Probably you are not a computer geek and searching for the best desktop computer online. Your quest in looking for the best desktop computer that falls into your budget and class may not be easy. There are most relevant features to put into consideration if you think of getting the best unit especially when you are face with tons of best rated desktop computers reviewed and rated by online consumers that may get you confused.

Today you can read this easy how-to-know computer buying guide and decide which desktop is best for your business jobs and home use. Be it office or gaming needs, get to find your new desktop computer now.

Choosing The Best Desktop Computer Guide and Reviews

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Notwithstanding the paradigm shift into mobile phones, tablet, and laptop computing machine in recent time. One will want to conclude that desktop computers usage will drop drastically. But so far, the shift has no significant decrease on desktop uses, as sales of desktop machines are still in the positive trend. Whether mobile phones and others innovation increases or not, desktop computers are here to stay forever. Why do I say so? Students, games lover and the professional businesses are still in loyalty to the power of a desktop computer to do their daily jobs and activities. For parents, businesses and organizations, desktop computer remains the safest computer platform. Its immobility makes it safer against ropers and same time your kids harder to operate. In spite of the claims by man, they will never use desktop in their business but yet flat screen desktops has make them change their minds. Enter in to any banking hall or institution. They rely on it to carry out their job. That’s enough to say people still sale, buy and used desktop.

What is the secrete behind finding a good desktop?

There are factors what considering to choosing an efficient and reliable personal computer. Whether for business or home used, every brand claims, they have the best desktop computers. Don’t rely on that alone, they might just be out there on-how-to get consumers money to purchase their brands. Extensive research and readings, knowing your budget and specifications that meets your computing task remains the hallmark guide in the choosing the best desktop computer. Below, we have clearly stated the basic guidelines for picking the best desktop PCs for your specific needs.

The Best Desktop Computer How to Choose Guide

The Best Desktop Computer How to Choose Guide

1. Find best Budget Unit with Specific Features

Technology improves everyday which means yesterday PC might be tomorrows abandon load. Broadly saying, buying a personal computer that features a faster processor, more memory and bigger hard drive today will offer you a long-lasting use before your system becomes obsolete.

In addition, you might also want to be specific about some certain features. Having a PC with quality graphics card is not needful if you are not a gamer. Also a Blu-ray disc drive system is of no need if you are not going to watch Blu-ray movies or media.

Furthermore, many computers are sold at fixed rate and configuration and so, it will be difficult to pick-out and select component. If you can forego features you don’t need can save you few $$$ on other things.

And if you are opportune to buy a PC that’s up-gradable – you can do upgrade in futures when your need increases.

2. Make an All-in-One Unit your Consideration

All-in-one PCs like the Apple iMac or HP brands with larger monitor with its entire PC built directly into the screen back is one of the popular growing desktop types and every mainstream marketer sales one. They are available in different screen size, price range and also touch or none touch screen features.


Among the pros of all-in-one PC, they are easier to set-up and space saving than separate tower units. All-in-one desktop also comes with Webcams for photo or videoing without the need for a separate camera device peripheral. With less wire, all-in-one pc it’s easier to bring into a non-business environment such as bedroom or kitchen. The bigger size of an all-in-one having larger screen can also serve as a secondary home entertainment unit.


Nevertheless, all-in-one computers also have their limitations. The laptop version of all-in-one are design with lesser CPU and graphics card processor which are less powerful compare to desktop equivalents.

Also they generally lack upgrade-ability which most desktop offers. Having a separate desktop and monitor can be advantageous, since monitors last long to other computer parts and so, if your all-in-one system develop a problem, replacing it simply means investing on a whole new pc.

3. Timing is Crucial

It looks disappointing if one misses a deal and it’s more painful to buy a personal computer only to discover a new CPU or other main accessories on the market for the same price some weeks later. Doing a proper research on how to buy a computer is the way to solve those problems.

Off course, Black Friday might be a good time to find the best deals, but sometimes computers sellers launch bonus sales offers deals mostly towards end of a year. Check through all major big brand PC vendor’s websites, comparison shop and don’t be scared to put off a purchase deal for a week or more to see if you can get a better deal PC price.

Also, in order to get the newest technology for your money, it pays to read reviews. If you like a particular PC brand or you are loyal to Nvidia OR Intel components, look up reviews of products that have been listed but not yet launched. By so doing, you can program your purchase to get the most recent hardware or best deals on the previous generation.

What Categories is best to buy?

If it is possible for you to analyze PC’s in number of ways, by brand, operating system, graphics cards, etc. we will advise you choose your PC according to your purpose and also followed by price.

Among these features, it’s always wise to analyze off only the most important features of the computer landscape.

General-Purpose Computers (below a $1,000)

If you are just looking for everyday job PC for browsing, office-type, light-duty-media consumption and document editing, you don’t have to invest more than a $1,000 and sometime not even up to that amount.
For the budget, any small tower within $400 – $500 will be great deal. You can as well beat down your demand to refurbished machines or extreme deals but broadly speaking, a recent, good priced Windows PC ranges from $400 upward. A slim tower computer, a few versions of the smaller of the smaller tower desktop, can be great choice here.

If you are loyal fan or want a large hard drive storage and a bit of more computing power, you will want to budget in the price range of $700 – $800 for an all-in-one desktop.

Also, if you can spend up to $1,000 and you will find a more robust best desktop computer that will give you a faster CPU system, huge hard drive, and a stunning graphics card.

Unless you want to swap in to gaming, video editing and other most relevant advanced multimedia job, universal purpose computers need not much spending.

Gaming Computers ($1,000 above)

You can actually get a gaming desktop under $1,000, if you wish to settle for lower graphics quality settings and average performance. But for dedicated gamers PC, you may want to look out for at least units with a mid-range 3D graphics card and faster CPU which you will budget around a $1,000 – $1,500 to buy.

