What does lmao mean in the real sense? This acronym is one of the popular slangs use in messages on most social platform like instagram, twitter, hangout facebook etc. Lmoa meaning is commonly used among teenagers on sending private messages. Also from findings, teens are the group of people that form this trending and fast spreading acronym that is taking all over social sites. However, the full form Lamo slangs means “Laugh My Ass Off”. This acronym is commonly used to express something funny and that’s the reason is spreading like amoeba everywhere on social chat.

The acronym is a term connected with group of people and often used in messaging to laugh someone ass off. But the truth, there are still people who still don’t know the full meaning of Lmao. So if you intend using the Laugh My Ass Off acronym (LMAO) in conversation then make sure the people know what it means for them not to get disconnected in the discussion. Instant messaging sites and social networking sites are now the most trending and major communication channels including long lists of acronyms for expressing certain mood, behavior or action. However, this discussion will sure assist information seekers in knowing what LMAO means. So whenever you find something funny, this slang can be of help in terms of expression but not in formal settings or environment. TBH is also sister slangs to lmao.

What Does LMAO Mean? The Acronym Full Form Revealed

Use LMAO slangs

Apart from HUM slangs that is widely use on facebook by almost every youth, LMOA slangs is another best know funny word to them. But the facts remains, most people get confuse with the acronym when chat mates send it across because they are not familiar with the social network language.   To make you understand, I have draw up some context of example when this word can be used.

Example 1 in conversation

1st person: Hey, you said you reside in US

2nd person: Yes, I am

1st person: But your phone number you gave me has UK dialing code

2nd person: LMAO

Example 2 in conversation

1st person: Hey buddy, tonight we concluded on watching the new movie at the cinema

2nd person: Sure, but I run out of luck, mum said I’m going nowhere tonight

1st person: LMAO

You can find so many examples of lmao slangs on Google search. The list is very long which will interest you on to understand better.