Once lawn mowing is done, it leaves behind loads of debris to clean up. Getting these twigs, clippings, plants, and leaves branches dropped while mowing the lawn can be more complex than cutting itself. Manual clean-up can be done with bins and cutlasses. However, stress and other health risk factors like waist pain, eye infection, and sore palms can be discouraging. More so, Time spent on cleaning up can be reduced using the best wood chippers.

The wood chipper is a piece of equipment used for breaking down woods into chips. It uses its sharp blades designed with it to mulch up debris. It has incredible features that make cleaning up very convenient, more effective, and fast compared to the manual method. This tool not only helps chip down woods but also recycles litters for further use, like turning them into sawdust for heating. They are designed to handle heavy-duty work for a very long time.

There is a wide variety of wood chippers. Some are powered with either electricity and or gasoline with different capacities. Land developers use the drum wood chipper for clearing out forest areas, the disk wood chipper and the screw wood chippers are designed to be used by gardeners and homeowners for their lawns

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Best Wood Chippers 2020 Consumer Reports Comparison

Product Name/ Image
Snow Joe Cj601e Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder
Snow Joe Cj601e Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$
  • 14 amp motor
  • 1.5 inch chipping
  • 6 inch wheels
  • 24.4 pounds weight
  • 37.5 x 17 x 19 inches

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Superhandy Wood Chipper 7hp 212cc
Superhandy Wood Chipper 7hp 212cc BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$$$+
  • 7 HP gas motor
  • 3-in-multi-function
  • 0.5 inch chipping/ shredding
  • 120.7 pounds weight
  • 29.5 x 25.7 x 40.6 inches

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SuperHandy Electric Light Wood Chipper Shredder
SuperHandy Electric Light Wood Chipper Shredder BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$$+
  • Shredding/chipping 1.5 inch
  • 15 amp powerful motor
  • Reduction speed of 4,100 rpm’s
  • 24.1 pounds weight
  • 15.7 x 20 x 38 inches

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Landworks Wood Chipper

 Landworks Wood Chipper BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$
  • 15 amp motor
  • Chipping 1.57 inch
  • 4,100 rpm’s reduction speed
  • 24 pounds weight
  • 20 x 15.67 x 37.99 inches

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Sunjoe Cj601e Wood Chipper Sunjoe Cj601e Wood Chipper BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$
  • 14 amp motor
  • 1.5 inch chipping
  • 6 inch wheels
  • 24.4 pounds weight
  • 37.5 x 17 x 19 inches

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SunJoe CJ602E-GRY wood chipper
SunJoe CJ602E-GRY wood chipper BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$+
  • 15 amp motor
  • Chipping 1.5 inch
  • 2 years warranty
  • ETL approved
  • 26.2 pounds weight
  • 19.7 x 17.3 x 37.8 inches

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Top  6 Consumer Reports Best Wood Chippers Reviews

1. Snow Joe Cj601e Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder 

  • Best Wood Chippers 2020 Consumer Reports: Top 6 Pick


This super-fast shredder has a speed of over 4300 RPM generated by its 14- amplified motor that chips at any debris on your lawn effectively and without flaws. It is designed with a dimension of 37.5 x 17.0 x 19 inches and weighs 25.4 pounds. One thing you can trust Snow Joe for is the quality of all its models. It is straightforward to assemble and use on your lawn.

The lightweight makes its carriage very easy. It can reduce the thickest debris into a nourishing 1.5inches long mulch. Besides, has a lock knob that keeps it tightly shut during use and automatically stops chipping when you open it. This machine is affordable to use since it is maintenance-free.

The reset and instant start button on it help you control it’s progressively. It has a shredder stand assembly for perfect balance while you chip your wood.

  • The safety lock knob
  • Rugged wheels
  • 14-amplified motor
  • The chute is considerably small

2. Superhandy Wood Chipper 7hp 212cc 

  •  Superhandy Wood Chipper 7hp 212cc


This wood chipper model has a dimension of 29.5 x 25.7 x 40.6 inches and weighs 120 pounds. It is also called the 3way wood chipper. This equipment shreds, mulch, and chip your lawn, garden, and forests clean of wood debris. As trusted by its brand, this product is made with your convenience in mind. It has unique features that will make chipping your wood more effective and easy. It also has a 7HP engine making it ideal for both garden and forest use.

