several features. Thus, making it difficult to choose from the numerous options. However, this article was written with you in mind. The options have been narrowed down to the top five shower chairs with wheels.

Our Reviews

DMI Rolling Shower and Commode Transport Chair with Wheels

  • 250lb weight

  • Seat width: 16"" x 16

  • Locking wheels

  • Item weight: 18 inch

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat for Bath and Shower

  • Swivel seat design

  • Ideal for tubs & shower

  • Perfect for 65years

  • Item weight: 20 Pounds

Invacare Rolling Shower and Commode Wheelchair

  • Easy to use

  • Adjustable seat height

  • User weight of 330lb

  • Item weight: 57 pounds

Pro-Slide Bathtub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair

  • Anti-slip tips

  • Strong frame

  • 400lb weight capacity

  • Adjustable height

Showerbuddy SB6w Roll-in-Buddy Solo

  • Removable armrest

  • Removable footrest

  • 24” drive wheels

  • 300lb weight capacity

Top Best Shower Chairs With Wheels’ Reviews

1. Best over-all: DMI Rolling Shower and Commode Transport Chair with Wheels

  • Top 5 Shower Chair With Wheels Discussion: Knowing The Best

The DMI rolling shower and commode transport chair with wheels is an ideal chair for bathing and commode. It is not just comfortable but also safe and easy to clean. 

Also, this DMI shower chair has a padded seat made of vinyl material, which is water-proofed. Its wheels are locking too, and that guarantees safety on all surfaces.

The wheels can go over all home surface types, even to thick rugs and carpets. Its armrests are sturdy, steady, and stable. Standing up and sitting back down is easier with these armrests.


  • Rubber wheels that grips and locks into place and surfaces to prevent chair movements
  • Easy to assemble
  • Padded seat
  • Higher back for comfort


  • The chair and its back is stiff


  • Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat for Bath and Shower

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench is rated one of the top best shower chairs with wheels for people with painful or limited mobility. It features a fantastic 360degrees swiveling seat that is not only safe and easier to use but comfortable, meeting standard medical demands. 

The Carousel slide shower chair armrest is padded and can be adjusted and locked into place for safety. The carousel strap ensures that the user is secured in the seat during transfer. 

This shower wheelchair is classy and professional. An added value is the High contrast blues color that helps users who might have vision impairments.


  • Sturdy and well built
  • Easy to install, assemble and maintain
  • 360degrees swivel chair
  • Padded seat and arms for comfort


  • Control buttons and their locations might be a little difficult for elderly


3. Most Efficient: Invacare Rolling Shower and Commode Wheelchair

  • Invacare Rolling Shower and Commode Wheelchair

Invacare Aquatec Ocean Ergo Rolling shower and Commode Wheelchair is one of the best shower wheelchair best known for its versatility. It can be used as a shower chair, an over toilet frame, and a commode. 

It features a keyhole-shaped cutout, an adjustable seat to suit the user, swingable armrests and footrests. The footrest also allows for adjustment for a suitable height. A cured handle is attached to the back of the wheelchair seat to provide help from caregivers when necessary.

Other features of the chair include a stainless steel frame to resist rust and corrosion since this piece will often be in contact with water. Its footrest is textured to prevent sliding while the heel strap is there to secure the feet.


  • Easy assembling
  • Easy disassembling for easy storage and transport
  • Keyhole cut out for toilet use
  • Adjustable seat, arm, and feet rest


  • Hard plastic ergonomic seat


4. Heavy Duty: Pro-Slide Bathtub Transfer Bench and Sliding Shower Chair

Using the bathroom can be a great risk factor for loved ones who are with mobility troubles. 

Pro-Slide Bathtub Transfer Bench and a Sliding shower chair is an innovative machine that provides comfort, safety, and great independence. 

The outstanding feature of this piece is its space-saving ability, especially for people with smaller showers and bathtubs.

The seat glides safely over strong aluminum-tube rails. Its wide cut-out ensures absolute personal hygiene and easy cleaning. Also included is an adjustable safety seat belt, rubber anti-slip tips, and it is entirely latex-free.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Study, space-saving and safe design
  • Attached safety belt
  • No screws or sharp edges


  • Cut-out cannot be used over the toilet


5. Showerbuddy SB6w Roll-in-Buddy Solo

Showerbuddy SB6w is a 3-in-1 shower chair with wheels that works as a bedside commode, a roll straight into the shower, and an over-the-toilet chair. 

It aids individuals with mobility problems. With this piece, users can roll into the bathroom effortlessly and maneuver with its efficient and stable wheels.

