Inventors have closely looked into human comfort in recent times, ensuring that they find the most answers to their problems. One of the problems discovered falls into the human massaging world needing the best massaging chair for their daily needs. Also, in the United States, as consumer reports search increases, it shows a positive trend that there is a gap in human comfort existence that needs to be checked. In providing a solution to close the gap, modern-day scientists were able to come up with the achievement of making massaging chairs that meet different modern environments.

Massaging chairs offer luxury and one of the best ways to stay relaxed at home or your visitors more comfortable in the office or business places. Also, massaging chairs are worthy of investment. They can be expensive, and this means no wrong choice should be picked in the buying process. However, if you want to purchase one today, seeking this best messaging chairs consumer reports guide will significantly assist. Our team took the time to sort some of the highly purchased units among consumers, weighing their reviews’ positives and negatives. Also looked into before picking the best units you will see on the list, their specific features make one different from the others. In order words, you can count on us to help you make a wiser decision by narrowing you down with top pick products discussed below.

Best Massage Chair Comparison: A Quick Decision Guide

Brand name
Max. Weight
1. Kahuna Massage Chair LM6800
320 lbs
6 auto
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2. Human Touch WholeBody Swivel Base
285 lbs
3 auto
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3. RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity

300 lbs
4 auto
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4. Human Touch Full-Body 3D
300 lbs
3 auto
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5. Human Touch iJoy Active 2.0
3 auto
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6. Kahuna SM-7300 Model
4 auto
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7. Human Touch WholeBody
4 auto
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8. 2019 Best Valued FR-5KsL SHIATSU
4 auto
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9. Human Touch 100 Zero Gravity
4 auto
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10. iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair
1 auto
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Top 10 Best Massage Chairs For Home, Business Place Luxury and Comfort

Don’t be haste to leave this review because anything that makes you drop up to a thousand dollars for an item is worth looking into before avoiding future challenges.

Before the product discussion, check out the major point that needs real attention when shopping for chairs for messaging purposes.

1. Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair

The Best Massaging Chair Discussion and Guide – Consumer Reports Choice

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I’m happy to introduce you to the Kahuna LM6800 as the first product in this consumer reports best massaging chairs. I’m not the only one loving this massage chair. The Recliner series is also popular among users, and they have given their mark of acceptance for it, and that’s why I have put it at the forefront for your consideration.

The full-body zeros gravity unit features three true stages of zero gravity. This means the Kahuna LM6800 provides users a triple gravity position to choose from to meet individual massaging comfort. Also, its space-saving design only requires a 3inch adjustment in the transition to the 3 zero gravity positions. It does not end there. Also feature an L-track frame structure with four rollers, including an air-cell massage system that thoroughly massages the waist, hips, arms, and shoulders inclusively. In addition, the Air-cells can be programmed to inflate separately, which causes your body to twist and deep stretch.

Also, feature a 4 L-Track massage design system, which helps support the neck to the back and the user’s buttocks. The benefit of this position is that it decompresses various individual spines of the body, thereby increasing effective massage. Another feature that makes this chair for massaging outstanding is the ability to automatically scan every individual body size so that users can enjoy a custom-fit body massage.

  • Has heating therapy on legs and lower back
  • Five body massage techniques
  • Six auto programs and remote control system
  • 3 zero gravity with space saving design
  • Computerized body fit scan technology
  • Engineered with two foot rollers on the feet area
  • Air-cell massage innovation covers the whole body
  • The roller speed can be adjusted
  • Has up to 3 level of air-cell massage settings
  • Require a bit of installation (Video guide is available to do this)
  • The unit base is a mixture of steel and plastic component
  • Some users wish the remote system is equipped with more features
  • It’s quite expensive

In conclusion, i recommend the Kahuna chair as the best zero gravity massage chair in this list.

ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

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This is another best massaging chair rated in 2017 and also in 2018. All statistics were garnered from consumer reports. I’ll happily recommend this Shiatsu massage chair for those looking for uninterrupted massage time up to 30 minutes to look no further than this excellent massage with heat absorption ability. However, with this massaging chair, users can choose from 5 to 30 minutes head-to-head messages. Hence, you can select the best and suitable time that fits your massaging preference.

