Before you start the quest of searching for a treadmill, be sure to know your weight limit to choose a treadmill machine of the right load capacity. Many of the treadmills out there can only accommodate a specific lb capacity, and if you’re not too sure about your weight range, then purchase a weight monitor, use it to weigh yourself. If you weigh up to 400 pounds, it means, this article on the best treadmill 400 lb weight capacity is for you. 

Note; getting serious about your daily workout could help you burn fat, calories while making you fit. Supposedly, you’re not too sure of the exact 400-pound limit treadmill to choose in our discussion at the end of your reading. We’ll quickly make that choice for you to look at the RBK. It’s robust in features and support for cardiovascular fitness training. However, this discussion consists of six treadmills for 400 pounds with reviews, pros, and cons to help you decide how to pick wisely. 

As someone who love treadmills for years got acquitted to this machine, as to recommending, what users should check closely, towards a decision-making process, and this you will see at the tail end of this post. 

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Our 6 Best Treadmill 400 lb Weight Capacity Reviews

1. Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill

6 Best Treadmill 400 lb Weight Capacity: How To Find One


Ultimately, this Bowflex treadmill is of high quality and input features ready for an intensive workout. And as a product from a well-known brand. You have a guaranty and warranty assurance of years of use owing to its durable nature. 

The Bowflex comes with a coaching technology that allows you to create custom daily workouts. It also provides feedback to know your level of progress as a way to encourage you to drive more. There are also plenty of virtual courses and stunning trails which auto-adjust to your workout running speed via Explore the World App. 

The BXT216 Treadmill can incline up to 15% to get varying workout intensity, while the running path measures 22-inch x 60 inches featuring cushioning for comfortable use.

Moreso, found in this device is a full color 9 inch LCD screen to view and make changes to your settings if need be during the training session. The 400lb user weight capacity is a unisex model, meaning both women’s and men’s uses. 


  • Includes real-time coaching guides
  • Equipped with high strength and durable monitor
  • Built with up to eleven programs


  • It’s not ideal for those weighing more than 400lb capacity
  • Require electricity to operate the treadmill

2. Life Fitness 95T 400 lb Elevation Series Treadmill

Life Fitness 95T Elevation Series Treadmill


Every athlete loves to be fit. To achieve the fitness level you are aspiring to, a lot of costs may be involved. For instance, treadmills are one of the exercising machines most athletics use, and they don’t just get any type as some notable features need to be in the unit they want. Not to talk about how much weight the treadmill can carry. Life fitness 95T is a commercially rated treadmill, meaning it can be used by those who offer public fitness services. In other words, it implies that this Life fitness is built with reputable specs require for a treadmill of 400pounds in user weight capacity. 

The ninety-inch touch-screen integrated into this bodybuilding and weight loss exercise machine makes usage easy. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices. It also includes an internet connection option and user-friendly running trails. You can as well connect Lifefitness to your Television system. It does not end there. It features eight shock absorbers that deliver smooth cushioning. Moreover, during the session, your heart and workout activities automatically adjust the unit incline level to keep users at a suitable heart rate zone. 

The Lifetime treadmill robust worth the investment if you’re looking forward to walking and running on a treadmill of respect. Check out the ups and downs of the device below.


  • Wide running surface measuring 22 by 60 inches 
  • Powerful 8.0 HP motor 
  • 8 Lifespring shock absorbers 
  • Has two-speed interval starting from 5k to 10k 


  • Require an expert assembling which includes an extra fee. 

3. Precor 885 Treadmill with P80 Console

Precor 885 Treadmill with P80 Console


The Precor promises a wonderful treadmill session, despite being affordable, you’ll still access robust features without breaking your bank. A look at this product, it’s perfect for individuals weighing up to 500 pounds, making it our recommendation for heavy-weight people. With the unit foot plant ground-effect technology, stepping on the treadmill feels exceptional neutral with adequate balance while in control. Also, the console model comes featuring a front cushion and hinges to keep the machine in a stable state and helps reduce irritating shock as the user runs on it. The unit deck features a high-density fiberboard core plus a phenolic laminate installed on the deck on both sides. There is also an emergency stop functioning to instantly turn-of-the machine bringing it to stop. There is more to this treadmill machine, according to consumer reports. Therefore, we advise you to visit the product page to learn more below or check the junior brother of this product here.


  • We recommend it for runners who love treadmills 
  • You can track weight loss, fat burn, heartbeat rate, and more 
  • It has an emergency stop function control 
  • Ground Effects Impact Control 


  • It is a bit bulky, but it has wheels to transport it easily. 

4. Cybex 770T Treadmill 400 Pounds Capacity

Cybex 770T Treadmill Cybex 770T Treadmill


If you want to rediscover your jogging, running, or walking habit using a treadmill, this Cyber 770T is designed to encourage fitness for people like you. From findings, users love the Cyber treadmill because it offers greater comfort, maximum stability, and also, entertaining options compare to rival treadmills made so far. This treadmill for running and walking is exceptional with features, from a virtual workout environment extending to HD TV content demand and musical videos, there is more to enjoy! 

