How relaxing is it when you have a machine in the comfort of your home that brings fitness and strength? For those of us that are new in the world of health, choosing the right machine for exercising and weight loss among a sea of options is not an easy task. Are you looking for a safe way to lose weight without going for a road walk? Are you faced with low blood pressure, and you’re thinking of the best way to increase it through exercising? It can be possible that you’ve been wanting to build your muscles but don’t know-how. Thankfully, there is new exercise equipment called the body vibration machine.

Body Vibration Machines Do They Work? How To Know

Body vibration machines do work perfectly well. It is a tested and trusted corrective measure of so many health-related lapses. It is good equipment for people with disabilities as well. I have known someone who had a spinal cord breakdown, and couldn’t carry out daily activities, as usual, recovered, because of the body vibration machine right in his doorstep – however, this is a rare case, if you have a spine problem, consult your doctor first, if your state is fit for using a vibration machine.

The vibration machine just as the name implies is a shaking machine which forces your muscles to contract and relax reflectively. People perform exercises such as squats, push-ups on the machine while they are vibrating. This machine provides fitness and health benefits as well. It has a speed setting where you can set the speed at which it vibrates. It can be high, medium, or low. There are as well different types of body vibrating machines. These different types of machines work in different ways. The most common vibration machine is the weight loss vibration machine. 

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Here’s how it works.

Firstly, you’ll stand, sit or lay down on the vibrating platform of the machine.

The platform of the vibration machine shakes, and then your body vibrates, and your muscles contract.

In as much as it does this without much control or effort, it requires your energy as well and this makes you burn calories.

The frequency and strength of the vibration machine are dependent on the setting, and it goes a long way in determining the amount of energy your body burns.

Well, as we all know, not everything is good and recommendable for everyone. And a time, it isn’t going to work for them.

Of a truth, the vibration machine has benefits, but its side effects are there too. More so, it is pertinent that you know who the equipment isn’t meant for:

  • People that are pregnant.
  • Diabetic patients.
  • Patients recovering from an operation.
  • Migraine headaches patients.
  • People living with epilepsy.
  • Those having cancer or tumor

Embarking on using this machine without an exercise program can be really devastating because it can cause more harm than good, such as spine pain. 


The benefit of this equipment superimposes that of the disadvantage.


It helps in the reduction of body fats if properly used. They are mostly recommended to those that are obsessed. As they exercise with the body vibration machine, it changes their levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for weight gain.


Older people are prone to fall at any time, which could lead to broken bones, permanent damage, or even death. But, because the body vibration machine is capable of strengthening their muscles to help reduce their chances of falling.


Naturally, one has a limited strength level. However, the body vibration machine has made it possible, if not convenient to improve one’s strength.


Not everyone has a good body composition. One might be too loose or too stiff or rather tight. But due to the presence of the body vibration machine, it is possible to loosen up or fasten up, as the case may be, and grant a good body composition.


Because of the structure of the machine, as it vibrates, the body tends to relieve pain. This doesn’t just happen a day. Frequent usage brings significant change. Actually, the first consideration when considering a vibration machine is whether it’s capable of vibrating in a way that produces health benefits.


  1. The acceleration
  2. The frequency
  3. The size
  4. The weight
  5. Noise
  6. Power consumption
  7. The aesthetic and user interface
  8. The cost
  9. The platform size
  10. The motor

The few effective factors you need to consider are factors like your goals and expectation from the machine. These will enable you to make the right decision towards the one to purchase.

  • Acceleration:

Of course, the acceleration point should be considered.

  • The platform size:

The platform size should be as convenient for you to sit or stand as the case may be.

  • Cost:

The cost is another essential feature to consider. Don’t be triggered or whirled away by the fancy of the machine. As we all know that, costly equipment lasts longer. Now, it depends on the durability you want and the amount that resonates with you.

  • Noise level:

The noise produced by the machine should be watched. A good and well-built body vibratory machine shouldn’t be too noisy or noisy at all. Go for a convenient one.

  • Size:

The size is another factor to consider. This time, it’s just a matter of choice and the one that suits you best.

  • Frequency

The frequency of the vibration machine shouldn’t be underrated. This is because the frequency of the vibration of the machine determines how productive and fit the machine will be.

Conclusion – Body Vibration Machines Do They Work?

The body vibration machine is one of the best machines you can have to enhance your health. You can recommend it to people you know who will need it, especially obsessed and aged people, to help them work out their healthy life. Also, it will be very effective, if along with this machine, you accompany it with the appropriate food diet. This will help burn fat and reduce calories to their minimum.


You can get the bestselling body vibration machine on Amazon at affordable prices.

Good luck!