The amazing news is that you don’t have to invest more than that to have a gaming pc of 1,920×1, 080-pixel resolution and decent image quality. Although, those from $5,000 delivers unstoppable loading speed, bigger hard drive and allow you play on 2 to 3 monitors at ultra settings and at a higher screen resolution, but they are far from basic gaming necessity.

Luxury PCs ($1,250 above)

These are often seen as lifestyle computers. This model of desktop seems to be all round higher extreme PC’s with a focus on multimedia usage, especially videoing. Most recent model of 27-inch all-in-one computers falls into this class, alongside with few 23- inch and 24 –inch models. Computers of this class sometimes feature Blu-ray drivers, TV tuners and higher computing parts.

Specialized Professional PCs ($1,350-plus)

Generally, there are no big difference between business and mainstream general purpose PCs. Special computers are usually for media editors and other related job performance. And they can be very expensive.

Generally, users who prefer this category of PCs require a bigger display (high-end), work-station graphics card and storage capacity. You can consider the iMac 27-inch or Dell XPS 27-inch all-in-one to be suitable to bring better speed, graphics and storage.

Other Important Aspect of PCs to Look Out For

CPUs/Processors: Whether, you like it or not, you still have to consider some relevant component and specs. CPU is one of them, fast and responsive ones will do justice to your computing need. AMD and Intel processors are the recent ones you should look out for.

AMD Processor: This brand belongs to the GPU Company. Few new desktop computers feature an AMD brand of processor. The 2nd generations of this processor where named APU (A- Series Processing Unit).

Latest generation Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) uses the combination of the CPU and a discrete level GPU. The AMD A-series and E-series, AMD FX, AMD phenom ii, AMD athlon and others are some of the models that available of this processor brand. For intense 3D gaming, you can readily choose a desktop computer with A-series and E-series processors.

Intel Processors: Most PC desktop computers are design with Intel brands of processor. This popular processor has different generations model. The 1st generations were called Sandy Bridge while the 2nd generation called Ivy Bridge. As the need of speed increase, the 2nd generations where also worked-on to deliver more enhanced speed. They start from i3 Intel core, i5 and i7. As the number increase so the power doubles and also the purchasing power. Any of the processors is good for business budget desktop, you can fall back on the i3 and i5. Hence, if you are a gamer or into real video editing the i7 core is the best to consider and it should be from $1,000-plus.

Hard Drive and Storage: Hard drive houses your files; generally, desktop computers are sometimes design with traditional spinning HDD or a solid state SSD, which is called flash memory. They also exist in the hybrid form, in which smaller SSD (between 20GB or 30GB) is paired with larger hard drive. In real life, the combination helps system speed faster and opening of applications. For heavy files storage, the standard HDD is the best drive to consider.

HDD: When looking for an average hard drive, consider nothing less than 500GB HDD. Although hard drive are very expensive yet they provides better storage space to house bulky files. Most recent drives speed comes with 7200 RPM – revolution per minute while others run at 5400RPM. The higher the number the faster your system drives.

SDD: They are faster than traditional hard drives but the cons out weight – they are more expensive and offer little storage capacity. You can usually find them as alternative specs in higher-end- customization PCs.

Desktop Buying Relevant Questions

What Type of Port do I Need?

Many desktop comes with the latest USB 3.0 ports, which is 10 times faster than the previous USB 2.0 versions but only when used with USB 3.0 compatible devices such as external HDD. Many models of an all-in-one PCs feature an HDMI input, which is a great component that lets you connect to external devices such as game console or cable box. You can also convert your all-in-one into a family entertainment center using the power of the HDMI input extension.

Do you Need Optical Drive?

Following current trends in playback technology, the answer to the question should be NO. Instead of buying DVDs, CDs and Blu-rays as storage, there are available software format to this. I suggest you start downloading in order to minimize your need for optical drive. Although most all-in-one computers do not come with optical drive but if you still need to have it, you can buy an external USB powered DVD drive, which may cost about $50.

Do you need a Graphics Card?

Not everyone needs a graphics card consideration. Unless you’re a gamer then you can look for the likes AMD radeo or Intel HD 4000. Intel version is not really for high for better gaming graphic. I advise you go for the AMD but you will speed few $$$ to get a gaming desktop that runs with an AMD graphics.

Should you just buy a Tablet or Laptop instead?

The pros of PCs desktop are larger storage hard drive, powerful speed CPU and graphics. Desktops is more safe, it’s immobile, it can hardly be steal an also, some of them are expandable and allow for personal component replacement.

Well, if you job is to watch movies browsing and others, tablet can just be the best choice but if your work falls into the general purpose user class discussed above, you can as well buy a laptop instead.

What’s Windows Better?

There many windows available whether on desktop, laptop or tablet. Most office desktop users love the genuine Microsoft home premium but Windows 8 seems to be more interactive this days. It all depends on your choice and operation. All I know many Windows 8 users love the flexibility of that operating system, allowing for extreme swapping or navigation and customization. A at now Windows 8 now comes with various version and more sophisticated, they are upgrade-able but make sure you back-up your system before you upgrade to avoid lost of data if you choose to use this OS.


In discovering your own best buy desktop computer from the lots of best rated desktop computers waiting for your money, is not what anyone can pick for you. Though this article is compiled to guide you on how to buy a good desktop computer but you have to play your owe role by knowing the purpose why you need it. Also, the types of features you expect your proposed desktop system to have. In addition, thoroughly read consumers reviews on your targeted desktop computer to know others users remarks, complaint and ratings. Following this simple approach tactically will help you determine the desktop computers desktop PC that will work for you as no one can hand pick and tell you this is the best desktop computer for you needs.

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