This wood chipper uses gasoline as its power source. Once you fill-up the single 87 OHV gas cylinder, you can work for hours without interruption. The chutes designed with this model are relatively larger than others. It has a 3-inches wood diameter capacity and will chip it down to almost an inch. This machine also has an automatic chute feeder for optimal performance. The wheelers designed with it are great for ergonomic balance.

  • 3-in-1 multi-feature
  • Chute Auto feed
  • Has a vacuum attachment.
  • Vibrates rather too much
  • SuperHandy wood chipper 

3. SuperHandy Electric Light Wood Chipper Shredder

  •  SuperHandy Electric Light Wood Chipper Shredder


This model is an electric-powered wood chipper, designed with a dimension of 15.7 x 20 x 38 inches and weighing 24.1 pounds. It has a 15-amplified strong motor that can chip woods into 1.57inches at a 17:1 ratio. Most relevantly very quiet to use on the lawn without disturbing your neighbors. It is designed with double-edged blades that are sharp, reversible, and very durable.

All it consumes is 1800watt when connected to a 120VAC electricity outlet. Super handy designed the body of this model with polypropylene materials which are ideal for preventing fire, corrosion, and dents. It can run as fast as 4100RPMs. It has a notification switch to alert you of overstuffing the machine.

The strong push paddle ensures the hopper on this machine safely loads woods into it quickly. Once you press the “instant start” button, the device performs its maximal chipping on your lawn.

  • Noiseless to use
  • Dual edged reversible blades
  • Eco-friendly
  • Jammed-up during use

4. Best Landworks Wood Chipper 

  • Best Landworks Wood Chipper


This design is our best corded electric wood chipper in this discussion. It is powered up with a 15-amplified 1800watt 120VAC 60Hz electricity outlet with a 4100R per minute speed.

This model is very safe to use; it has an overloading protection button and protective motor filters. The push paddle makes loading up debris very safe to do. The hopper lock knob designed with this model keeps it tightly shut during use. It has dual-edged reversible blades.

It is super easy to use. It can chip any wood feed into it without noise. It is spotless and does optimal chipping of debris without smog, making it green and eco-friendly. All these features make it the best buy for your gardening, lawn, forest wood chipping needs.

  • Motor protective filters
  • Strong noiseless motor
  • Very effective and efficient
  • Blades get blunt after use

5. Sunjoe Cj601e Wood Chipper 

  • Sunjoe Cj601e Wood Chipper


This model of the SunJoe brand is an electricity-powered wood chipper. It has various incredible features designed with it that make chipping your wood more effective and super easy. It comes in a very portable built of a 37.5 17 x 19 inches’ dimension and weighs only 25.4 pounds. It has a 6-inch sturdy wheel for easy carriage during use.

It is very safe to use, and the hopper locking knob automatically shuts off once opened during use and keeps it tightly enclosed while it chips. It has a 14- amplified powerful motor that keeps it running non-stop while you work. It runs as fast as 4300 revolutions per minute. It chips at a 1.5 inches cutting diameter.

  • Very durable
  • Works uninterrupted 
  • Light-weighted 
  • Gets jammed when overloaded

6. SunJoe CJ602E-GRY wood chipper 

  • SunJoe CJ602E-GRY wood chipper


This wood chipper is designed with 19.7 x 17.3 x 37.8 inches and weighs 26.2 pounds. It is made with easy-to-use features ideal for excellent and effective chipping turning your debris into nourishing mulches. It is perfect for chipping twigs, plant branches, and leaf debris off your lawn, garden, and forest.

It has a maximum cutting capacity of 1.57 inches with a 17: 1 diameter ratio that runs on a 15-amplified sturdy motor. It has a hopper lock knob that prevents the debris from getting out while you chip. It is designed in an easy to assemble form for quick assembling.

  • Its sturdy motor
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy to assemble
  • Blades cannot be reversed

Benefits Of Using Wood Chippers

Wood chippers have a lot of benefits, some of these include; 

  • Recycled bushes and plant branches into sawdust to be used as a source of fuel for heating. This serves as a source of income for you.
  • The organic mulch gotten from shredding the woods serves as manure for your plants.
  • It helps regulate the soil temperature required by plants for warmth.
  • Acts as a sun shield for the soil
  • It helps release the absorbed water to the plant.

