A fire pit table is an outdoor fixture that serves both aesthetics and functional purposes. This decorative structure is also known as a fire table commonly used for cooking and for keeping everyone warm during chilly nights.

Reviews of 5 Best Gas Fire Pit Tables In 2021

Firepit tables also serve as focal points for an outdoor living space, making them a beautiful and comfortable addition to the backyard. 

There are different types of fire pits, and they are commonly categorized based on what powers them. Fire pits can either be fueled by either wood or gas (natural gas).

There are different types and designs of fire pits that can make choosing from the best gas fire pit table a bit of a hard choice for anyone who isn’t familiar with these fire pit tables. In this review, we’ve streamlined your options with our pick of the Best Gas Fire Pit Tables. 



Our Review

Best Gas: Tacklife Propane Fire Pit

  • 28 inch

  • 50,000 BTU

  • 24 months warranty

  • Easy to move  

Best Natural Gas: Legacy Heating Fire Pit

  • 28 inch

  • 48,000 BTU

  • Has lava stones

  • Safe and ETL approved

Top Rated: Fixkit Propane Fire Pit

  • 30 inch

  • 50,000 BTU

  • Feature lava rock

  • Waterproof fire pit

Best Rated: Choice Products Rectangle Fire Pit

  • 57 inch

  • 50,000 inch

  • Has propane tank

  • Glass rock and burner lid

Best Choice Square Fire Pit Table

  • 35 x 35 inch

  • 50,40,000 BTU

  • Easy to use

  • Perfect for entertaining

Benefits of Using Fire Pit Tables

  • Warm and cozy:  

Firepit tables help to create a warm, cozy environment during chilly and cold nights. The main purpose of a firepit is to produce heat, and sitting by a fire pit will make cold nights a lot more bearable with an exhilarating feeling, which leaves you feeling relaxed and warm. 

  • Cooking: 

Fire pits don’t just keep you from catching a cold they can also be used to prepare some outdoor snacks. Barbecues and marshmallows can be cooked over a fire pit while everyone huddles around in conversations with music and lights, creating a great outdoor evening party.

  • Light: 

Firepit tables help to light up the environment at night, giving it a wonderful glow and changing the aesthetics of your outdoor space. With a fire pit lighting up your yard, the day just seems to get extended, and you get to enjoy more nights in the comfort of an outdoor fire.

  • Add value to your property: 

Firepit tables add value to your home, and in some cases, they may serve as the deciding factor for buyers if you ever decide to put your property up for sale. Fire pits have slowly become a trend of modern time and so potential buyers are always thrilled to have them already built and installed in their homes.

Reviews of 5 Best Gas Fire Pit Tables In 2021

1. Best Gas: Tacklife Propane Fire Pit

  • 5 Best Gas Fire Pit Table 2021: How To Choose

This 28-inch gas fire pit outdoor table is made of sturdy steel which prevents cracking and damaging of the table surface. The burner, as well as the control panel, are made of stainless steel which ensures a longer working life and it has an ignition device that gives simple switch control and easy adjustment.

It uses propane as fuel to provide stable and green burning which ensures that you do not have a problem with ash and smog. The heat output from this gas fire put is 50,000 BTU and this provides ample warmth and is perfect for creating a warm and romantic bonfire. It can as well be converted into an outdoor dining table or casual bar by covering it with the lid provided.


  • Manufactured with durable materials and has good quality assurance.
  • CSA certified and uses propane which guarantees safety.
  • Great fashion appearance.
  • It can perform multi-function.


  • It may present a little problem when trying to assemble.


2. Best Natural Gas: Legacy Heating Fire Pit

This 28-inch gas fire pit uses stainless steel burner with the highest safety standard has a heat output of 48,000 BTU which gives a terrific flame presence. It is made of powder-coated iron material and has a sleek design that brings an ambiance of a glowing fire perfect for cold romantic evenings.

It has a push-button spark Piezo ignition system which gives a simple and convenient control and makes it easy to fire up the fire pit. Thanks to the versatile and stylish design this table can easily be converted into an outdoor dining table or coffee table when not in use by using the matching lid provided for the pit.


  • Safe and ETL approved.
  • Dual function.
  • Cheap price.
  • Great size.
  • Easy access door for a propane tank exchange.


