In recent years, humidifier has been a popular home appliance among household in United States. This device release humidity into the atmosphere thereby eliminating dry air. During the winter, this device is really helpful neutralizing the effect of dry air which naturally causes people discomfort such as sneezing, skin drying out, and respiratory difficulties and so on. No longer difficult picking the best whole house humidifier following editorial top picks humidifiers by expert. We pay relevancy to consumers needs and so we do all what it takes to make sure our information satisfied our audience.  We hope, you reading our humidifier reviews for whole house won’t disappoint you but help you pick a unit that exactly meet your whole home humidity need and coverage capacity. Humidity is essential and if your home lacks relative humidity, you can’t escape the aforementioned problems. As a result of the high risk vulnerability to health in low humidity environment, best humidifier for homes becomes the No 1 home improvement appliance searched for worldwide. The statistics increases every year because winter occurs every year and people will surely look to humidify their air to stay healthier at home. However, with our unbiased list of best humidifier whole house discussion, the choice is left for you to decide if you want a humidifier or not. Do have a wonderful time as you read through.

Top 10 Best Humidifier Whole House Reviews For Homes

1. Emerson HSP2000 Whole House Steam Humidifier

Best Whole House Humidifier Guide N Reviews | Top 10 |2019

The Emerson HSP2000 steam humidifier spot the number one position in this best whole house humidifiers reviews and its design for total home coverage.

The steam Emerson HSP2000 produces medically alleviates symptoms that make you feel comfortable in a whole house.

However, HSP2000 constantly maintain home humidness and further hydrate your skin, protect your eyes and hair drying out.

Do you need to install the Emerson HSP2000 Whole House Steam Humidifier to your home havc system? No, installing this humidifier is done without integrating the unit to a furnace system. So, whether you have a havc system in your home or not, this is not a problem.

Also, this steam whole house humidifier is very powerful in steam production, because of this reason, the manufacture strictly recommend it for home not less than a one thousand, 400 square feet. However, the emerson steam humidifier can be use for homes up to 6 thousand square feet.   

While many whole humidifiers lacks a flushing timer, Emerson comes installed with a flushing timer and this enable you flush the unit when due to keep the unit clean for healthy home air. 

Furthermore, the 1500 watt humidifier has the capacity to convert 13 gallon output into humidity to keep your home air in the right humidity gauge per day. 


  • Equip with filters for the purest of air
  • Should not be use in home less than 1,350 feet
  • Uses less energy as an energy efficient rated product
  • Ideal for home and business environment humidity need
  • Provides accuracy in air humidness via auto humidistat
  • Produces steam mist making you feel warm in cold winter days
  • Automatic flushing timer for regular cleaning of the humidifier system

2. Aprilaire 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier, High Output Humidifier

Aprilaire 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier, High Output Humidifier

Aprilaire 800 Whole House Steam comes in the second place in this whole house humidifier reviews list and function similarly like the first unit above.

Just like Emerson HSP2000 discussed above creates steam air, same way Aprilaire 800 is designed to provide steam humidifiers. 

Still comparing them, Aprilaire 800 residential unit do not need to be connected to any induct or furnace system because it works independently.

However, any of this unit can be substituted achieving the same steam humidity, although most people like the Aprilaire 800 Whole House Steam Humidifier.

Those living in homes size approximately 6,200 square feet need this product as one of the rightful humidifier to power such a larger area while getting a regulated humid air, thanks to the digital humidity function.

Any type of water can be use with this 800 Apriliare humidifier, so you don’t need to bother about the kind of water you have in your home.

One of the features to consider when looking for a humidifier is the noise level. Apriliare 800 will never disturb you, runs quietly even as a whole house humidifier unlike ultrasonic humidifiers that are known for volume noise.

In conclusion, Aprilaire 800 Whole converts more water than emerson hsp200 and this rate is up to 34.6 gallons a day.


  • Any water type can be use with it
  • Ideal for house amounting 6,200 feet
  • No havc system needed for the installation
  • Get precise humidity air from a digital humidity control
  • Its functionality require a canister and this need to be replace yearly 
  • Performs with no noise and needs only a schedule maintenance

3. AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

This is another best house humidifier appearing in a console style and this design makes it easier for transporting from one location to another desire.

