If you are looking for the best head gasket sealer to buy, we can help you with is desire. This article will enlighten you why you need a gasket sealer   and how to find one for purchase.

Choosing The Best Head Gasket Sealer – Guide And Reviews

Head gasket is an important part of an internal combustion engine. It is made up of steel and located between the cylinder head and main block. Its major function is to seal the cylinders, ensure compression and avoid leakages of engine oil, coolant or water into the cylinder.

What is head gasket failure and causes?

A failure occurs when the head gasket gets blown, cracked or damaged. Due to that fact, coolant, water and engine oil can trickle into the combustion chamber and cause problem or damages to the vehicle.

Causes of a damaged head gasket can be linked to the following:

  • Overheating of the engine
  • Old and used engines
  • Lack of regular maintenance and checkup.
  • Poor gasket design by manufacturers.
  • Installation errors from mechanics
  • Pre-ignition problems.

Symptoms of head gasket failure

The head gasket goes through a lot of pressure during the period your vehicle is on transit, other factors too contribute to its workload; and for that reason, failure is bound to occur every now and then. It is therefore important that you are conscious of changes in your vehicle so that you can notice problems before they become threats.

Some of the signs to look out for pertaining to head gasket failure include:

  • Coolant leaking unto the oil compartment; or externally from under the exhaust manifold
  • Engine constantly overheating
  • White smoke coming out from the exhaust pipe
  • Significant amount of coolant fast depleting with no visible leak in sight.
  • White milky substance emitting from engine.

Head gasket sealer – a solution to the problem

Although head gaskets are not expensive to purchase, but the process and labour involved in bringing out the engine, dismantling it and replacing damaged head gasket is not only tedious but expensive.

This is where head gasket sealer comes to play.  Using this sealant means that these procedures do not need to be carried out, in addition, and you can easily do it for yourself without the need of a specialist or mechanic.

Head gasket sealer is a chemical mixture that acts as sealant to core plugs, head gasket and freeze leaks.

Plus there are many brands in the market to choose from in the market. But making a blind and uninformed choice can be very dangerous to your engine. Your choice of a head gasket sealer should be based on the product’s toughness, performance, durability, ease of use and safety.

In view of these, five products will be reviewed further in this article.

Top Review of 5 Best Head

1. Bluedevil head gasket sealer – 32 ounce(38386)

Bluedevil head gasket sealer - 32 ounce(38386)


A popular choice among mechanics, it is self-acclaimed to be the permanent repair solution to blown head gaskets, warped or cracked heads, leaking heater cores and leaking freeze plugs. This head gasket contains no solid or particulate matter that can harm a vehicles engine and provides an alternative solution for costly and time consuming repairs. It is also safe and easy to use.

You can apply this product yourself as it comes with a detailed instruction on the procedure of use

Complaint from customer

  • Customer rating on Amazon is average with 28% 1 star rating and 57% 5 star rating.
  • Some of the displeased customers said that adding the sealer did not seem to make a difference while others indicated that it did not work
  • Some complained about it clogging their radiator.

2. K&w fiberlock head gasket & block repair, 32 fl oz

K&w fiberlock head gasket & block repair, 32 fl oz


This product repairs head gaskets, engine blocks intake gaskets, cylinder heads, freeze plugs, heater cores and coolant leaks on cars, trucks, and buses. It can be used on metal, plastics and painted surfaces.

It also comes with instruction on how to do it yourself and a money-back guarantee.

Complaint from customer

  • Customer rating on amazon is quite poor with 33% 1 star rating and 46% 5 star rating
  • It is better with minor leaks than major leaks.
  • Provides temporary solution to the problem.
  • It plugged the radiator and heater core.
  • It clogged the cooling system and caused a replacement of some parts.

3. Bluedevil pour-n-go head gasket sealer – 16 ounce (00209)

Bluedevil pour-n-go head gasket sealer - 16 ounce (00209)


It is acclaimed to permanently seal blown, cracked or leaking gaskets. Comes with an instruction manual to enable you do it yourself. And just like its name state, you simply pour and go.

It is used for 4 cylinders and v-6 engines.

Complaint from customer

  • Customer rating is quite poor with 37% 1 star rating and 42% 5 star rating
  • It presents a temporary solution to the gasket problem.
  • Blocks and clogs the cooling system of the engine.
  • Causes engine to overheat.

4. Bar’s leaks 1111 head gasket fix – 24 oz.

Bar's leaks 1111 head gasket fix - 24 oz.


This product contains a combination of antifreeze-compatible sodium silicate sealing liquid and various gasket-sealing particles that penetrate gaps and cracks and harden to permanently stop leaks. It also stops block seals, repairs blown head gaskets and seals cracked cylinder heads and blocks.

This sealer is trusted to save you money and get you back on the road in less than an hour.

Customer rating on Amazon is good with 20% 1 star rating and 62% 5 star rating.

Complaint from customer

  • It slowed the leak down but did not seal it off completely.
  • Clogged cooling system and radiator
  • Blocked all the cooling veins leading to the cooling jacket.

5. Bar’s leak hg-1 head seal blown head gasket repair

Bar's leak hg-1 head seal blown head gasket repair


This is another sealant acclaimed to repairs blown head and intake gasket leaks, seals cracked cylinder heads and blocks, stop heater core and radiator leaks and fix leaking freeze and core plugs. It also comes with detailed instructions to enable you repair your gasket yourself.

Customer rating on Amazon is good with 18% 1 star rating and 56% 5 star rating.

  • It provides a temporary solution to the problem.
  • Has the tendency to clog the cooling system.

In Conclusion,

There is no need to stop your journey halfway, whenever your engine starts overheating, it may be a sign of head gasket failure. Five different head gasket sealant have been reviewed to help you fix that problem.