The air present indoors is often more contaminated than people realize. Unlike outdoor air that is free and plenteous, indoor air is often contained within the room and picks up dust and fine particles as it circulates. You typically spend more time indoors and if you are not aware of the quality of the air you are breathing in by using an air quality sensor, there is a possibility that it could be contaminated.

Indoor air is often contaminated with various pollutants such as dust, fine particle matter, formaldehyde, soot, pollen, mold, and a lot more. This contaminated air is not advantageous for your health especially for those suffering from air or lung-related allergies. Many of these organic compounds are emitted by household items and are often the cause of lung and respiratory illnesses. Since these particles are not visible to the naked eye, the most effective way to check the quality of your indoor air is by using an indoor air quality sensor. 

An indoor air quality sensor provides accurate readings of the pollutants present in the air thus letting you know, just how safe the air you are breathing in is. There are several indoor air quality sensors on the market, so we have lined up the top 8 best indoor air quality sensors for you to select from. Here are the 2020 reviews.

EG Air Quality MonitorEG Air Quality Monitor BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$
  • Real time measurement
  • Multi-purpose tester
  • Weighs 12.8 ounces
  • 5.9 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches

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Atmotube Pro Air Monitor Review
Atmotube Pro Air  Monitor Review BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$+
  • PM, VOC’s, humidity, temp
  • Battery life up to 7 days
  • Weighs 6.4 ounces
  • 5 x 1.5 x 5 inches

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Aranet4 Indoor Air Sensor Review
Aranet4 Indoor Air Sensor Review BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$+
  • Temp, humidity, CO2
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Weighs 3.67 ounces
  • 5 x 4.63 x 1.5 inches

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Digital 9999ppm Carbon Dioxide MonitorDigital 9999ppm Carbon Dioxide Monitor BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$$+
  • Temp, CO2, humidity
  • Powered by AA batteries
  • Weighs 2.15 ounces
  • 2.76 x 2.17 x 8.27 inches 

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EG Air Quality Monitor
EG Air Quality Monitor BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$+
  • Multi-compound tester
  • Desktop air pollution sensor
  • Weighs 11.99 ounces
  • 5.9 x 2.8 x 1.7 inches 

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Sherry Indoor Air Quality Monitor BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$+
  • Desktop air pollution sensor
  • Weighs 7.94 ounces
  • 9.84 x 4.72 x 0.39 inches

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Wall Mountable Temperature, CO2 Humidity SensorWall Mountable Temperature, CO2 Humidity Sensor BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$+
  • Carbon, moisture, temp.
  • Alarm indicator
  • Weighs 1.01 ounces
  • 5 x 3 x 7 inches 

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Desktop CO2/RH/Temperature 3 in 1 Monitor
Desktop CO2/RH/Temperature 3 in 1 Monitor BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$+
  • Carbon,temp, humidity
  • Audible alarm
  • Weighs 1.06 ounces
  • 5 x 3 x 8 inches

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Reviews of Top 8 Indoor Air Quality Sensor of 2020

1. EG Air Quality Monitor

This indoor air quality device is capable of accurately measuring low levels of organic compounds present in the air such as formaldehyde, fine particle matter <2.5 micron-sized, and total volatile organic compounds. This multifunctional monitor is extremely portable and can be used to test various other indoor spaces such as the inside of your car. It comes with both a portable battery and a USB charging port. The EG Air Quality Monitor features an in-built fan that draws in surrounding air to provide accurate and real-time readings. These readings are displayed on a 2.8″ clear color LCD. Furthermore, this air quality sensor can be used to spot checkpoints of high concentration in the home and also offer continuous monitoring for up to 2 days. It is definitely a device, every home should have.

What we like

  • Portable and multifunctional.
  • Detects formaldehyde, <2.5 microns sized PM, and TVOCs.
  • LCD readings display.
  • Easy to read, use, and understand. 
  • Provides real-time accurate readings.

What we don’t like

  • High battery usage.
  • Readings take a long time to appear.


2. Atmotube Pro Air  Monitor Review

Utilizing the latest technology and stylish design, Atmotube Pro provides the solution to both indoor and outdoor air monitoring. With its very precise sensors, it detects air pollutants such as PM1, PM2.5, and PM10. Volatile organic compounds, dust, and other debris are definitely not left out. Coupled with this, the Atmotube Pro is capable of measuring atmospheric pressure, humidity levels, and temperature. It features a built-in barometric pressure sensor and uses both USB charging and backup battery. This monitor also comes with a mobile app that is compatible with Androids and IOS and can be used to keep a record of readings and measurements history. This versatile device is highly portable and can easily be used anywhere both indoors and outdoors. It has an alarm system that informs you once the air quality is below a certain level.

