We can help you find a reliable and the best surge protector that guarantees maximum home electronics protection without fear. We know how it is to lose your huge electronic investment to power surges, thunder, lightening etc. due to lack using the unreliable power surge. And if you have experience such before or you are yet to. Do not wait anymore. Investing on surge unit with the best features is a necessity to preventing unforeseen power problem that can cause damages to your home appliances. Your computer, home theatre, TV and others are in great danger if not well protect from any form of surges.

Don’t be a victim. Delay is dangerous in failure to do what’s right. Follow us on this top 5 best power surge protector units to pick the recommended ones for your electronic use.

Reviews Of Top 5 Best Surge Protector

1. Tripp Lite TLP810NET 8-Outlet Surge Protector 3240 Joules, 10 Feet Cord, Tel/DSL, Ethernet, Coax

Reviews Of Top 5 Best Surge Protector

Want To Protect Your Electronics From Sudden Power Surges? Get Tripp Lite TLP810NET!

Every year millions of electronic appliances get damaged due to power surges. This causes of lot of loss for a family that is unprepared for it. Want the perfect solution to protect your electronics? Have a look at an excellent eight-outlet surge protector – Tripp Lite TLP810NET.

Remarkable Features

Excellent surge suppression
It has got the highest surge-protection rating in its entire category. It delivers 3240 use of powerful surge suppression in order to prevent even the most dangerous surges from harming your valuable electronics. Now, come hell or high water, you don’t need to worry about protecting your appliances from unforeseen surges.

Great functionality
Eight AC outlets are great for letting you use multiple heavy-load appliances or components at the same time. It can accommodate three bulky transformers, and the remaining outlets won’t be blocked even when you use all three of them. In addition to service protection on the A/C line, it also features built-in DSL (RJ 11) / tel jacks for preventing sudden surges from causing damage to your phone/fax/modem equipment on two distinct lines simultaneously. Along with that, there is RJ 45 (ethernet) and Type-F Gold-Coax jacks as well. A 6 feet network cable and another 6 feet telephone cord is also included.

Convenience with good features
The master switches eliminated for easy visibility, and offers one touch power control over every connected component. Two diagnostic LEDs (protected and grounded) show the protection and power status. In case the protection circuitry gets damaged, you will hear an alarm sound to let you be aware of it. This feature is perfect for the kinds of installations where it’s LEDs are not easily visible.

Best-in-class quality
This product comes with a lifetime warranty, which speaks of quality in itself. But, if that wasn’t enough to prove its durability, the manufacturer offers lifetime insurance worth $ 250,000 for the product, which covers the connected components against any kind of surge damage – for entire life.
Who would buy this?

Tripp Lite TLP810NET has been created keeping in mind the needs of everyone who wants to protect their home theatre systems, or other important electronics. It has a place in every home and workplace, so, if you like its features – you should buy it.

Value for money?

When you take into account the level of safety it will provide to your home appliances, and the amount of money you could save from being wasted on replacements – you’ll soon understand that using this is a necessity. In addition to that, the product is quite affordable and inexpensive. It’s highly recommended that you get multiple surge protectors for a home and office, if you’re serious about your electronics.


2. CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent LCD UPS 825VA 450W Compact Review

CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent LCD UPS 825VA 450W Compact Review

Save Your Computer With CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent UPS compact Unit

If you want to prolong the life f your computer, you should maintain it properly. There are several ways that you can do to maintain your computer in the right way. Installing an uninterruptible power supply or UPS is a great solution for you. CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent UPS compact is one of the best UPS units on the market. You can also find many important features from this unit.

Here are some good information about this product.


You can find many great features offered by this UPS unit. Many people are interested to use this UPS unit because of these features. Here are some great features offered by this unit.

Intelligent LCD display

This is the most popular feature from this UPS unit. It really makes this unit become very popular among most users. This unit has an innovative panel display that can provide some UPS vitals, such as output voltage, input voltage, battery capacity, voltage regulator, runtime estimator, output frequency, fault condition, silent mode, and many other important factors. These items can help you maintain the performance of your UPS unit.

Audible alarm

This unit is also equipped with audible alarm. This alarm is very useful to give you some warnings about the condition of your UPS unit. It can give you some warnings when it is overloaded or when your battery is low.

USB connectivity

It can also be connected to many different devices, such as Mac OS X, Linux, or Windows. You can simply connect this unit to your computer via USB connectivity cable. As long as your computer has USB ports, you can simply connect this device to your computer easily.

Who would buy this?

CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent UPS compact is a perfect solution for people who want to maintain their computer. There are many events that can damage your computer, for example blackouts. In order to prevent these events from damaging your computer, you should install this UPS unit for your computer.


There are many benefits that you can get by using this UPS unit. Many people are happy to use this unit because they are interested with some benefits offered by this product. Here are some benefits offered by this product.

It is very easy to use If you are looking for the best UPS unit that is very easy to use, you should take a look at this unit. This UPS unit is very easy to use. You can simply connect this unit with your computer. This product also comes with instruction manual that can guide you to install this unit to your computer easily.