Types Of Wood Chippers Available In The Market

  • Electric Wood Chippers: The electric wood chippers use electricity and rechargeable batteries as their power source. They are designed with easy-to-use features like hoppers, wheels, bags, and noiseless motors. They are very portable and are very light weighted. All you need is to fix your machine to an electrical power outlet. They are designed for a small-sized yard for shredding. It has a cordless chipper and a corded chipper. The cordless chipper uses lithium-ion batteries, while the corded ones use electricity strictly to run. This type does not need any engine maintenance or emitting fumes.
  • Gas Wood Chippers: The gas wood chippers use gasoline as their energy source. They are designed for heavy-duty chipping, ideal for breaking down tree branches in a quick time. This type is considered more robust, requires no cord to run. It is, however, more expensive than the electric wood chipper, emits exhaust fume, and requires constant maintenance 

How Do I Choose The Best Wood Chipper

Choosing the best wood chipper can be done using some of the following factors as compiled from consumer reports guidelines:

  • Source of power: Wood chippers are designed to use either gasoline or electricity. While the electric wood chippers are designed for larger loads than the electric wood chippers, the electric chippers are home-friendly and less expensive than the gasoline wood chippers. The electric wood chippers are quieter to use and do not release exhaust fumes like the gas wood chippers.
  • The price of each model: The fact that there is a long list of brand manufacturers involved in making these wood chippers, their fees range according to the quality of material used. It would help if you chose a wood chipper you can comfortably afford to use.
  • Horse Power capacity: Wood chippers are designed with different horsepower capacities, each for a specific size. Extra floor space requires another wood chipper. It would be best if you chose between a wood chipper with either a 6.5HP, 9HP, 20HP, or 31HP, depending on the capacity of the lawns you have.
  • Size of your property: Before buying a wood chipper for your property, make sure you measure out the dimension of your house carefully to be able to decide the best chipper for your lawn for effective results in a quick time,
  • Quantity and type of debris: The more extensive your yard’s debris accumulation, the bigger the capacity of the wood chipper you will need to buy for your lawn. There are different wood chippers for all debris; leaves, twigs, grass clips, and tree branches. Therefore, make sure you determine the best wood chipper that will effectively clean up your property in a quick time

How To Use A Wood Chipper

Using a wood chipper will be accessible once you follow these simple procedures:

  • Oil the engine and set up your wood chipper rightly, making sure to check if the impeller, drive belt, and chute are in perfect condition.
  • Adjust your wood chipper to the ground level of your property
  • Set the deflector of your machine to control the speed and the direction in which the chipped dirt goes.
  • Make sure the machine is in parking mode.
  • Once you have loaded the mix of both dry and green leaves, twigs, and branches, you need to chip with a wooden pole, start the machine.
  • Ensure you have the suitable clothing, eye goggle, and steel boots on while you chip for safety precaution. 
  • Please pay close attention to the wood chipper while it works, then correctly clean up after use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do Wood Chippers Work

Once connected to its energy source, gas or electricity, a wood chipper begins to process the carbon dirt, fresh or dried, loaded into it through the chute by turning it with its specially designed sharp blades around it. The pulley system of this machine will help in the blade rotation for optimal performance. 

  • What Is The Difference Between A Wood Chipper And A Shredder

Wood chippers are designed for breaking down wood into chips. You load the thick wooden debris into the machine’s chute, and it breaks them into at most 3inches long wood chips. You can use this tool for either fresh twigs or dried leaves. The wood chipper is designed with a relatively larger capacity than a shredder. It can chip wood, twig, and leafy plant branches, while a wood shredder is designed to shred leaves only. It has hoppers instead of the chute present in a chipper. It is designed with semi-sharp blades and made with less holding capacity than a wood chipper

Conclusion & Recommendation

The best wood chippers will make owing a lawn less strenuous to maintain. It effectively chips off twigs, leaves, and other debris left by trees on your property. These tools help you have more time for leisure and to relax. It makes your lawn look very neat, reduces debris pile up, and helps chip down your wood into mulches. Choose a wood chipper with features that will be perfect for your property dimension, shape, size, and requirements. If you have a large-sized yard, you may consider getting the gas wood chipper designed for ample scale space. The electric wood chipper is perfect for indoor use and relatively more minor size property. These wood chippers should be stored appropriately up so they can be very durable. The best wood chippers will help you work smarter than harder! here is our recommendation !!!