7 Impressive Tips for Saltwater Fishing In This 21 Century

Maybe, you went many times for freshwater fishing, and you have much conception about that. But this time you want to do something new. You want to go for saltwater fishing in an ocean.

A massive amount of fish such as redfish, cod, bonefish, cobia, sharks, tuna, snapper, bluefish, tarpon, sailfish, Pacific, halibut, flounder, sea trout, marlin, kingfish and so many other fish are available in Ocean. And, you have a great attraction to catch them.

But, remember that saltwater and freshwater fishing is not the same because the environments are not the same as freshwater. So, you need to gather more insight into its environment and fishing tips, and you must learn about saltwater fishing. However, some techniques will be helpful for you.

Here I have shared some tips which will assist you to catch fish like a Professional Angler.

Salt Water fishing equipment

Necessary Equipment

An ocean’s air, tide, and environment can do a lot of harm to your equipment. There is a wide variety of fish in the sea, and they can damage your equipment. So, you need these strong and good qualities. Make sure about your reel that will be very strong and doesn’t break it in any rough situation. So, use a high-quality fishing reel. Your rod, hook, and the line will also be excellent quality. However, when a big fish bite in the lure, your rod and reel must be strong enough to catch it. To increase the longevity of your rod and reel, you should wash them in freshwater after returning from saltwater fishing.

Bait for Fishing

If you have a plan for saltwater fishing, you need to know what kinds of bait or lure should be used. There are a few kinds of bait which you can use, such as shrimp, sand fleas, crabs, and claims. Shrimps can be used almost in any situation, and fish hit on them.

Sand fleas are tiny crustaceans, and it can be the great bait. You can use a small fish as bait and, they are suitable for both inshore and offshore fishing. Crabs and clams can be the excellent bait.

Try to keep bait alive so that it doesn’t look artificial. Instead, it would be the real food for the fish.

And remember shrimp is the most popular bait for saltwater fishing.


The hook size is also quite essential for perfect fishing. Suppose, your hook has become too big then it would not look natural. On the other hand, if the hook becomes too small, fish will miss it. At the same time, always try to match the hook with the size of the bait. That means your hook will not be bigger or smaller than the bait. And set the bait in hook very properly. If it becomes too big than the hook, fish will steal it. So, they will not be caught in your hook. You can use a circle hook so that it could hold more as expected. You can use J-hook also that I can suggest you.

Understanding the Tidal Current

Keep in mind that current tidal bear a significant impact on fishing. So, you need to understand about tidal currents when you go for saltwater fishing because the movement of water doesn’t always remain same.

However, the best tides or currents for fishing are moving flow that means rising or incoming tide. Generally, the fishes are less likely to feed when the water doesn’t run instead they respond more during the water’s movement.

So, avoid fishing during the time of slack tide and go when the incoming tide is available.

Consider the Season and Time

Any season you can go for fishing. But we know the fishes are cold-blooded. So, their action also depends on the temperature of water. You need to know the right number of fish come out during the particular time and season.

Spring and fall migrations are in your favor. You can take more advantage to catch fish in these seasons. So, March, April, May (spring) and September, October, November (fall) is the best time to go for fishing. Worry not, you can go to summer season but, try to avoid the hottest time of the day.

And, anytime you can catch fish but remember that dawn and dusk are the best time because the sorghum movements, as well as the weather, are favorable at this time.

Finding the Spot

Research the spot before going for saltwater fishing. You can go to an ocean which is much popular for saltwater fishing If you’ve never got a ocean fishing experience. So, It will be helpful for you if you select the location previously.

Where water level is low, you can enjoy the surf fishing. You can also go for inshore or offshore fishing as well and I hope these would be a different uptake. Inshore fishing is defined as such type of fishing done within 9 miles. For this, you will be need smaller and faster motor boats, canoes, fishing kayaks. On the other hand, deep sea fishing is anything more than 9 miles from the shoreline. For this, you need a large sports boat or you can take a successful offshore fishing trip in your kayak.

Additional Things

When you go to an Ocean for saltwater fishing, you need to take some extra things along with you. Such as a gunny sack, sunscreen (30+SPF), hand towel or chamois, folding chair as well as sufficient drinking water and food must be included with the other necessary things. If these additional things you can take with you, a great fishing adventure you will enjoy. At the same time, you can pass so many times in the sea without any suffering.

Finally, as a professional fishing angler I hope, these tips will be helpful to you. And, before going to saltwater fishing, you should also be prepared in mentally. I have tried to explain here that which things you need to consider before planning a saltwater fishing. Hope this information will help you for a comfort fishing doesn’t matter if you are beginner or pro level fisherman.

A saltwater fishing is a different fancy from other that I think. So, you should get the ideas about it, before going for this type of fishing. And, remember that a little bit of learning can assist you to catch the plenty number of fish.

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