Best Hoverboard Reviews and Consumers Reports Guide 2018 | 2019


You can counts on our hoverboard reviews if you want to determine and purchase the best self balancing scooter that meets safety precaution. We have both intermediate and professional units for riders. Follow us while we expose you to helpful aspects of hover board consumer reports scooters in brief.

Best Hoverboard Reviews and Consumers Reports Guide 2018

Self-balancing scooter also known as a hoverboard represents a trendy, easy and sleek means of mobility. This device can be used for personal transportation to short distances, commute to work or just as a relaxation game ride for you and your friends in the evenings.

A however board comes in portable and classy design. It consists of two motorized wheels attached to two connected articulated sensor pads on which the rider balances their feet. The speed is controlled by leaning forward, backwards or in the direction you want to go. This helps the rider to travel at speeds between 6miles and 13 miles per hour, though depends on model, rider’s weight, terrain and other factors.

Safety Precautions to Take With Hoverboards

Hover boards are commonly known to be easily inflammable, apart from that is the accidental falls that are liable to occur. However, this self balancing device hover has undergone many criticisms, ban and condemnation from government bodies and security agents. This is due to afore mentioned hazards it causes.

In line with this however, some companies have upgraded their brands and made it less hazardous. Additional to the fact that hoverboard are luxury items and have their own perks. So with this in mind, there is a need to take precautionary measure when handling one. So you should take note of the following safety when riding on a hover board:

  • Avoid buying cheaply made hoverboards with faulty batteries as they are prone to explode. Go only for quality and certified brands.
  • Wear protective gears like helmet when driving one.
  • Pre-teen and early teen should not be allowed to handle a hoverboard without supervision.
  • Do not ride the hoverboard for long distances so as not to overheat the battery and cause it to explode, especially with brands whose safety has not been certified.
  • Take more time to learn the mechanics of riding a hoverboard before feeling confident to explore on your own.
  • Check the local laws in your state concerning restriction/acceptance of hoverboard riding in designated areas.

Bearing in mind of the above cautions, purchasing and using one will not be difficult. For those that are in need of one today can continue with the review of our list of five hoverboard brands that are tested and proven to be safe and a good value for your money. All data and statistics are garnered from verified buyers of the different brands on amazon.

Top 5 Best Hoverboard Reviews and Consumers Reports

1. Swagtron t1 – ul 2272 certified hoverboard – electric self-balancing scooter 

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This scooter is class, safety and swag personified. Its most selling proposition is the safety measures put in place by the manufacturer, which is very important considering the volatile nature of the hoverboard. It is acclaimed to be the only hoverboard brand with an overall ul 2272 certification and boasts of a battery management system to give you a safer adventure.


  • Speed: 8mph and 7-12 mile range.
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 220lbs
  • Charging time: 1 hour (12miles+ on a single charge)
  • Safety: ul 2272 certified.
  • Upgraded 250 watt motor and gear stabilization for tighter control and downhill traction
  • Patented swagtron sentryshield smart battery management system provides multi layered hover skate-board protection.
  • Led headlights, battery indicators, rubber bumpers, and two riding modes (learning and standard)
  • Stop safe technology.
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty.

Consumer Reports

  • Few customers complained of vibration that may cause rider imbalance
  • Complaints about charger/charging point getting spoilt easily.
  • Some customers complained about the item not retaining power for long.
Our take on this brand

Based on the ratings, it is understood that majority of the buyers are getting their money’s worth. The price is also average and affordable for scooter. However, few of the complaints on charger/charging point causes a slight burst in the bubble. But it is not something life threatening or that cannot be managed. Buyers should handle the items with care and return immediately if arrives defective straight from the box. Fortunately the warranty is for one year, although limited.

2. Tomoloo hoverboard with led light, two-wheel self-balancing scooter with ul2272 certified

Tomoloo hoverboard with led light, two-wheel self-balancing scooter with ul2272 certified, 6.5" wheel electric scooter for kids and adult

With an amazing and exquisite design, this electric hoverboard offers safety, strong battery power and advancement in scooter experience. It self-balancing capacity makes it suitable for both adult and children. This product has undergone meticulous quality control process so you are assured of its safety. It also has bluetooth features that connects with your phone.


  • Speed: 7.5mph with a mileage of 7.5 miles.
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 220lbs.
  • Charging time: 2-3 hours (with 4-5 hours riding time)
  • Safety measures: ul2272 certified & approved by cpsc, ul2271 certified smart battery (4.5 ah).
  • 300 watt silent motor.
  • Led lights.
  • Warranty: Contact customer service for info.

Consumers Reports

  • They were few complaints concerning bluetooth connection not stable.
Our Take on This Brand

It is pocket friendly and sales on its strict safety measure undertaken by the manufacturers. This is good because safety is the most important point to look forward to when purchasing a scooter. The rating is great, the highest in all hoverboard brands reviewed here. The complaints isn’t enormous, it comprises a little tweak in production which isn’t something to condemn.

