Do you want to lose weight, reduce stomach or belly fat but still doubting do vibration plates work? The answer is yes! Vibration plates exercise when done accurately and consistently burns calories you don’t want before, and after, you’ll notice a big difference. Those who are yet to know the benefits of a vibration plate. This article is here to teach all that you need to know.  

Quick Summary
1. LifePro Waver Vibration Plate: Amazon Choice.
Ideal for people not weighing more than 330lbs features 99 speed controls settings, remote control, and oscillation motor type.
2. Ravs Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: Smartest in design.
The smart design delivers optimal results like outdoor activities. Equipped with remote anti-slip, resistance band, and up 999 adjustable speeds
3. Best Choice Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: Most valued.
Portable and sturdy built to allow for small space storage, versatile speed controls, floor pads protection, and more
4. EILISON FITABS Vibration Plate Exercise: Perfect for elderly.
The seat design makes it ideal for elderly or senior use, although younger people can as well utilize this vibration plate.
5. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine: Best for Home Gym.
It’s excellent for toning the body completely as it offers high-end power vibration. Ideal for average weight individual of 260lbs.

What are vibration plates (machines)? 

Do Vibration Plates Work? Yes, Reasons, Reviews & New Recommendation

A vibration machine (plate), also refers to as a Power plate or Vibrating platform is an exercise device that sends high-frequency force all over the muscles in the body to contract and relax them. They are designed in two categories such as the model that sends a force to the entire body (called the whole body vibration machine). They usually comes with a handlebar, while the second model is the portable models, which allow for use anywhere as they can be move easily. 

Vibration machines are versatile for different exercises such as pushups, crushes, and squatting. Although, many people love standing on a vibration plate so that all the muscles in their body can receive the force the machine is generating.    

The good news, many users of these vibration machines, said they have been able to gain stamina, buildup their muscles, and lose fat faster than traditional exercises. Therefore, the mindset people have towards this machine cannot be overemphasize, because of how simple it is to use a vibrating machine unlike the most complex exercise machine out there. 

Are you still doubting if vibration plates work? Well, if the above explanation is yet to convince you, let’s dive into what some research studies conclude on this matter below.

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5 Benefits of Vibration Plates

  • Low blood pressure (LBP)

Various research studies claim that vibration plates can decrease the hardening of the human arteries among women in their postmenopausal and men in their mid-twenties. The different thesis concludes, people’s blood pressure (BP) declined significantly.

  • Stronger muscles

If you want to build muscles faster, all you need to do is get a vibration plate. Why? Each time you stand or sits on a vibration plate (VP), the scientists said the muscles contract and relax up to 30times every second.  As the body system tries to regain stability, your muscle tissues participate actively in the movements, which in return enhances any exercise carried out on the vibrating platform. In other words, exercise done on these plates requires more energy and strength. This makes muscles stronger in a short period. If you want to increase your muscle intensity or grow them quickly with a vibration plate, make sure you do exercises like pushup, lunges, or squat. These are very intense exercises on VP that yield results in real-time.

  • Improve immunity

The continuous contraception and relaxation of the muscles caused by vibration plates lead to increased blood circulation. Meanwhile, an increased blood flow also means there is plenty of oxygen present in your muscles which exacerbate immune recovery speed and makes you look younger again.   

  • Vibration plate benefits lymphatic drainage

Many people do not know that whenever they use vibration plates, the lymphatic immune system is stimulated resulting in lymph nodes’ and this immune response helps defending the body against sickness. Also, vibration plate exercises make the lymph organs drain properly to remove secreted fats and toxins from the body as the circulatory system is filtered naturally. 

  • Building strong density bone

Exercising on vibration plates 15 minutes per day and 3 (three) times weekly has proven to help increase bone density and serve as an alternative way to prevent, manage or improve osteoporosis without taking drugs.

How to shop for a new vibration plates?

  • Space consideration 

Having enough space is one of the first criteria you should consider before buying a vibration plate. If you don’t have enough space area in your house, it will be hard to do exercises that involve pushup, squatting, or other workouts that require spreading your body. If your space is small, you can only achieve a standing position on the platform, which may limit floor exercises. Also, consider the electric socket position as the machine will require plugging to electricity. As such, be installed close to where you want to mount the vibration machine. Hence, placing your vibration plate shouldn’t be too near the wall area, but the center of your space is a must target to avoid hitting yourself on the wall when exercising. 

  • The density of the floor 

Not all floors are ideal for vibration machine utilization. A floor surface that is not solid enough can’t withstand the vibration produced by the vibrating platform. Hence consider checking where the floor is solid in your area to install or place the vibration machine. 

