Reconditioned and Used Car Engines Explained

These days, vehicles are not only used for the transportation, but are the status symbol too. And the driving force behind all the vehicles are engines. There are no two ways about the fact that car engine is the fundamental part of the vehicle and without a sturdy engine under the bonnet of the car, no one can expect a healthy performance on the road.

That being the case, the car engine have come a long way. Now a days, all the automakers are throwing their hats in the ring to build even stronger and fuel efficient engines. On the off chance engine is not running smoothly on the road, you will be fixing your gaze on a replacement engine. Replacement engine options have changed too with the increasing innovation and technology with the start of 21st century. Now, you have got so many options in case you are looking to buy an engine for your diesel or petrol car.

Let us spend a moment just talking about the different types of replacement engines. Replacement engine including Remanufactured, Rebuilt, Crate/New and Used or Second hand engines. Let’s discuss each of the aforementioned one by one. Let’s get into this:

Remanufactured or Reconditioned Engines

The Remanufactured or reconditioned engines go through a detailed process of reconditioning and machining. Unequivocally, the process of engine reconditioning is stretched-out. The first phase comprises of taking the engine out of vehicle entirely. Then the engine is broken down into parts and detailed cleaning is done to take care of all the dirt, oil and grease. With that, the brushing of engine block, crankshaft and connecting rod is performed. The aforementioned process is not kid’s stuff as certified and experienced mechanics perform the reconditioning in the state of the art garages.

Then comes the next phase of engine reconditioning in which all the important parts of the engine are inspected for any failures, drawbacks and defects. Straight after this inspection, the defected parts are replaced with the brand new parts and the less defected parts are fixed through tiny repairs. Then, the sides of these components are polished to cut back on the friction between the parts.

Remanufactured or Reconditioned Engines

After this, the reconditioning process moves on to the third and last phase. In the last phase, the engine parts are reassembled. The skilled experts get the services of the advanced hi-tech gear and computerized machinery to test and fit together every single component of the engine. All the reassembling process is done with the utmost care in accordance with the fitting guidelines of OEM.

In the wake of reassembling process, the mechanics perform the durability and reliability test to check out the performance given off by the reconditioned engine. The engine is not given the green light unless and until it passes every single test.

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the remanufactured engine is expensive and higher end product than the rebuilt engines and for the same reason, these units are offered with higher span of warranty. As far as the performance of the remanufactured engine is taken into the account, due to this detailed process of reconditioning, remanufactured engines come up with the same performance as one could expect from a brand new engine. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

Rebuilt Engines

Unlike the remanufactured engine, the rebuilt engine is not entirely split into the parts. Instead, the engine is partly striped down and checked thoroughly for faults, if any. The improper parts are replaced with the fully working parts with the same features.

Be that as it may, the problematic parts are also fixed, for the engine to work smoothly. On that account, these units are in ready to be fitted condition and are pretty similar to the used engines.

Rebuilt Engines

As far as the cost of these engines is concerned, it varies with the garage to garage. Unequivocally, a skilled mechanic will rebuild the engine in a much better and professional way as compared to that of an unprofessional mechanic. So, replacement cost of rebuild engine varies on the basis of the mechanics. Regardless of the professionalism of the mechanics, rebuild engines can carry age-old wear and tear signs coupled with the intense cracks. By and large, the rebuild engines are not given a thumbs up when it comes to the reliability as these can suffer failure again.

Crate/New Car Engines

Generally, most of the customers mix up the term crate engines with the re-manufactured or rebuilt engine. However, that’s not the case, in fact the truth is the reverse. A crate engine is a brand new product made by the company and is accessible for the late models and older vehicles. A crate engine is basically ready to run upon installation. That means, the crate engine has covered zero miles at all.

That is to say, the crate engine is very much expensive. You can have an idea of the cost of the crate engine from a fact that sometimes the crate engine cost even higher than the vehicle’s price. Crate engines are not only used for high-performance applications but for many stock applications as well. These units are, in general, available for the dealers only. Still and all, the crate engines are priciest as compared to all the other types of replacement engines.

A new engine is comes with the brand new car with all the inner and outer components. However, you can make the argument that the outer parts are sometimes used in case of crate engines. These engines are known as crate because of the reason that they are shipped to the dealers on the crates. Crate engines are manufacture by several automakers. The price of a crate engine range from £5000 to a thumping great £12000 depending up on the model and make.

Used/ Second hand Car Engines

To put it simply, a second hand and used engine is drawn out of a car to be fitted into another similar model again. In the general run of things, the used engines are wrenched out from the damaged vehicles and insurance write-offs. The mileage covered may vary in newer models as compared to the older models.

The second hand or used engines come up with supplementary components including manifolds, injectors etc. Be that as it may, it is recommended to use only the original parts as there is no guarantee of proper working of these additional parts. There is no warranty on the engine parts which are left on the engine.

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Used engines, as you can get the idea from their name, are used in some other cars and are pulled of them usually in case of accidents or some other problem. It can be pretty much anticipated that the condition of these engines vary depending on the source they were taken out of.

In case of an engine failure, people pin their hopes on replacing the vehicle instead of replacing the engine. However, the replacement engine is very economical option as compared to the replacement of the vehicle. Now that you have analyzed the things, you can buy the replacement engine according to the size of your pocket. Off you go!