You are safely secured on the seat with its belt. The heights of the armrest and footrest are removable, swing-away, and adjustable.


  • Tool-free assembly
  • Lap/chest and calf strap
  • 24inches wheels with hand-rests
  • Removable shovel style Commode Bucket


  • Quite expensive 


Why Buy Shower Wheelchair

For people with a form of mobility problem, taking a shower or using the lavatory is not as easy as it seems. A shower wheelchair helps disabled people live more independently and bathe with relaxation. If you have limited mobility, you should buy a shower chair with wheels for these reasons:

  • Improving your quality of life

The sense of dependence and lack of privacy when in the shower due to mobility issues or disabilities can have adverse effects on your quality of life. With the shower chair that has wheels, you feel a little less dependent on others and can now enjoy your privacy – relaxing to the flow of water that cools you down in the shower. This slight independence will go a long way in improving your quality of life.

  • Personal Hygiene

The shower wheelchair is yours to use alone. Owning one will save you the stress of using any random one at social places or during travels. When you own your personal shower wheelchair, you worry less about the risk of infection from other’s usage. Buy a shower wheelchair today and take it with you – usage, cleanliness, and hygiene become easier and safer.

  • Guaranteed Safety

Do you feel your legs cannot carry you for as long as you will be in the shower? Are you afraid of falling or even taking a bath at all? The shower wheelchair is not just for the disabled. It can help put your mind at rest. You do not want to risk hurting yourself in the bathroom by falling, hence buy a shower wheelchair and decrease the chances of falling-off in the shower.

Features To Consider When Choosing A Shower Chair With Wheels

Shower chairs with wheels make taking care of your hygiene needs safer. Since your mobility, safety, and health depends on it, consider the following factors when choosing one.

1. The Design 

The design of a shower chair with wheels should not just be exotic but safe and comfortable. These designs include the chair’s feet/leg, chair type, armrests, handles, and seats. 

2. Chair Feet/Legs

The feet of the shower chair with wheels is very relevant to consider. Remember that this wheelchair is going into a slippery/water ground – the bathroom. The feet and wheels should be so that it is firm and does not slide off the ground.

The legs also should meet your height and preference. Adjustable feet will be a good option because when the legs are at the right height, it is safe to get in and out of the wheelchair. 

3. Chair Type

The Shower Chair with wheels must feature a convenient chair type that best suits you. There are primarily four types of chairs on the shower wheelchair. They are; the standard chair, which is basic and has 3 to 4 legs and a stationary seat.

The swivel chair is another type, and it is so named because it has a swiveling seat to make moving into and out of the shower convenient – it is great because of this transferring ability. The foldable chair is another type that is best for space management and transport.

Another exotic chair type that allows a carrying weight capacity of more than 250lbs is the Bariatric chair type. It supports more weight with a broad and deeper seat. Choose the chair design that soothes you.

4. Armrest, Handles, and Seat

Durable and stable armrests make it easy to go in and out of the shower safely. Although some handles and armrests are static, others can move. For the moveable ones, ensure they are in place when in use so you do not trip and fall.

Some seats are cutout and have attached commodes, which makes them comfortable for showering and toileting. Others could be contoured and padded. The seats come in several options, enabling choose that which suits you.

5. Weight Capacity

One of the most important features to look out for when choosing a shower chair with wheels is the weight capacity of that wheelchair. The stronger and more weight capacity of the chair, the better.

6. Durability and Versatility 

A shower chair with wheels that are made to last and have high-quality construction is an excellent choice. Your investment in a shower chair with wheels should be worth it in the long run. See if it lets you use the chair for as long as possible. A versatile shower chair is a plus – having a multifunctional design will save you cost and help you have this one chair for your different purposes and persons.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Carousel Sliding Transfer Bench with Swivel Seat, Premium Padded Bath, and Shower Chair is one of the best and top five shower chairs with wheels. It is sturdy and very safe. Maximum safety is guaranteed with this piece because it is exquisitely designed with the users in mind, and it features a 360degree swiveling seat. Standing out among others, it is amazingly budget-friendly despite its many features.

Another shower chair with wheels that stands out among the best is the DMI Rolling Shower and Commode Transport Chair with WheelsIt is ideal for bathing and commode. It is a heavy-duty machine that can glide over all home surfaces even on thick rugs.  Deciding on a shower chair with wheels has just got easier with this detailed review. We have narrowed down the great varieties of Shower chairs with wheels that exist in the market. Make the choice that suits you.