A radon detector might not prevent the formation of radon but it can reduce the risk of lung cancers for its users. The best radon detectors are designed to read the radon levels of the rooms and give off the alarm once the radon level is too high for safety.

If you are considering buying any radon detector for homes be aware that there are quite a variety of radon detectors in the market and each having its distinctive features.

While some are rechargeable others are battery powered and designed with smart technologies to give you effective and accurate reading all day long. These top 5 best radon detectors have been rounded up in our overall reviews. 

Airthings 2950 Smart Radon Detector

  • $$$
  • App control
  • Uses AA batteries
  • 12 months warranty

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Radex By Quarta-Rad Advanced Radon Gas Detector
Radex By Quarta-Rad Advanced Radon Gas Detector BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$+
  • Humidity/temp
  • Alarm settings
  • Windows PC data transfer

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AIRTHINGS corentium 223 home radon detector
AIRTHINGS  corentium 223 home radon detector BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$
  • AA batteries
  • Alarm settings
  • 12 months warranty
  • Detect cancer gas

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Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Radon Gas DetectorSafety Siren Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$+
  • LED display
  • Gas alarm
  • Safe for homes

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The Radex Rd 1503+ Radiation Detector
The Radex Rd 1503+ Radiation Detector BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$+
  • Vibration signal
  • 2 AA batteries

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Radex Rd 1212 Advanced Radiation Detector
Radex Rd 1212 Advanced Radiation Detector BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$
  • Mac/PC software
  • Up to 550hrs
  • AA batteries

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Radon Eye Rd200 Detector
Radon Eye Rd200 Detector BUY NOW ON AMAZON!!!

  • $$$+
  • OLED display
  • App control
  • Bluetooth

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Best Rated Radon Detectors 2020 Reviews: Top Picks

1. Airthings 2950 Smart Radon Detector

  • Best Radon Detectors 2019 – 2020 Top 5 Selection & Consumer

With a mere hand wave, this device automatically displays the air level in the room using red, blue, and yellow to indicate danger, healthy and warning levels respectively for the air quality level. This radon model is smart and safe to use for new homes, with the 4.72 x 4.72 x 1.42 inches dimension and 7.8 ounces weight; it will fit into any space in the home.  In addition to its primary function of radon detection, it also gives other incredible features like humidity and temperature sensor to track and monitor humidity levels and temperature changes for healthy indoor use. This device comes with google assistant and amazon Alexa for reliable data analysis. Once these data are sent to your PC and smartphones, you can effortlessly analyze the data and monitor the results smartly. Another useful feature is the adjustable alarm system that helps in detecting unhealthy radon levels in the home and office environment. 

What we like
  • You can easily export data from your smartphone
  • Very sensitive than other competing devices
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Quickly and accurately provides reliable readings and instant result
What we don’t like
  • At over $200 price it is too expensive


2. Radex By Quarta-Rad Advanced Radon Gas Detector

This rectangular-shaped radon detector is an Ideal device for detecting and measuring the dynamic changes in gas concentration in homes and offices. This incredible device does not just stop at this, it gives off a warning alarm once the gas level in the room is not safe making it super safe to use indoor. Additionally, the alarm system can be easily adjusted to react to excessive radon levels. It also acts as relative humidity and air temperature regulator. Smart window software has been inbuilt into this device to make data transfer and prompt analysis very easy. It quickly and accurately works on the transferred data stored up in either a smartphone or a PC giving off accurate results. What this device requires to function optimally is a single lithium-ion metal battery which will last for over 6days. For continuous use, connect it to a USB charging source. The 6 x 2.2 x 3 inches dimension and 10.1 ounces weight makes its carriage effortless. This way you can conveniently monitor the radon levels of all locations in the home and office.

What we like
  • Data is excel compatible
  • Durable battery life
  • Very accurate result
What we don’t
  • The website for data analysis is not well secured


3. AIRTHINGS  corentium 223 home radon detector 

The Airthings corentium 223 mode is an active radon detecting device highly sensitive and ideal for reliable and accurate readings. Rated the very first of its kind, optimally functioning using 3 AAA batteries, and these durable batteries will last for more than 2years of active use.  Additionally, this model measures the radon level in the surrounding with the temperature and humidity level giving you not just accurate results but a complete result which is perfect for your health. It helps in regulating fluctuating air levels all day long.  It is designed with LCD screen displays for clear viewing of its readings. Taking each room’s radon measurement is made very easy as it is very portable sized with 4.7 x 2.7 x 1.0 inches dimension and 3.52 ounces weight.  $140 is all the cheap cost of having this smart device for premium air quality. Unlike other random radon detectors, it gives you reliable and accurate reading without any additional lab fee. Three AAA batteries, a quick start guide, a 12months warranty, and great customer service support all come with each box of this detector for you to enjoy the best value for its cost.

What we like
  • Lightweight makes moving it very easy
  • The LCD screen is great for clear readings
  • Gives prompt and accurate analysis of data
What we don’t
  • The calibration of this device is considerably wrong


4. Safety Siren Pro Series 3 Radon Gas Detector

Like the other models reviewed, the H5715212 is also designed to detect the level of radon in rooms. It continuously monitors the gas radon level while digitally displaying both long and short term readings. By default, the green LCD on it gives long term readings of the radon level and once the MENU button is pressed it reads short term radon level. This great model is user-friendly enabled so you can be sure to enjoy optimal features that give the best air quality.  It reliably and accurately displays result updates every hour. You do not have to worry about missing out on the danger signals of this device as the alarm feature added to it audibly notifies you once the radon level is too high. You can also mute and reactivate the alarm unit so it does not interfere with your sleep. It reliably and accurately displays result updates every hour. For just 10ounces weight this device is portable enough to be used for as many rooms as needed in homes and offices. All this portable model needs to perform optimally is three (3) AAA batteries that will run for over 5 hours non-stop. 