  • There are some complaints about the unit not heating up sufficiently


3. Top Rated: Fixkit Propane Fire Pit

This 30-inch propane fire pit table is made of rust-proof stainless steel. It is well-built and very durable. The burner is able to deliver up to 50,000 BTUs of heat and it features an electronic ignition system. This fire pit delivers a smoke-free classic fire that’s safe to sit around.

The propane stove is fully enclosed concealed inside the table. It has a safety valve and the fire pit bowl uses a charged ignition system. This fire pit table has a simple but stylish appearance and can be easily converted into a beautiful dining table that fits right into your outdoor space.


  • Waterproof fire pit table cover.
  • CSA certified.
  • Provides more space.
  • Ideal for long term outdoor use.


  • Cannot be used as a BBQ grill 


4. Best Rated: Choice Products Rectangle Fire Pit

This 57-inch rectangle fire pit is made up of durable, extruded aluminum. It has a heavy-duty build and is designed to be rust-resistant which makes it a suitable choice for outdoor use. The aluminum frame helps to ensure the durability of the fire pit’s heating element.

There is also a durable nylon cover that can be used to cover the fire pit when it is not in use and protects it against weather elements. The tank is concealed and protected inside the table and a side door makes it quite accessible when you need to. There is also a securing strap to prevent the tank from shifting.


  • Durable and weather resistant.
  • Elegant outdoor furniture.
  • Powerful heating 


  • The cover is not very durable 


5. Best Choice Square Fire Pit Table

This 35-inch propane fire pit table is made of stainless steel and has a stylish square design with a concrete-style finish. This elegant design makes it the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor space.

We love how easy to use this unit is. You can create flames by simply turning the knob in the fire pit. This fire pit also features a multifunctional side table that can be used to hold drinks and also serves as storage space for the propane tank. 


  • Easy handling.
  • Multifunctionality
  • High-quality build 


  • Cover for a side table is not included.


How To Choose The Best Gas Fire Pit Table: Buying Guide

Modern fire pit tables are functional and they improve the ambience of your outdoor space. Many fire pits are designed to serve more than one purpose and can as well fit into any backyard type whether small or large-sized outdoor space. They can therefore serve as an aesthetic piece of furniture with a built-in grilling surface that can be used to cook. However, as with everything else, there are a few considerations to keep in mind in purchasing a gas fire pit table. 

  • Maintenance:

Gas fire pits require frequent maintenance. How often you’ll need to do this depends on the quality of material used, proper coverage, and how easy it is to clean the unit after use. Go for a fire pit table that is easy to maintain. 

  • Safety:

This is perhaps the most important consideration especially if children are going to be in and around the area. You have to ensure that flammable and household items are kept away from the fire and also ensure that the fire is put off properly and completely after each use. Always keep the children from playing around the fire pit table to avoid burns and injuries.

  • Cost:

The cost of fire pit tables is also an important consideration. Fireplaces are not an essential need for the home but are instead luxury and so it is worth deciding if it is worth spending the money on and how much you are willing to splash on buying one for your home.

  • Environmental Concerns:

In these times, the world is getting more conscious of the environment and avoiding pollution to have a cleaner environment and gas is the safer option. Unlike wood fire pits, gas fire pit tables emit less toxic gasses that may cause breathing difficulties and may be harmful to the health of those nearby. 

  • Size:

In choosing the right size of gas fire pit table for your outdoor space, you have to consider how much free space you have available for your installation as well as the purpose of the fire pit table. Fire pits tables come in a variety of sizes designed to suit different spaces. There are small 20-inch models and even larger 45-inch sized tables.

If you intend to install your fire pit table on your porch, deck, patio, or any other compact space, then a small 20-25 inches model should be good enough. However, if your gas fire pit is intended to use a centerpiece in your garden, then you can go all out with a large-sized unit.

Conclusion & Recommendation

Firepit tables are just the perfect outdoor furniture for every home. They have multiple functionalities and add value to your home great value. Fixkit propane fire pit and Legacy Heating Gas Fire Pit are top picks of Best Gas Fire Pit Tables on this list. They are highly recommended for their solid build, durability and they are quite affordable as well.