Most relevantly, this product features a 3D intelligent detect for a hand massage, and also, the longer massage time provides users more relaxing time while enjoying intensive messages. In addition, installed with quiet operation four driven wheels muted massage hands plus a vertical movement ergonomically designed rolling S-Tracked system to meet your need.

When you make this ideal massage Shiatsu your ideal massaging chair choice, you’ll enjoy plenty of automatic features not found in most competitive units. These functions include the ability to adjust your massage intensity, speed level, and also airbag settings. Also, the manual mode allows users to adjust the unit back rollers at any point of their body for convenience sake.

True zero gravity position is also achievable with this my second place best chair for massaging. However, has up to 3 zero gravity level with a responsive touch of a button that allows for optimal and comfort massage.

In summary of this product, this is one of the best available massage chairs with built-in heat therapy for the back to help relax the muscles. Furthermore, feature six stimulating kneading balls located at the soles of your feet to add deeper and firmer massage to those tired daily areas of your legs.

  • Great for shoulder, arms foot and calves massage therapy
  • 3 level zero gravity position
  • Has heat absorption technology
  • Air bags has two identity level for massaging
  • 3 year warranty for the steel frame and body 3 year in all electronic parts
  • 10 day return policy
  • Although expensive but as compared to Kahuna LM6800 reviewed above

3. RELAXONCHAIR Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu

Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair with Built-In Heat

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Still on the best chairs recommended for intensive massage or comfort desire whether at home or business environment come the Relaxon full-body chair. This chair has built-in heat ability, just like the second product on this review list for consumers. However, individual who dislikes body heat while undergoing therapy massage will find this unit a welcoming and solution to meet this need.

The essential features desired in any best massage chair can be seen on this system, giving at an affordable price for anyone to have in their home or business environment. However, you’ll enjoy one press remote control system that allows you to operate the Relaxon massage chair effortlessly. In addition, multiple message speed and airbag control are available in this my third position which I considered the best zero gravity massage chair.

More so, this unit is installed with computerized body scanning intelligence to detect different users’ body sizes and auto-adjust to fit for you to have the best massaging moment. Also worth considering is the built-in sensor, which automatically measures the length of any user’s spine, thereby knowing where precisely to massage.

Furthermore, this machine will give your deep tissue massage and fully stretch your body to provide you with a human-like massage throughout your body. However, this stretching function is called spinal decompression programmed should in case you want to go and register for one. This chair will save you cost.

  • Two lower back heating pad to enhance massage experience
  • Buttock L tracking massage system
  • Full body massage made possible with the roller glide feature.
  • Multi-function automatic zero gravity level
  • Equipped with computerized scanner for body size customization
  • Remote system with wide screen view to enable you see the function the massaging chair has been activated for.
  • High price but so expensive as with the two first products above
  • 3 year warranty but not transferable
  • Covers parts and labor for 1st year while only parts for 2nd year
  • 1 year structural frame work of the chair.
  • Above all, all the warranties are applicable for residential use only.

4. Human Touch Novo XT Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

Human Touch Novo XT Zero-Gravity

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Moving further in this best massage chair review list is the Novo XT ultra unit. Those who are fans of the Human Touch brand when it comes to a massaging chair can readily check out this product.

It comes in a high modern striking design while also offering users the best in ultra-high class performance to take total control of the therapy moment. With this unit, you can custom-tailor your therapeutic massage to fit precisely into your lifestyle so that you can be comfortable and feel the best of therapy treatment.

However, you can choose from up to five intensity settings and three deep tissue massage programs available in the Human Touch full-body model to relieve, stretch and rejuvenate your whole body system. Also, whether you are just preparing for a challenging workout, recovering from a time injury, or possibly winding down after a long hour in the office, this my fourth position best massage chair for consumers is a perfect choice to interchange your daily activities. This chair feature an LCD remote control that enables you to adjust different settings easily, such as:

  • Speed adjustment
  • Massage intensity adjustment
  • Width adjustment
  • Kneading speed
  • User range height adjustment
  • Stretch direction
  • Underfoot roller speed
  • Massage duration
  • and focus adjustment

Most lovable features, user heat instantly flows to the unit lumbar area, thereby soothing tight, rigid muscles relieving pain to keep you warm. Thanks to the friendly air heat technology that does this for you.