Compatible with many computers

This unit is also compatible with many computers, such as Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computers. Because of that reason, it is very popular among most users. It means that they can use this UPS unit for their different computer units.

Quick charging time

It also has quick charging time. It means that you can recharge this unit very quickly. This is another benefit that you can get from this UPS unit. You do not have to spend few hours in charging this UPS unit before you can connect this unit with your computer.


Some people may have problems with the LCD screen. It may happens sometime, especially when you are not following the special instruction properly. In order to maximize the function of the LCD screen, you have to recharge your UPS unit in the right way. Without following the right instruction, you may reduce the function of the LCD screen from this UPS unit.

Value for money?

CyberPower CP825LCD Intelligent UPS compact is very valuable, especially for people who want to prevent any damages on their computer. This product can be purchased for less than $80. By using this UPS unit, you do not have to worry about damaging your computer’s parts in the event of blackouts.

3. Want to Reduce Your Electricity Bill? Get Belkin Conserve Power Switch!

Want to Reduce Your Electricity Bill? Get Belkin Conserve Power Switch

It’s crucial to save electricity these days, as the power costs are higher than ever. Not just that, by wasting electricity, we also waste our planet’s resources. Thinking about a simple yet nice way to save on your electricity bill? Have a look at an amazing product that will do this for you – Belkin Conserve Power Switch.

Simplified solution

When left plugged in, electronic devices can still draw power even if they are not in use. For preventing this wastage, Conserve Power Switch offers a simple simple solution. You can just flip a switch and cut off the power supply instantly. This means you don’t have to unplug the cords, so your workspaces can remain safe, tidy, and free of clutter.

Nice design

This device has a slim and minimalistic design. It allows 2 switches to fight alongside each other in any standard wall outlet. The easy to flip power button is illuminated for better visibility, so that you can see if the power is active.

Conserve energy and save money

When you use this device on electric devices such as chargers, microwaves, and stereos, you can save up to $ 100 every year that get wasted in paying for unnecessary energy costs. It’s a nice way to make sure that energy is not wasted on devices which aren’t under use. You’ll not just save money; you will also prevent wastage and reduce carbon emissions, thereby doing your part for the planet.

Great quality

Belkin is a reputable manufacturer for electronic and electrical products, and this product is no exception when it comes to high quality. It comes with a one-year limited warranty. In addition to that, the product ships in frustration free packaging.

Who would buy this?

Belkin Conserve Power Switch is designed for everyone who wants to save electricity. This which belongs to every home or workplace that uses multiple electrical appliances throughout the day, and wants to cut down on the electricity bill. If all this sounds like what you have been looking to do, you should buy this switch.

Value for money?

Considering the convenience and benefit this switch offers, it’s clear that it has a lot of usability in our homes and offices. But, if that wasn’t enough, it’s selling for a very low price. It’s not just a “value for money” product; it’s a bargain if you take into account the amount of money you can save on your electricity bill. So, a surge protector is highly recommended that you get it for your home, and start saving money and power at the same time.


4. Simran SM-60 110V-250V Universal 3 Outlet Power Strip/Surge Protector for Worldwide Travel with Overload Protection

Simran SM-60 110V-250V Universal 3 Outlet Power Strip/Surge Protector for Worldwide Travel with Overload Protection

Looking For a Compact Surge Protector? Get Simran SM-60!

It’s essential to protect your valuable electronic devices and appliances from surges. Not only does it extend the life of these products, it also saves you a lot of money in the long run – not to mention the hassles of replacing the costly electronics that get damaged. If you wanted an affordable, portable and compact solution for surge protection, your search ends here. Have a look at what Simran SM-60 Universal 3-Outlet Power-Strip/Surge-Protector has got to offer you.


Great functionality

It’s a 110 V – 250 V surge protector / power strip that can be used anywhere throughout the world without any issues. The universal outlets are designed to accept plugs from every country, only South Africa being the exception. It comes wired with the regular three pin grounded plug used in the US. This power strip actually has multi voltage functionality, so you can use it just about anywhere with the appropriate adapter that can be plugged into the power-outlet.

Excellent usability

It’s lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry and portable. You can use a maximum of three electronic devices with it at the same time, which is sufficient if you have to charge your gadgets when you are on-the-move. It comes with a reset button along with overload protection. Plugs of different shapes and sizes can easily fit onto this strip. Though, it can’t be used as an extension cord given the short cord length, it’s main purpose is to get three electrical outlets from one, along with providing surge protection. So, if you had to charge mobile phone, e-reader, and headphone together, you could do it pretty easily and quickly with this power strip, not to mention the extra surge protection.

Who would buy this?

Simran SM-60 has been specifically designed for anyone who would like to carry this surge protector wherever they go. It easily fits in a backpack, which makes it a great option for travelers and professionals who are always on-the-go. If the features listed on this page appear to be just what you were expecting in your new surge protector, you should buy it.

Value for money?

When you consider the significant savings you will have when you won’t need to worry about surges or replace damaged electronics, you will soon realize the usability of the surge protector. Taking into account its compact form factor and beneficial features, its being currently sold for a very low price. In fact, it’s a bargain and highly recommended if you want to carry it with you wherever you go.