If you just completed high school or are at home through summer, getting a part-time job is great, not only to make extra money but to keep yourself busy and gain more experience. Starting a lawn care business is one lucrative idea because of the flexibility it entails.

When most people think of a lawn care business, they believe it wouldn’t be that profitable, easy to start, or costs a lot of money because of expensive equipment. Well, these thoughts aren’t entirely false, but if you think like this, you might not last in a lawn care business.

How To Start A Successful Lawn Care Business Successfully

Why? Lawn caring as a business depends largely on how you start it. One must see it as a business, draft a good business plan, acquire and keep customers, develop his/her brand, and start with some capital, like every other business. If you don’t start with the right mindset or the necessary information, you may have so many problems as you grow or even stop the business when it becomes overwhelming.

This post will guide you through the stages of starting a lawn care business, the pros and cons, and the dos and don’ts of running this business.

How To Start A Lawn Care Business

Advantages Of Lawn Care Businesses

As we have mentioned earlier, a lawn care business should be handled like any other professional business. It goes further than just trimming anyone’s lawn to make some bucks. Follow these guidelines, and you should understand a thing or two about a lawn care business.

1. Draft a business plan

A lawn care business plan doesn’t have to be complicated, like a draft being submitted to a fintech company.

Instead, ask and answer these questions: how much money would you like to make, and when do you intend to reach that goal? How long do you want to work per day? Will you work on the weekends too? What type of lawn care are you focusing on? What geographical areas do you wish to work on?

Draft out your answers to decide your starting capital and what equipment you probably need. You should never jump into either of these expenses, particularly when you don’t have too much money to start with.

2. Start working

Pick up a lawn business that you are comfortable with. Most startups buy a fully-developed business and end up struggling to keep it. Customers may become disappointed, particularly with new clients who don’t trust your services, you may begin to lose customers.

If you are buying a lawn mowing franchise, your franchisor should help you hold some of your clients until you are fully prepared to handle the lawns yourself. A good franchise business will give you the edge in your first year in business.

3. Get a coach

You are new in the lawn care business and lack enough experience, so you’re still prone to mistakes. A trainer should guide you through your few years and clients in the business.

My advice is to take out 2 to 3 weeks, working for free for business experts. What do you get in return? Most of the necessary knowledge, tricks, and experience you might not get elsewhere.

4. Choose the right tools.

This stage is the easiest, yet people spend a lot of time trying to decide what to buy. It is simple; buy one versatile lawnmower, and if you have enough finances, buy a second mower.

It’s wrong to start your business with a secondhand tool because you never know what complications it comes with or how quickly it can spoil. Make investments in quality equipment that will last you long enough.

5. Use your existing clients wisely.

You could always find new clients. But, as a startup, ensure to create a good relationship with customers you already have and do business out of them. This way, you’re not only keeping your customers but also providing them enough attention that builds trust.

6. Market your business

Having a franchise gives you the advantages of a marketing team to promote your business.

Besides, the internet is free and open to whoever can take advantage. Digital marketing can project you to your potential customers only by consistent marketing and good reviews.

7. Be patient

Most of us have high expectations when starting our business for the first time. And because a lawn seems so easy to care for, considering how many people need lawn services, you might have an estimate of how much you think you will make before a specific period.

Although it is good to have goals, don’t work yourself out or try too hard to make it fast. Take your time, maintain consistency, provide quality work, keep your clients happy, and you might make it in the lawn care industry.

Advantages Of Lawn Care Businesses

  1. Consistent income. In a lawn care business, your clients are most likely to need consistent work with their lawns. So, you are sure of a stable means of income weekly or monthly. Raise your game with more skills, and you’d be surprised by how much your clients will appreciate your services. You can provide added perks of pruning, trimming, and mowing the same lawn.
  2. You don’t need so much capital. Unlike many other profitable businesses, a lawn care business needs only some equipment and money for transportation. Most of the work is on you, not your tools or initial investments after all.

Other advantages include:

  1. It doesn’t need too much experience
  2. It provides seasonal work
  3. It allows you to scale up services with the same clients easily.

 Disadvantages Of Lawn Care Businesses

  1. Competition. You may find that many other people are doing the same lawn business as yours. And if you can’t reach outlying areas, the homes around you may already have their lawn caretakers.
  2. Seasonal limitations. During seasons like winter, your customers might fall out of the need of your services. The only thing you could do is diversify your services, like offer to clear snow during winter.

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Lawn caring as a business is easy, yet it can be tactical. You need experience, which will come naturally as you advance and improve in the system.

Learn to be patient and include added perks to your offerings, and you might make it as a lawn caretaker!


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