7 Impressive Tips for Saltwater Fishing & Techniques

7 Impressive Tips for Saltwater Fishing In This 21 Century

Maybe, you went many times for freshwater fishing, and you have much conception about that. But this time you want to do something new. You want to go for saltwater fishing in an ocean. A massive amount of fish such as redfish, cod, bonefish, cobia, sharks, tuna, snapper, bluefish, tarpon, sailfish, Pacific, halibut, flounder, sea … Read more

Choosing The Best Aquarium Air Pump – Reviews and Guide

Choosing The Best Aquarium Air Pump - Reviews and Guide

Are you looking for the best aquarium air pump? Come let us educate you on how to choose the right air pump for aquarium. Introduction Just like humans need air to carry out metabolic function in the body, so do fishes and other aquatic animals. And although water contains some element of oxygen, there is … Read more

Best Reverse Osmosis Review and Guide

In fish farming, the need arises for to ‘detoxify’ the water from substances and elements that is detrimental to the health of the fishes. For this reason, working directly with tap or well water doesn’t just cut it. This is because experiments have shown that these kinds of water contain substances like nitrates, phosphates, chlorine, … Read more

Top 5 SCA 302 Skimmer Reviews and Guide

Top 5 SCA 302 Skimmer Reviews and Guide

In natural habitats, the different cycles and activities of living organism in the water takes care of the living condition there. This however is not so for enclosed water tanks and aquariums. Not only is the volume of water limited and stagnated, but the availability of bacteria and algae causes the waste products and organic … Read more

The Best Betta Fish Tanks Reviews and Guide

EcoSphere Closed Aquatic Ecosystem, Sphere

The betta fish is one of the common household fish pet to keep. It is loved because of its attractive colour and dexterity. However, they are as lovely as they are aggressive and territorial in nature. They tend to wane off other fishes that they see as a threat or competition and such fight can … Read more

The Best Fish Tank Filters Guide and Reviews

Penn Hang-on Aquarium Filter with Quad Filtration System

By going through this guide compiled by pickmythings.com concerning the best fish tank filters for aquarium, you will able to discover the best filter for your fish tank aquarium with ease. We urge you to exercise tolerant to go through the entire page so that you get informed about which fish filter is right for … Read more

The Best Aquarium Heater: Definition, Guide and Review

The Best Aquarium Heater: Definition, Guide and Review

Pickmythings.com can help you find the best aquarium heater for your aquarium fish tank if only you can take your time to read this guide and reviews of our top 5 best selected freshwater aquarium heaters today! If you’re in the fish keeping business or your hobby involves tending to and watching your fish grow … Read more