  • Plenty of adjustment settings
  • Space saving and uni-body design
  • Has a 3 D massage flex technology
  • Full body stretch functionality
  • No assembly required
  • 5 year premium warranty for labor, parts and chair frame work to meet user security
  • The most expensive unit this discussion
  • The warranty is only applicable for home use

Remark for This Product
If you’re looking forward to reducing back pain, relieving pain from post-surgery, trauma, and a car accident, I highly recommend this item for you. It is also suitable for those suffering from inflammation and swelling in the lower back to improve their blood flow to rest more comfortably. An individual with heart issues, headaches, arthritis, joint conditions, varicose veins, and circulatory problems is advised to pick this unit as their best massage 2018 massage chair to meet this desire for you.

5. iJoy Active 2.0 Perfect Fit Massage Chair : Best massagehair under 1000

Best massaging chair under 1000

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This is one of the cheapest and affordable chairs for massage therapy you will likely find on the market. So grasps this opportunity to choose it because this unit has limited stock for sales. However, this product is a budget-friendly massaging chair costing $600+ yet features relevant features inexpensive units.

Should you doubt me, the iJoy Active can stimulate the hand by mimicking the techniques of professional therapists using orbit, stretch and glide motion, including massage pressure to provide result-oriented massage. Also, you can choose your program whether to refresh your back, neck, or shoulder. You can as well rejuvenate your lower back with this device.

In addition, its human touch patents orbital technology delivers stress-reducing moments that you wouldn’t imagine. It is just like upgrading from a dry to warm air oil massage when you use this Active 2.0 model.

  • Not expensive and space saving built
  • It comes fully assembled
  • Not heavy therefore allow easy movement from one room to another
  • You can rest your head on the cushion pillow or fold it for upper back head massage
  • It can recline up to 180 degree angle, you only need to choose the angle you want and you’re on the go.
  • It cannot recline to zero gravity position
  • No foot massaging function

6. Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300 Model

Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers - SM-7300

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This is another unit to consider if you want to get the best result in no distant time of undergoing a massage training practice. User’s reports said they love this unit because of the upgraded features in the Sm-7300 that were not in the previous 6800 model. For instance, the previous version has four rollers that make users dissatisfied, but this newest SM-7300 version is installed with six rollers foot for enhancement massaged.

Also, this Kahuna upgrade now comes with up to 9 auto programs compared to the old model with five programs. However, this is the first chair from the Kahuna brand to feature nine programs so that users can choose a massage program that meets a specific need from the different variety and style programs designed in this unit.

To be more specific, below are the programs to expect:
  • Yoga Stretching: This lets you stretch your arms to loosen the muscles.
  • Pain relief: This involves a sports massage technique to focus on muscles recovery.
  • Fast recovery: With this, you can aim at relieving muscles aches by engaging in multi techniques.
  • Office person: Targeted on both neck and shoulder.
  • Relaxation: Provides gentle and soft massaging to induce muscles to relax faster
  • Senior mode: Offer a peaceful and more comforting whole-body massage.
  • Golfer: With this, you can focus on your hips, legs, and lower back therapy massage
  • Athlete: Helps to recover tense and sore muscles, which is great for athletics
  • Dynamic sport: Even massage to get a fresh start and feel on active daily life

Most noteworthy, the Sm-7300 is equipped with a full coverage function in the foot area, which offers three different methods such as rolling, scrapping, and kneading. Furthermore, it has dual air cell enlarges to wrap around your calves, and it also includes the top of your foot, making the leg extension a complete upgrade from the previous model.

  • Provides zero gravity massaging level
  • LCD remote control
  • Protect users from heat
  • Up to 30 minutes time control message
  • Light weight unit that can that offer easy mobility
  • One taller report about that the spring tension is a little bit high
  • You may want to consider the price as much but looking from its robust feature, I’ll say it’s worth the investment.

7. Human Touch WholeBody Swivel-Base

Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Swivel-Base Full Body Relax and Massage Chair

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I hope so far, you are enjoying reading my massage chair reviews. If true, let’s quickly take a look at this Human Touch whole body system as another best massage chair with a state-of-the-art design.

While most of the products above offer zero gravity level, this one Human Touch WholeBody in the 7th position comes with a swivel base design. The swivel design allows users to enjoy a massage from any angle so that they can sit back, recline and feel relaxed.

To add comes with a whole-body elegant design featuring arcing lines and upholstery, making it fit for use even in the living space. However, here is a good recommendation for people who want a massage chair for their sitting room.