  • Motor size 

The engineering of a vibration plate motor varies from one model to another. The motor size determines how fast the machine transmits vibrating force to your body, and it is measured in impulse/seconds. If you’ve got a 50 Hz vibration plate rating, it simply means the machine will move toll and fro 50 times every second. Therefore, when the plates have more frequency, the more intense exercising you will achieve due to the higher force sending to your bones and muscles from the vibration plate. However, a unit with a lower frequency means low workout force. 

Note, when using a vibration plate, it is advised people start from a lower speed gradually proceeding to a higher setting to avoid injuries until you master the act of doing it perfectly. 

At this bus stop, it is good to know that the difference between vibration plates and oscillating plates is that the former is motor size is measured in Hz while the latter is in speed. So oscillating plates are faster compared to the vibrating ones.  

  • The size of the platform 

A platform with a large surface thus allows more exercise – positions to medium size plates, but if it has enough accelerating power like that of a large vibrating platform, that’s a plus. Consequently, a large-size unit comes with hefty prices, but definitely will deliver a better performance, which smaller surfaces unit will not. So the point here is to identify the model that can produce a vibration you want before deciding which machine type to pick. 

  • User-friendly interface

While a fancy design may attract you but don’t let it distracts your attention from choosing a machine that will not benefits your workout core objective. Nevertheless, pick a flexible unit for ease of use and also capable of generating the optimal frequency you readily need for your fitness and muscle buildup. 

  • User reviews 

It is good to check user reviews concerning the particular VP of choice as it tells you people positive or possible challenges. However, here in our vibration plates reviews, we provide unbiased points on each platform featured in the list, so relying on us means quality and best buy offers.  

  • Money-back guarantee (MBG)

One significant aspect estimably is the ability to return a product bought online within a specific time (grace period), should in case you are not pleased with the products after testing them. Most companies or brands can give up 30 days of money-back guarantees, while some give a limit of 7 days. Depending on the worth of the products and policy, should give you more insight, if you should choose a company whose terms pleases and convenient to your purchase. 

  • Warranty 

This is similar to MBG, but this has a lengthier period of replacement or repair service offered by the manufacturer. An average warranty period of 6 months upward is what to check. Do not consider a lesser period if you want to enjoy peace of mind. 

Our 10 Best Vibration Plates Recommendation

1. LifePro Waver Vibration Plate: Amazon Choice

LifePro Waver Vibration Plate: Amazon Choice


The lifepro vibration plate is also referred to as a fitness platform, and it is ideal for a whole-body exercise workout. This home training equipment is a perfect weight loss machine and also nice for muscle toning. Using the Lifepro waver for 10 minutes per day and 3-days weekly can speed up metabolism while improving circulation to burn out excess fat, providing density for your bones and at the same time reduces joint stress levels. The unique design machine features a user-friendly operation via the display screen located at the center edge for quick access to settings. You will access up to 99-speed settings to maximize workouts optimally. The remote control makes usage easier, allowing you to change settings no matter your exercise position. It has wheels for flexible maneuvering and storage, unlike rival units that don’t. This lifepro comes with a special bonus such as a free online training manual and electronic book (EBOOK). It is worth noting that this offer grants you instant access to an online trainer video with instructions tutored by professional coaches. 


  • It easy to store-away 
  • Oscillation vibration helps for full-body wellness 
  • Remote control allows for quick setting adjustment while training 
  • Plenty of speed control from 1 – 99 levels 


  • People weighing more than 330lbs cannot use this device 

2. Ravs Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: Smartest in design

Ravs Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: Smartest in design


If you decide to pick this Ravs as your best vibration plate, you haven’t made any mistake because it’s one of the best, as seen on TV and among people. This exercise platform is good for all gender (that is both male and female) use. People like this device because it allows users to do squat exercises like you can see the lady in the machine positioned. Carrying out your routine workout is as serene as never before as it features a nearly silent electric motor for noiseless pollution. We like the sturdy construction that enables it to hold up maximum loads of 330 lbs which is of the same capacity as that of the Lifepro waver. In reality, you’ll able to access up to 999 (nine hundred and ninety-nine) adjustable speed settings, and that’s a wide range that even the very professionals cannot exhaust. It also incorporates different vibrating exercise stride so that fitness trainers can meet various exercise needs and thus delivers the same benefit as you’ll normally gain from an outdoor workout or perform better than them. This vibration exercise plate can be program from 1 to 10 minute and would also allow you to tailor a setting that’s preferable with variable preset modes, all are put together into this machine to give you the best of the best result.  


