Homeowners use hand saws for different activities. One in every five homeowners has a hand saw, and most of them use it for different purposes in their homes and gardens.

The Best Hand Saws for Your Garden In 2021

Using the right handsaw will not only make work easier but will also improve the cutting quality that you produce. Choosing a quality handsaw also is not about the price tag, but your level of understanding of handsaws.

There are different types of hand saw designed for different functions. And depending on the type of saw you intend to buy, we will show you some of the best handsaw brands in the market.

The Best Hand Saw In The Market

Hand saws are probably the most versatile types of saws. They also come in many different designs that allow them to function in various fields of work. Some handsaws are designed to reach tight corners, unlike power saws and other saw designs.

One popular type of handsaws includes the backsaw, which comes with a reinforced bar on the blade top for miter cuts. Other types include cross-cuts saws and hacksaws, the Ryoba saws, etc.

Amongst the many brands of handsaws in the market, below are some of the best ones out there:

1. Silky Professional Handsaw Series BIGBOY 2000

Silky Professional Handsaw Series BIGBOY 2000

The Silky BIGBOY 2000 hand saw is one of the best folding saws you will ever encounter. It comes with a rubber-coated aluminum handle, holding its 14.2-inch blade. The steel blade is slightly curved and plated with chrome to allow smooth cuts on objects. It is designed to make very sharp cuts with a blade with about 88 teeth.

With the thumb lever that’s close to the blade’s end, you can easily fold the saw. The only downside to using this blade for straight cuts is that it will not give very fine lines because it is curved. And, it weighs around 1.25 pounds; this tool may feel heavier over prolonged use. It measures 16 inches in length, so it is long enough for many wood varieties but may not be suitable for tight corners.


  • It is easy to fold and unfold
  • Sturdy blade for precise cuts
  • Durable
  • It comes with a sheath


  • The plastic sheath may be damaged easily

2. SUIZAN Japanese Ryoba Double Edge

The SUIZAN Japanese double edge Hand Saw is probably the best tool for carpenters and those who work with wood. It originates in Japan, with a sleek blade that’s only 0.12 inches thick. The tool weighs only 5.6 ounces and measures 12 inches in length, allowing you to make precise cuts on materials.

This tool has teethed edges on both sides. One works for crosscuts, while the other end is used for ripping materials apart. So, you are probably paying for one instead of two!

Its blade is detachable and replaceable, so you can slide in a new blade if the old one’s faulty. This feature sets the SUIZAN Ryoba handsaw apart from many regular Japanese saw blades.

You may need to set up the Ryoba double edge saw at first. You will use a nut and a bolt to fix the blade to the handle. And whenever you wish to replace the blade, you’ll unscrew the nut.

This tool is great for several projects and different materials like moldings, PVC, hardwood, engineered wood, etc.


  • Lightweight framework
  • Thin, portable blade
  • Detachable blade design


  • It might be quite expensive

3. BLACK DECKER PHS550B 120V-Powered Handsaw

The Black & Decker PHS550B model is an electric handsaw for cutting different kinds of materials. It looks more like a hacksaw instead of a chain saw.

It is used for cutting small chunks of wood, firewood, plastic, etc. It provides straight cutting lines and is useful for projects indoors and outdoors.

This power tool uses a 3.4 amp engine, providing up to 4600 strokes per minute. It operates at different speeds that can be adjusted with a switch. This Decker electric handsaw allows precise cuts with a lot of control.

It comes with a detachable blade slot that allows you to change the blade as you want. There are two blade options. The large capacity blade works for plastic and wooden materials, while the metal cutting blade works for metals.

Overall, this model is compact and lightweight, so beginners can easily handle it. It makes automatic back and forth movements to cut through objects. So, you don’t need much strength or in-depth skills to use this tool.

It is packaged with a storage bag for keeping the saw units together safely in one spot. It also comes with a 6 feet cord that allows you to plug while cutting indoors. If you want to use it outdoors, you might need an extension cord to reach the material.


  • 1-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Detachable blades for versatile use
  • 4,600 SMP with 3.4 amp capacity
  • Storage case for safekeeping


  • The wire may not be extensive enough for outdoor projects


Handsaws are undoubtedly the most versatile of all saws. They come in many different designs like the Japanese Double Edge Ryoba saw for cutting.

We have gone through some of our top picks in the market and their distinctive features.

So the next time you want to buy a specific saw for your DIY projects, pick the best one.



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