This evaporative whole home humidifier, a great way to releasing plenteous humidity to fight dry air and a perfect type of humidifier to add humidness to 3,600 sq feet maximal homes.

Your home will also receive digital accuracy maintaining normal indoor humidity to promote health wise lifestyle. AIRCARE MA1201 Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier also incorporates auto shut off function that turns the device off when adequate humidity is reached or there is no water to disperse.

Breath air free from mold, mildew and airborne allergies, thanks to the wick filter integrated into the AIRCARE MA1201 which helps removes these agents from the water.

Furthermore, enjoy home devoid of noisy sound while running a humidifier such as the AIRCARE MA1201Console.


  • Design for 3,600 
  • Automatic shut off
  • Made and assembly in USA 
  • Maintaining desire home humidity
  • No pulleys or belt providing noiseless operation
  • Wick filters that needs regular cleaning and replace every 3 months

4. Aprilaire 400 Whole House Humidifier, Dual Sensor Water Saver Furnace Humidifier

Aprilaire 400 Whole House Humidifier

There many furnace humidifiers on the market but Aprilaire 400 Whole House furnace model unique in its features. Although, the first three products reviewed before do not required furnace in their working, makes Aprilaire 400 different. So if you’re looking forward to purchase this unit, you’ll need a furnace system along side unless your home already has one installed.

One nice feature saves water employing uncommon evaporation procedure which also boycotts the desire for floor drain. This humidifier rightly built for tight space homes with full coverage capacity of 4000 feet humidification. 

Get access to 24/7 dual sensor automatic model that consistently monitors and adjust to indoor relative humidity and outdoor temperature in order to offer you optimum humid air in the entire home. To cut the long story short, you can program this setting and forget it.


  • Manufactured in USA
  • Deliver evaporative mist
  • 17 gallons per day unit distribution
  • Larger spaces humidity monitoring and response to humidify dry air    
  • Check indoor for dryness and auto humidify low humidity environment

5. AIRCARE H12-400HB 3-Speed Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

AIRCARE H12-400HB 3-Speed Whole-House Console-Style Evaporative Humidifier

The Oak Burl color reminds me of some ancient artistic decoration that blends into new age home settings and I know you too will like it for your home. This is a console style design humidifier just like that of the AIRCARE MA1201 model, nevertheless, the AIRCARE H12-400HB is floor mountable unlike the previous that is tabletop design.

Most people prefer humidifiers that give some level of freedom on humidity regulation which you will enjoy from the AIRCARE H12-400HB Whole-House Console. Feature 3 speed control such as high, medium and low. The higher the speed the faster home filled with humidified air and medium speed provides moderated humidity in a stipulated time while low settings works accordingly. However, noise level depends on the speed settings but certainly doesn’t create sleep provoking noise.

The 12 gallon per day humidifier comes equip with digital read out for settings view and analogue control for easy operation. Rolling casters wheels allows for easy transporting from one place to another so that you can use it anywhere you demand humidity.

Perfect for home of three thousand, 700 square feet air dryness control by adding evaporative mist.

I like this unit because of the easy to fill water bottle featuring a refill hose and quality wick impurities filters to protect you from breath-in bad air.


  • Mobility wheels
  • Three speed control
  • Unit size a bit bulky
  • Ground level placement
  • Humidity control sensor
  • Ideal for areas up to 3,700 ft.
  • Water bottle design humidifier
  • Two years warranty on purchase

6. AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier

AIRCARE EP9 800 Digital Whole-House Pedestal-Style Evaporative Humidifier

Aircare Company is also the brain behind the making of the 800 Pedastal Style design humidifier and its built perfectly fit floor mounting without any suspension.

While the AIRCARE H12-400HB has a wider width and weight, AIRCARE EP9 800 is smaller in width and weighs less but has a lesser coverage capacity of 2,500 square feet.

With AIRCARE EP9 800, your home won’t be too humidified or less, digital humidistat handles and controls the whole process thereby leaving your home in a comfortable and dwelling state. To ensure your device is working accurately, a digital read installed displays your selected settings and home humid level. 