  • Burn fat, lose weight, build muscles and relaxes the whole body
  • 10 minutes daily vibration with the Ravs relieves stress and keeps you healthy and fit
  • Has anti-slip that keeps the plate in a stable state and also absorbs noise
  • Equipped with a resistance band, remote control, adjustable speed, LED screen, etc. 


  • Limited for individual not exceeding 330 lbs (150kg) 

3. Best Choice Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: Most valued

Best Choice Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: Most valued


This comes in a sturdy and elegant design that brings you confidence in public places as you tone muscles while keeping the body in a vibrating state. As a portable unit, you can quickly transport it or store-away when not in use, thanks to the built-in handles. That you are using a vibration plate doesn’t mean you should damage your floor. That’s where this best choice product becomes as relevant as it has a suction pad installed underneath it to prevent floor impact and also slippery. Its 10-preset workouts set up is an added advantage for whole-body vibration, and this is view on the LED screen for easy selection. Although it comes with remote control for quick setting adjustment, you can also use the manual mode (buttons on the platform) for power control, speed, and timers set up. The resistance band that comes with it can be detached if you so wish. Top of the offer, this is one of the cheapest fitness vibration platforms in this discussion. 


  • Not pricey 
  • Design for weight up to 330lbs 
  • Easy digital control panel to access all settings 
  • 10-preset workout and 99-speed levels 
  • Suction pads protect the machine from impacting the floor 
  • Design to produce oscillatory vibration 


  • It doesn’t use a battery, therefore require an electric power source before you can use it  

4. LifePro Turbo 3D Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Plate Exercise Machine

LifePro Turbo 3D Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Plate Exercise Machine


If you want to feel a deep tissue massage, then this should be your choice. Catherine Scoot, a user of this device gave her a positive remark on it. Here is another Lifepro product featuring a dual-motor which means more power for users to accomplish their fitness and weight loss goals. Taking hold of this vibration platform will grant you access to 3D motion, pulsation, and oscillation to regain your body from pain while improving your strength and flexibility. This product comes with lifetime coaching guidance with a free video library and tools needed to start your exercise journey. Also, it is back up with a lifetime warranty. That’s means you have peace of mind purchase but ensure to read the terms before you decide upon it. 


  • Anti-slip 
  • Has handle and wheels for easy storage
  • Feature lymphatic drainage 
  • 4 to 12hz and 0 – 10mm amplitude 
  • It is space-saving 
  • Bothe platform and remote are easy to use


  • Maximal user weight of 330lbs 

5. Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate Exercise Machine

Powerfit Elite Vibration Plate Exercise Machine


You want to lose weight, reduce belly fat, tone muscles and body to look smart using a vibrating platform? Consider powerfit elite because it is a good workout machine and delivers vibration that helps the body regain itself from unwanted fat. The Powerfit combines both oscillation and multi-directional vibration to deliver you during the session, unlike most products that only offer a mono vibration. It is very easy to use, as it comes with a friendly user working guide to walk you through the entire process. Besides, it comes with a user-friendly remote control assistant. Storing this vibration exercise plate isn’t a problem, it has a portable construction that favors small areas. Therefore won’t occupy much space. 

If you’re looking for a solid and sturdy vibration plate for running, walking, or jogging, this Powerfit Elite is perfect according to the manufacturer.


  • Resistance band for hand exercise training building core muscles
  • Control speed level up to 99 (ninety-nine) 
  • You can jog, run or walk on this fitness exercise plate. 


  • Max. weight of 330lbs      

6. NIMTO Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: Best for the whole body 

NIMTO Vibration Plate Exercise Machine: Best for the whole body


This Nimto vibration plate boasts of 999-speed settings and all of which can be quickly accessed using the remote control at the click of a button. It also has a wide LCD digital screen that lets you select exercise programs such as mimicking jogging, walking yoga, running, and more. The body vibration machine comes featuring three program modes, as such, you can try different vibration exercises or combine them with other traditional ones such as push-up, sit-up, etc. If you’re tired of being in the class of obese people, trying this vibration plate helps in burning fat, including weight loss reduction success. Spending 10 minutes on this NIMTO not only tone your body but also increase blood flow evenly in the body, relieves pain that develops in the muscles, and speeds up recovery. 