What we like
  • Sleek and portable design.
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Accurate and real-time measurements.
  • Mobile app is Android and IOS compatible. 
  • Measures a wide variety of PM, dust, mold, VOCs, and other harmful gases.
What we don’t like
  • Alarm system is too loud.


4. Aranet4 Indoor Air Sensor Review

Aranet4 is an ideal indoor air quality. Monitor for home and office spaces. Using the advanced non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) sensor technology, it accurately detects CO2 concentrations in the environment. It also measures relative humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure all in real-time. It is wireless and very portable which makes it very easy to carry around and utilize in various indoor settings. One of its best features is the color indicator that lets you know just how safe your indoor air is. It also has an alarm system that can be configured to your preference. It has a strong battery life of up to 2 years and employs an E-ink screen to display the readings. You can also connect the Aranet4 Home device to your smartphone via Bluetooth to keep a record of your data, set alarms, and program your device to your taste.

What we like 
  • Wireless and portable. 
  • Accurately takes measurements in real-time. 
  • Colour indicator and configurable sound alarm.
  • Bluetooth compatible smartphone app.  
What we don’t like
  • E-ink display screen is fragile and prone to damage.


4. Digital 9999ppm Carbon Dioxide Monitor

This digital handheld device monitors CO2 levels, temperature, dew point, and relative humidity which makes it an ideal monitor for indoor air quality. It has a manual calibration of CO2 and updates reading every second. It is portable and light-weight which makes it easy to use in almost any indoor setting. This digital device makes use of non-dispersive infra-red sensor technology for accurate CO2 measurements. It also has a sound alarm that alerts you if the CO2 levels are above the preprogrammed limit. It can be powered either by a battery or by an adaptor. This functional device comes with an auto on/off feature that helps you save power when not in use. If you are in search of an indoor air quality sensor for CO2 levels, this is definitely the right one for you.

What we like 
  • Monitors Air temperature, dew point, CO2 levels, and relative humidity.
  • Provides access to the easy manual calibration of CO2
  • Auto on/off feature.
  • Configurable sound alarm
What we don’t like 
  • Requires technical knowledge to understand.


5. EG Air Quality Monitor

With a sophisticated and original design, this device monitor and measures the quality of air in your home. It detects odorless pollution that may be in the air such as formaldehyde, total volatile organic compounds (TVOC), and fine particle dust (PM2.5, PM 1.0, and PM10). It can also be used to detect specific areas in the home where the air is of low quality and polluted so that you can open the windows. The device utilizes a portable lithium battery for power when its USB charging is unavailable. Its clear 320 x 240-pixel color LCDs display various air quality measurements and the in-built fan and sensors allow all measurements to be given in real-time. Whether it’s your home, car, or holiday inn, this portable device is functional in monitoring your indoor air quality.

What we like
  • Measures TVOC, fine particle dust, and formaldehyde concentrations in the air.
  • Detects air pollution in real-time. 
  • Lithium battery and USB charging 
  • Sophisticated and elegant design.
What we don’t like 
  • Takes time to get a stabilized VOC reading.


6. Sherry Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The Sherry Indoor Air Quality Monitor accurately detects CO2 levels, formaldehyde concentration, total volatile organic compounds, and fine particle matter (PM2.5/PM10). This handheld device comes with a 3000mAn polymer lithium battery that lasts up to 10-12 hours after a full charge. Designed by the DART electrochemical sensor cutting edge technology, the Sherry Indoor Air Quality Monitor is guaranteed to provide accurate and precise measurements. It also features an LCD color screen that displays multiple readings in real-time that are easy to see and understand. It is a perfect air quality sensor device for home, school, car, office, and other indoor spaces. 

    What we like 
  • Battery life after a full charge is up to 12 hours. 
  • Handheld, portable, and multifunctional. 
  • Color LED display screen that shows multiple mean value readings. 
  • Easy to operate and user friendly. 
What we don’t like 

· Monitor light is not bright.