Awesomely choose from any speed level to customize prefer humidity delivery time from 9 speed fan and also automatic shut off ensure automatic unit turn off when desire is attain or when no water is available for use.


  • Space saving
  • Consume less energy
  • Automatic shut off
  • Choose from 9 fan speed
  • Deliver optimum humidity with customization

7. Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

Vornado Evap40 4-Gallon Evaporative Humidifier

So far, on this best whole house humidifier review list, Vornado  Evap40 feature the least humidifying coverage capacity of one 1k square feet and with such coverage capacity, I see Vornado 4-Gallon ideal for  single room use.

The signature vortex action input in this product circulates humidness powerfully faster than you would ever imagine. This vortex action has maximal speed of 1600 revolution per minute and minimum speed of 750 rpm.

You can unlock three speeds including low, medium and high and in addition get a tailored home air regulated via humidistat. The table top whole house humidifier is powered by 4 gallon tank lasting for 24 hrs on one refill.

No messy floor with water spillage because, the Vornado Evap40 tank is equip with airlock.  Many people love this vornado product performance as it works quietly, saves water and easier to clean.


  • Low maintenance
  • Full day operation
  • Manually water refill method
  • Five years back up warranty
  • It can be use for both single room and whole house

8. AIRCARE 696 400HB Whole House Credenza Evaporative Humidifier for 3600 sq. ft

AIRCARE 696 400HB Whole House Credenza Evaporative Humidifier for 3600 sq. ft

No installation require, it comes out-of-the-box ready for use and allow floor mounting  featuring 7 rolling wheels for easy moving. If your home is up to 3,600 square feet, then no other unit can do humidify efficiently than AIRCARE 696 400HB in such area capacity.

This unit goes off itself when tank is empty or whenever wanted house humidity level is reached and that’s one benefit deliver by the humidistat feature incorporate on the AIRCARE 696 400HB Whole House Credenza Evaporative.  

Another remarkable feature is the digital screen display; this shows unit settings such as fan speed and the same time show information about current humidity and desire humidity level. That’s another feature most people look for in advance tech humidifier to enable have a level of trust if the unit is actually doing its work or not.

A refill indicator integrated on this AIRCARE 696 400HB Whole House Evaporative Humidifier tells user when to add water. Overall, runs with quiet – sound that encourage night sleeps and I recommend it for children room humidity demand.


  • Rolling legs
  • Uses filter system 
  • Add water refill signal
  • Display readout shows unit performance
  • Has 2 bottles as reservoirs that are easy to fill
  • Auto humidity level controls for best comfort
  • Turns off when home is filled up with humidity level demanded or tank lack water

9. Aprilaire 700 Whole House Fan Powered Humidifier

Aprilaire 700 Whole House Fan Powered Humidifier

Aprilaire 700 Whole House humidifier is a dry air killer as it engages its furnace innovation into use refining water into evaporative mist to output dry atmosphere. In other words, the whole house powered unit confidently withdraws hot air from indoor air passing it through the furnace, process it and returns back as mist for home humidification. 

Aprilaire 700 Whole House automated Humidifier is a device I recommend if you want to get total control on humidity settings. Allows you set your unit to work for 24hrs all through the week (7 days) without setting alteration.  Also most competitive humidifiers can’t detect or auto adjusts out-door temp and home relative humidity but with Aprilaire 700 Whole House furnace humidifier, you get all these while maintaining optimum humidity. Once you set the unit, sit back and relax to enjoy mist to soothing dry skin, allergies, sinusitis and the likes.

The 18 gallon per day humidifier creates perfect evaporated mist in areas of 4,200 sq feet maximally. However, a unit of such large place coverage eliminates the needs of having different single rooms or table-top unit. Consumers like the 700 Aprilaire because saves more water, robust in features and inexpensive to maintain


  • Made in USA
  • 4,200 coverage capacity
  • Fully automated operation
  • No less or over humid indoor
  • Goes off automatically for unit safety

Wrapping It up

Summarizing this best whole house humidifier reviews and discussion, I conclude by saying everyone is responsible in know which humidifier can best humidifiers their home when you know your exact home coverage area.