  • Users weighing up to 440lbs will love this device to carry them conveniently     
  • 1 minutes vibration using this platform equals 1-hour gym training
  • Plenty of speed levels reaching 999 settings and easy access via the remote system 


  • No drawback recorded so far

7. EILISON FITABS Vibration Plate Exercise: Perfect for elderly

EILISON FITABS Vibration Plate Exercise: Perfect for elderly


The Eilison is another state-of-the-art technology vibration plate. Research has proven this machine good to use as a home fitness workout tool. The design includes a vibrating seat which none of the units as seen above has, thus making this one a higher-end vibration platform. You can either stand or sit on this model. Sitting on the seat helps user’s burn fat expressly and makes people lose weight 100times faster which you cannot achieve with normal exercises. Uniquely, this Eilison has made vibration plate exercise more versatile as you can exercise your back, neck, waist, shoulder, rear, and inner thigh, and also your bottom by simply sitting on the vibrating seat. It is a perfect choice for core, ABS, shaping, toning, and fit massage, you’ll never be disappointed. 


  • Equipped with noise cancellation technology, meaning no noise pollution during a workout
  • Lifetime warranty and customer service support 
  • It has 3-different modes of of exercises – jogs, runs, and walks 
  • Adjustable speed, from 1 to 99 levels 


  • It is expensive 

8. Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine

Hurtle Fitness Vibration Platform Machine


If you are looking for a portable home gym platform and ready to spend but not that much, this Hurtle vibration machine is a perfect option. While the size might look big in appearance but not heavy as you would have been thinking, as such easy to lift and use anywhere in the home. The operation of this device is more like a cardio machine, making it good for the core, ABS, and entire body training. Its 40 speed provides a lot of vibration acceleration for beginners, intermediate, or the professional’s fitness addict. There is also a timer that lets you program the duration of your workout. Meaning whatever time you choose, the Hurtle will stop by itself. This machine that produces vibration for the body is not for those weighing above 260lbs.


  • Has a remote
  • Computerized LCD touch controls 
  • Timer settings available and variable speed option 
  • Easy button touch controls 
  • It has inbuilt preset workout programs 
  • Safe to use with the anti-slip surface board pad
  • Includes resistance band but can also be detached from the parent.


  • It is not for people weighing higher than 260+

9. KESSER Vibration Platform

KESSER Vibration Platform


This vibration platform is designed for a weight of 265lbs, which is the maximum load capacity it can hold. You will enjoy a seamless workout on this Kesser, thanks to the LCD display featuring the on/off button for easy access. Also, from its LCD you can select exercise programs, speed/timer selection, and play music. The remote control assistant makes the Kesser user-friendly, so if you don’t want to stress yourself pressing the button on your machine, you can use the remote. It is of high quality built and construction from 100 percent ABS material to last you for years of use. 


  • 10 minutes daily use for days/ week deliver a great result 
  • Constructed using industry grade materials  
  • Has USB and Bluetooth player 
  • Using this vibration plate boost metabolism, hence improves circulation, burns fats, etc. 


  • No warranty information available as to when this review was composed 
  • It should store in a well-ventilated place without corrosive gas.

10. RINKMO Vibration Plate Exercise Machines

RINKMO Best Vibration Plate Exercise Machines


Rinkmo is a known brand when it comes to vibration plates. Therefore, this workout vibrating platform has been engineered to deliver optimum performance that you’ll least expect. While you might be thinking of getting your body to enhance through fitness training, it is beyond that moment because the Rinkmo Company equipped this product with a Bluetooth speaker for cutting-edge sound. Popularly on the market, most vibration platforms are built to hold a max of 330lbs in which this Rinkmo falls into the category. If you weigh higher, consider checking the Nimto as it holds more weight compare to the Rinkmo. To help the elderly or aged people to carry and store this vibrating exercise robot, the maker equipped it with two rollers located underneath it, making it perfect for seniors. 


  • Has rollers for easy storage 
  • Speakers for listening to music 
  • LED displays shows fat burn overtime in the course of your training and other statistics regarding set up
  • Rinkmo provides 2-years warranty on this unit
  • It comes with a remote and well explained manual learning guide 


  • It’s quite large and take up more space 


The question, do Vibration Plates Work asked at the beginning of this article was made to clear your doubt that vibration machine works. The benefits section tells us that vibration plates are essential tools for home fitness and work. People who had used one in their lifetime recorded success. Some have lost weight, burn calories (fat), and strengthen their muscles, and staying fit. However, that vibration machine works doesn’t mean you should go to the market and pick any product. You are expected to go through the features guide to knowing which one will work and give you peace of mind. If you’re able to get familiar with all the things to consider when shopping for one, then the review section will help you decide further.