Wall Mountable Temperature, CO2 Humidity Sensor

This device is ideal for monitoring CO2 levels in various environments such as home, school, office, theatres, commercial, or high rise buildings, etc. It is an industrial air quality monitor meter that can easily be mounted on the wall of your indoor space. Its stable non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) sensor accurately detects CO2 levels in the air. It also measures the relative humidity, temperature, dew point, and wet CO2 bulb. It has an in-built relay that helps to maintain the specified CO2 level by controlling the ventilation system. If the CO2 levels go above the stipulated threshold, the alarm goes off and the relay system automatically signals the ventilation system to come on. With this device in your indoor space, you can safely breathe in clean air without any worries or intervention as it is capable of long term monitoring. 

What we like 
  • Built-in relay system that controls the ventilation system.
  • Simultaneous LCD shows the temperature, CO2 level, and relative humidity. 
  • Can be mounted on the wall.
  • Multipurpose and portable.
What we don’t like 
  • Inbuilt relay system works only with wall AC units.


8. Desktop CO2/RH/Temperature 3 in 1 Monitor

This portable and elegant device is ideal for monitoring the air quality in both residential and commercial indoor spaces. It features a large screen LCD and also a digital readout to aid understanding. It displays multiple values of CO2 levels, relative humidity, and air temperature. It also has an in-built real-time clock and calendar that are displayed on the screen. It offers both a CO2 Automatic Background Calibration (ABC) and a manual CO2 calibration. It displays the minimum and maximum CO2 value and its stable non-dispersive infra-red (NDIR) technology guarantees an accurate result. It comes with both an adaptor and a USB cable for connection with your personal computer for data recording and analysis. Audible CO2 alarm, data logging, and continuous monitoring are some important features that make the Desktop CO2/RH/Temperature 3 in1 air quality monitor stand out from all others.

What we like
  • Large LCD screen and air quality indicator.
  • Inbuilt real-time clock and calendar. 
  • Data logging and PC connection option.
  • Powerful and continuous monitoring feature.
 What we don’t like 
  • Software for logged data transfer is faulty.


Why Do You Need Indoor Air Quality Sensors 

There are several odorless and harmful particles in the air we breathe while indoors, which could have devastating health implications. The quality of indoor air matters a lot because most individuals spend most of their time indoors breathing this polluted air. The best way to monitor the quality of your indoor air is with an Indoor Air Quality Sensor. This device is built with sophisticated technology that monitors your indoor air quality and alerts you when harmful pollutants are in the air. Some indoor air monitors also feature temperature, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure readings. Most importantly, this device is beneficial for alleviating allergies due to dust or mold as it informs you of where the problem is.

Looking for the best indoor air quality sensor? What to consider 

When purchasing an indoor air quality sensor, there are a few factors to consider that will aid you in selecting the best indoor air quality device. 

  • Accuracy:

The value of an indoor air quality sensor is equivalent to how accurately it can measure pollutants in the air. The accuracy of a sensor is dependent upon how consistent it gives out the right result, its ability to detect changes in the environment, and its calibration. The best indoor air quality sensor must be able to fulfill all three requirements for accuracy. 

  • Ease of operation

This is important because you can’t use what you can’t operate. Ensure you select a device that is user friendly and easy to operate and understand. Most air quality sensors come with an instructional manual for their operation. You would need to read and follow the instructions in the manual to enjoy the maximum experience of your indoor air quality sensor. 

  • What it measures:

So you are satisfied with the level of accuracy and ease of operation, the next important factor to look out for what exactly does the device measure. This depends on your preference and location. The major air pollutants that are measured by the average indoor air quality sensor are CO2 level, total volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde concentration, and fine particle dust. Select the air quality device that measures the pollutants you want to keep an eye out for.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How can I check the air quality in my home?

The most ideal to check the quality of air in your home is with an indoor air quality sensor. It gives you an accurate reading of air pollutants in your home.

  • Do air quality monitors detect mold?

Yes, air quality monitors can detect mold. They can also detect relative humidity and atmospheric pressure.

  • What do air quality sensors measure?

Air quality sensors measure CO2 levels, fine particle dust (PM2.5, PM1, PM10), total volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde concentrations.


Indoor air quality sensors are important in keeping yourself and your family safe from allergies and harmful particles in your indoor air. Read through our reviews of the top 8 and be sure to consider the factors listed above before selecting one. The recommended indoor air quality sensors are the Wall Mountable CO2/T/RH Air Quality Monitor Meter and the Sherry Indoor Air Quality Monitor.