What we like
  • Long and short term readings make it very reliable to use
  • The audible alarm feature is great for easy notification
  • Very easy to install and use.
What we don’t
  • Some of the relative readings are not accurately analyzed.


5. The Radex Rd 1503+ Radiation Detector

This model from radex is another incredible radon detector. This model has updated features designed with it to give you improved air quality. The adjustable audio alarms and vibration signals help notify you of extremely high radon levels making it not just a smart device but also highly safe to use for homes and offices. Thanks to the added animation icon display, you get a blink on the pressed command, this way it helps you double-check commands issued to this device. Now with the combination of the Beta, Gamma and X-ray radiation inbuilt with this model is an expert scientific tool ideal for a professional reading, you can trust the result it gives is 100% accurate and reliable. Since it does not need to be plugged into any electrical outlet, all this model requires is original two AAA batteries which have been added to it for its effective performance.  Since all radon detectors are designed to be portable enough for easy carriage this model comes in 4.0 x 2.3 x 1.0 inches and 3.2 ounces lightweight. For $120 this model gives five times its value in monitoring and maintaining great air quality in your homes and offices.

What we like
  • Beta, gamma and x-ray radiation scientific tool
  • Great value for its reasonably fair cost
  • Portable and lightweight
What we don’t
  • Some users find it not very durable


6. Radex Rd 1212 Advanced Radiation Detector 

Here is yet another incredible model of the radex brand designed to monitor and maintain the radon level in rooms.  It helps monitor the radioactivity of the all materials and products placed in the room. However, this model does not just stop at this, by adding the pre-calibration and the smartphone-friendly feature you can monitor its reading even when you are miles away from home. Because this brand is loved globally and for ease of usage, this model has 5 different languages; English, Dutch, French, Russian and Japanese encrypted into it, this way you can use your device using your preferred local language. For convenient data transfer, it comes with map and chart software, USB cord for PC/MAC connection. It comes in smartphone size at 3.8 x 1.0 x 2.7 inches and 3.2 ounces weight which makes it awesome for easy mobility. Some of the distinctive features of this model also include the audible alarm for prompt notification, 2 AAA batteries for durable performance, integrated flashlight, self-testing every day, and of course the one year warranty that guarantees the quality performance of this model. 

What we like
  • Multilingual
  • Smartphone size
  • Optimal performance
What we don’t
  • It senses only gas radiation and not radioactivity 


7. Radon Eye Rd200 Detector

Are you trying to get the best radon detector to give you the best air quality, now this is a trusted model to consider.  By picking this model you have taken a great step towards enjoying a better living environment.  This detector is powered by electricity consuming less than 15 electricity voltage.  All you need to set it up is to have it plugged into any functional outlet This model gives off an accurate reading of the radon level within 10 minutes and you get its result in 60 minutes making this model the world fastest’. It also updates it reading once every 10 minutes.  This model weighs 8.5 ounces and has a dimension of 3.15 x 3.15 x 4.72 inches which is considered lightweight for easy usage.  It has an adjustable alarm system that helps keep a close monitoring on its functions with ease.

What we like
  • Lightweight
  • Electric radon detector
  • Adjustable alarm system
What we don’t
  • Does not use batteries


Why Install Radon Detectors in Homes or Office Environment 

Installing radon detectors in homes and offices have the following advantages:

  • Helps maintain and regulates the radon level
  • Helps in preventing lung cancer 

How To Find The Best Radon Detectors on The Market 

While the common function of all radon detectors are to monitor the radon levels in rooms, some of the features to consider before making a purchase include:

  • Power source: while some radon detectors require 2-3 AAA batteries, others use electricity voltage as its power source
  • Alarm type: some alarm systems in radon detectors are audible and gives vibration while others don’t. Some have adjustable settings while others don’t 
  • Warranty: most radon detectors have over 3 years warranty to attest to its superior quality, others have less than the 12-month warranty
  • Size and dimension: a radon detector must be lightweight and portable for easy use in different rooms
  • Price: these devices come at various prices, although they give greater value for its cost, the radon detector you should get should be within your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is the best radon detector? 

Radon detectors are generally used for monitoring the odorless, and colorless radioactive gas undetected by humans’ naked eyes. The best radon detectors help in regulating the radon concentration in homes at a healthy friendly level to prevent common lung cancers

  • Should I get a radon detector?

Yes definitely, you should.

  • Where should you place a radon detector? 

Advisably, a radon detector should be placed away from windows and doors at 6 feet above ground level and most importantly at breathable areas in the home.

  • What is a safe level of radon?

For every home, regardless of the country or geographical location, the recommended safe radon level is at 4 PicoCuries per liter. 

  • Are radon detectors safe?

Yes, it is very safe to use.

  • Do radon monitors work?

Yes, all the best radon detectors work efficiently in monitoring the air and radon level fluctuations.

  • How accurate is Airthings radon detector?

On average, the accuracy of airthings radon detector is at 25% 

Conclusion & Recommendation

Best radon detectors help in monitoring the air level and how the radon level fluctuates. It gives off accurate readings and regulates the level to a recommended level which is healthy for breathing without any implications. Once the radon level is closely monitored it reduces the risk of having lung-related diseases like cancer. Most radon detectors also serve as humidity and temperature regulators for homes and offices. Two of the best radon detectors to get are the Airthings 2950 smart radon detector and the Radon eye RD200 detector which are rated amongst the top 7 of this review.