It also comes featuring a shock-absorbing intelligent suspension deck which means improve comfort devoid of incessant shocks that can interrupt your cardio training. This treadmill comes cheap, so you will not spend much to acquire one of the best-rated treadmills for 400 pounds users’ capacity people, but can hold up to 500 pounds maximum weight.   


  • Intelligent suspension 
  • Level bars for stability and bars 
  • 1-year labor, 7-years on parts, and 10-years on frame warranty


  • The weight and size of the unit 

5. Exerpeutic TF1000 Treadmill

Exerpeutic TF1000


If you’re still yet to decide from the list of our treadmills that can carry a user up to 400 pounds weight, there is still no problem, here is another wonderful product to check. The electricity-powered treadmill is perfect for walking or running exercise, thanks to the 1.5 horsepower strong motor that runs and never gets hot. With the Exerpeutic, an individual can travel as far as 4 miles per hour while still in a fixed position, and the speed level allows for adjustment in 0.1 increment rate if you wish.  The treadmill surface is wider enough to have a comfortable exercise with a handle that supports stability.

Though, the 400lb weight capacity looks a bit big when unfolded but looks compact on folding, making it occupy small storage space. One verified amazon user said he made a customize treadmill desk and has been able to burn calories faster within few weeks of use. There’re other top-rated remark and reviews from others user, which is worth reading on the product page. But before that, below are the reason to choose or not go for this exercise machine.


  • Has a wider belt 
  • Safety handles 
  • LCD console 
  • Five-year warranty on the motor and 1-year on frame 


  • Require electric current to use it
  • Bulky when unfolded 

6. Sunny Health & Fitness T7643

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643


Even though, you’re weighing up to 400lbs doesn’t matter, this Sunny T7643 whose capacity is 350pound is equivalent to 400lbs. It’s ruggedly constructed featuring strengthened materials to hold load resiliently. Whether you’re plumb or obese, Sunny is built to accommodate you, as such don’t worry about your weight level and size. The large running surface is enough to provide you convenience, therefore your legs stay comfortable. Its screen display features large start / off buttons, hence you won’t need to strain your eyes looking for them. Additionally, the speed button grants users access to three-speed levels such as 1, 3, or 5 miles per hour. Handle rails is also available in this wonderful workout exercise machine where you can hold while high running speed and as well serve as a safety guard. 


  • Has a cup and tablet holder 
  • Quick backlit display feedback distance traveled, speed attain, weight gain, and losses 
  • It is equipped with an emergency stop 
  • For individual weighing, not more than 350 – 400 pounds 


  • Pricey 
  • Warranty information not available, hence ask at the point of purchase   

How to Pick The Best Treadmill 400 lb Weight Capacity

Landing a treadmill of choice has always being a challenge because of the tone of products available on the market. Often time, people would love to purchase a unit with specific features but after walking into the market, seeing the myriad of treadmills on the showcase, knowing the one to choose becomes an ultimate search. Sensitization is what you need to overcome this challenge and that’s why we have set up this section to enlighten you more. Check out these top features as consideration for picking treadmill of any category of people being it senior, or not:

  • Weight Load

Every treadmill is constructed to accommodate a certain weight capacity. The unit of measure for weight capacity is pounds (US) or lbs (British). For example, if you’re weighing 250 pounds, it is wise to choose the treadmill that can hold users up to 300 pounds. Why? You may add weight in the future, as such you don’t need to replace your machine due to weight increment.

  • Speed level 

For beginners, the ability to start exercising at a slower speed before proceeding to a higher level is an important aspect to look into before purchasing your new treadmill. Choose a unit that at least has 3-speed levels or more so that you can tailor your acceleration conveniently. 

  • LCD Display Screen 

Most modern treadmills come featuring an LCD and this helps users view different settings on the go during a workout. Some can show you the distance traveled, calories lost, heartbeat rate, etc. depending on the unit you have. Manual treadmills lack display statistics, as such, digital treadmills are worth the bet if you want more advanced features to widening your training horizon. 

  • Size

Is it portable? If it is not then, it will require more effort to fold and store away and also space as well. If you’re able to do your research properly, finding a product that fits your space requirement wouldn’t be a problem. Amazon treadmill stores have some reputable products that you want to lobby for one.   

  • Warranty 

Peace of mind purchase is worth it because treadmills are a bit expensive exercise machine and you don’t want to buy something that may give you a problem and yet you cannot return or call the maker for a solution due to lack of backup warranty. Therefore, checking that the product you’re aiming for will help you enjoy future customer/manufacturer services, consider warranty policy. 


There are plenty of treadmills that can hold people weighing 400lbs and as such this list discuss here is not limited. You can stumble upon other similar blogs for a wider option but we know that the various items featured in our list meet safety and industry standards.