Also, when it comes to the massaging moment, you can decide from up to 4 techniques such as stretch, tone, flex, and glide. The glide model features a patent flex glide that seamlessly moves to stimulate your hands and the method of a well-trained massage expert.

More so, for a comforting massage, the whole human body comes with a plush pillow that extends supports to the neck and shoulder. Furthermore, this unit also offers foot and calf massage.

  • Provide different massaging positioning
  • Can hold up weight up to 280lbs
  • Back and leg adjustment
  • 1 year in home labor service, 2 year parts and 3 year frame warranty
  • All the warranty is only for in home use
  • Price up to $1,400 +
  • Not a zero gravity design unit



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Purchasing this Forever Rest chair will relieve you from aching back. If you’ve suffered from such a condition before, I think it is time you get a recommended massaging chair such as this Shiatsu new forever model. The true zero gravity chair massage therapy device will position you in a zero-level recline. This position helps in proper blood circulation, offers extraordinary relaxation while giving you a more profound and practical massage.

Massage techniques include seven different variations: rolling, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, vibration, and combo taping with knocking. To make things easier, feature a one-touch remote control system to allow you to quickly unlock the different massaging programs like stretching, relaxing, swinging, and recovery mode available in this 8th place unit in my reviews of massage chairs. The truth is that with the whole of the features in this product, you won’t find such in any other competitive unit at the same price given for this product.

One unique feature, this automatic chair program squeeze users’ feet and legs and further pull the feet/legs downward toward ground level. In contrast, the backrest pulls the user’s upper body back into the recline position. Even though other competitive units can perform this function, I tell you, this product has more pull area than other units, which is why most users love it.

  • Inexpensive
  • Nice for those with aching back pain
  • Meet feet and legs massage
  • Some customers reports about the instruction and manual guide
  • Another also talked about the size not able to fit into 30 inch door way

9. Human Touch 100 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Human Touch 100-ZG40-004 4.0 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair

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The zeroing 4.0 comes with 3D massage technology and provides a complete full body massage, thanks to the Human touch technology designed to enhance the way users feel while on it.

Also, the 3D flex guide stimulates expert method professionals massage, thereby restoring your body while leaving you to relax comfortably. In addition, the Human Touch 100-ZG40-004 seat allows you to recline to zero-gravity while also giving you the capacity to reach where you need relief. 

With this ZG40, you will enjoy plenty of impressive features in the new era massage engine chair. Before I forget, the luxury design is one area that draws attention, making the 004 models fit into living spaces.

Furthermore, the foot and calf massager technology lets you slide your legs into it for a thorough therapeutic massage with vibration. It also incorporates to ease aching daily tired legs and feet while improving proper blood circulation. The foot and calf massager width can be adjusted to meet different user’s usage.

  • Whole body auto-immersion
  • Easy-to-use remote system
  • Feature foot and calf massager
  • Approved by World Federation of chiropractic
  • There is no part to be assembled by users
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • Offer deep shoulder and lumbar region therapy that alleviate pains and tensions around the muscles.
  • Fairly expensive
Before, you reading the last but not the least product review, you may also want to check some of the best hoverboards mostly used by superstars

10. iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair

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The best massage chair review list is the iJoy 2580 robotic chair for thorough massaging to wrap up this discussion. You can count on this product to help you relieve pain, stress, and also relaxation purposes. However, when you get this iJoy therapy chair, you will be entitled to 3 massage programs: lower back release, back refresh, and neck and shoulder relief.

The recline level adjustment is one not to miss out; it extends up to a 180-degree angle. Also, the chair features a handle that makes reclining time easier to do

So far, I have not recommended any chair for smaller spaces. In this regard, I find this iJoy-2580 Premium an ideal unit for those living in a smaller apartment with limited. It is essential to draw your attention to this; the iJoy-2580 in 2013 was rated as Consumers Digests Best Buy Massaging Chair. This is to tell you the mark of quality and acceptance among buyers.

Most features make this product different from the rest of the chairs on this page; the ijoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair features a cup holder and auxiliary power outlet that lets you charge your battery.
To conclude, this comfort massaging chair comes entirely assembly, eliminating users’ stress of doing it yourself (DIY).

Ref. Point: to support our massaging chair reviews and discussion authenticity that the information share here is from reliable sources.