3. Segway minipro | smart self-balancing personal transporter with mobile app control 

Segway minipro | smart self-balancing personal transporter with mobile app control

segway minipro makes hoverboard riding even trendier. It represents the next generation of scooter technology. It has a mobile app feature that lets you connect with the bluetooth on the scooter. This enables you to control its operation: set anti-theft alarm, control speed, customize the lights, update the firmware and run diagnosis on the hoverboard. In fact it’s a full feature plus safety guaranteed. It also has precision sensors and knee control bar to make riding free and effortless for new riders.


  • Speed: 10 mph with a mileage of 14 miles.
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 220lbs.
  • Charging time: Not stated.
  • Safety measures:  ul2272 certified & approved by cpsc,
  • Phone app control.
  • 800 watt dual motor.
  • Automatic headlights, customizable led taillights, and a strict safety test.
  • Padded knee control bar and adjustable height feature allows riders of all shapes and sizes to maneuver the electric scooter comfortably.
  • It’s easy to carry and store in a car trunk. the knee control bar can be easily detached to make it fit in small spaces.
  • warranty: Limited warranty

Consumers Reports

  • It is difficult to replace or repair tires when they damaged.
  • Most customers complained about the speed slowing down automatically and the machine stopping midway once the speed hit above 5mph. This may cause rider to tumble over if not careful.
  • Warranty doesn’t cover essential replacement parts.
Our Take on This Brand

This brand is also budgeting friendly and the innovations are to die for. The ratings are great and mobile app feature gives it a competitive edge. However, the speed-control feature seems to create more havoc than intended. A high speeding hoverboard that slows down suddenly isn’t safe. So if you are not so particular about speed, then this is for you.

4. Razor hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard self-balancing smart scooter

 Razor hovertrax 2.0 hoverboard self-balancing smart scooter

Razor hoverboard is acclaimed to be among the best self-balancing electric scooter. It is safe for children 8 years and above, is easy to master and ride and automatically levels for an easier and safer mount. Product does not need assembly, just purchase and start using.


  • Speed: 8+ mph.
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 220lbs.
  • Battery: Easy, quick-change 36v lithium ion battery pack made with authentic LG cells.
  • Safety measures: ul 2272 certified.
  • 350 watt dual motor and a run-time of up to 60 minutes.
  • Includes two new riding modes for training and normal use, everbalance technology level the scooter for easier mount and ride.
  • Other features: Cool-blue led light bar display, fender bumpers, led battery power indicator.
  • Warranty: Limited warranty.

Consumers Reports

  • Charge power doesn’t last as much as needed and replacement battery is not easy to get though quite expensive, costing as much as half the original item price.
  • Charger gets spoil easily.
  • The unit is prone to stop midway while it is in use and this may cause accidents to rider.
Our take on this brand

The price is average and relatable to luxury items as hoverboard. The features are also trendy and make the experience more fulfilling. However, most of the complaints were about the battery life of the item. Extended hours of charge for just 60 minutes of ride is poor and totally dents this wonderful product, and the corresponding price. If you are not particular about long rides, then it is safe to go for this, if not, other longer lasting hoverboard is appropriate.

5. Hoverzon s series self-balance hoverboard scooter ul 2272; dual power 250-watt motor; durable aegis armor battery

Hoverzon s series self-balance hoverboard scooter ul 2272

This is yet another fast, self-balancing, precision-control personal transporter to go for. It has been re-designed and re-imagined to ensure safety, comfort for today’s riders. This hoverboard allows you control the acceleration, steering and stops so there are no unexpected stops and redirection as you cruise with it. This is the perfect scooter of a pocket-friendly experience.


  • Speed: 8mph with a range of 11 miles after a single charge.
  • Carrying capacity: Up to 220lbs.
  • Battery: Hoverzon aegis armor smart battery management system.
  • Safety measures: ul 2272 certified and excelled in all electrical safety tests.
  • 250 watt dual motor.
  • Includes two riding modes for training and regular gyroscopic motors help riders to control the hoverboard by shifting their body weight and self-balancing them.
  • Other features: Led battery indicator, led headlights, non-slip foot pedals, sturdy rubber tires and sleek aluminum wheels.
  • Warranty: On request from customer service.

Consumers Reports

  • Thought they are warning on the manual not to overcharge, there isn’t a light indicator that shows when the item is fully charged.
  • Its weight does not encourage carrying while walking long distances. It mostly requires carrying in cars which may not be all that convenient.
  • Complain about charger getting hot easily and having to be unplugged.
Our Take on This Brand

This is the cheapest among all the items reviewed here so it is absolutely budgeting friendly. However the rating is average and from few verified buyers. Notwithstanding, the complaint are not so bad. So, the product is worth a try as it is absolutely pocket friendly.

In Conclusion,

Hopefully, this piece gives you insightful knowledge on our selected hoverboard brands, so you can quickly go and upgrade your swag with one of the choicest hover board in the market.