With the prevalent pandemic, there is the need to stay away from the gym or other open spaces for safety and health’s sakes. However, it is essential to keep fit regardless of the condition and ensure we still keep our steps in – this is why a treadmill is an excellent option. Among other factors, a limited workout space is a big problem when purchasing a treadmill for either home use or the gym. To tackle this problem, you will have to go for the best folding treadmill for a small space – a compact treadmill.

5 Best Folding Treadmill for Small Space Discussion: How to

The best treadmills for small spaces are compact, lightweight, foldable, and reasonably inexpensive. They are perfect for small apartments and can be moved around, transported, and stored easily. If you desire a treadmill that you can conveniently use at home to achieve your fitness goals, then go for one of the best folding treadmills for small space, which we review below.



Our Review

ANCHEER Folding Treadmill
  • 3.5 horse power

  • Bluetooth audio speaker

  • LCD display & app connection

  • User weight up to 300lbs

  • Dimension: 60.4 x 27.6 x 48.8 inch

FUNMILY Folding Treadmill

  • 12 preset programs

  • Heavy duty frame

  • 7.5 miles/hr speed rating

  • 2.25 horse power motor

  • User weight up to 265lbs

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

  • 10 miles/hr speed

  • User weight up to 300lbs

  • Smart response motor speed control

  • 10 year warranty on frame

  • Dimension: 54” H x 36” W x 73.5” L  

DR. GYMlee Folding Manual Smart treadmill

  • Easy to assembly

  • Multi-functional handle bars

  • User weight up to 300lbs

  • 3 levels manual incline

  • 12+ programs + 12 speed levels

Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

  • 2.5HP Motor

  • Has LED display

  • Remote control

  • Bluetooth speaker

  • User weight up to 265lbs

What To Consider When Buying The Best Treadmill for A Small Space

As you are about to buy the best treadmill for your small space, you need to understand and consider the factors that make the treadmill one among millions.

In this article, concise and comprehensive research has been done, and the list of treadmills for small space features affordable and excellent ones that you can choose.  However, here are some of the basics you should look out for in a treadmill for small spaces to buy the best.

  • Dimensions

When you consider the treadmill dimension when in use and when folded will give you a clue on how big the treadmill will be. With the figures you have, you can compare your space and know if it fits right. Consequently, not checking for the treadmill dimension will be a huge error and a high likelihood of buying an unsuitable treadmill. With the added ability of the treadmill to fold, you are sure of more space and convenience. 

  • Quality

The quality of the folding treadmill for small space is another crucial point to note. Usually, it is reasonable for you to select the treadmill that best suits you from renowned brands and reputable companies. A flaccid treadmill will vibrate, shake, be unstable, imbalance, and eventually fall apart. Go for brands that stand by their products and back them up with warranties. This way, you remain on the safer side and can protect your investment in a folding treadmill for a small space.

  •          Belt Length

The size of a treadmill and its belt length is relatively proportional – the larger the treadmill, the longer and more wide the belt length. However, the folding treadmill for small space will have a belt length not too large but just enough for you to work out. 

  •          Other features 

It is always better and more convenient when a treadmill comes with other added features. However, this does not come before the check for quality, but a few other features, should not hurt. These features may be the display type, the workout data, built-in programs, fans, and controls.

Reviews of the 5 Best Folding Treadmill for Small Space

1. ANCHEER Folding Treadmill

  • ANCHEER Folding Treadmill

This magnificent treadmill from ANCHEER is a safe, smooth-running, and quiet treadmill for small space. It helps you meet your fitness goals with its amazing and customized settings with a motor power of 3.25HP and a speed range of 0.5 to 9MPH. Its folded and unfolded dimensions are 35.0 x 27.6 x 54.7 inches and 60.4 x 27.6 x 48.8 inches, respectively. Being made from a heavy-duty steel frame makes this treadmill stand strong and durable over a reasonable amount of time.

It has a wide running belt that is multi-layered and has a dimension of 17inches x 42 inches. This belt is built with safety in mind as it features a non-slip and shock-absorbing ability. Its maximum bearing weight is 300lbs, and it is slightly inclined. Other lovely features of the treadmill include its multi-functional LCDs that reveals training data, statistic readout, and smartphone app connection. Finally, it is foldable and features convenient transportation wheels.


  • 17 x 42 running belt surface
  • Automatic incline
  • Multifunctional LCD display
  • 12 speed controls and heart rate monitor


  • Difficult to assemble


2. FUNMILY Folding Treadmill

FUNMILY folding treadmill has patented and is known for its perfection among other collections of fitness equipment brands. It lets you have a fitness body, which translates into a high-quality life. This treadmill is particularly impressive due to its unique extra features that complement its high-quality frame and durability. Its motor power is 2.25HP, maximum bearing user weight is 265lbs, with a speed range of 0.5 to 7.5MPH.

The small fold-up treadmill features a multi-functional LED display with a desktop for PC that helps you monitor parameters such as your speed, heart rate, general performance, calories, and steps taken. This treadmill is conveniently space-saving with its folded and unfolded dimensions, which are 49.2 x 23.2 x 36.0 inches and 49.2 x 23.2 x 8.2 inches. Other features include a built-in Bluetooth, shock absorber, anti-slip and anti-static lawn texture belt that absorbs impacts, a safety key, a firm cup holder, and an emergency switch-off button that immediately cuts off the power supply.


  • Huge and bold desktop
  • Large LCD display
  • 12 preset program and 3 count-down modes
  • Heart rate monitoring


  • The treadmill does not have incline levels


3. NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

The NordicTrack T series treadmill is space-saving and built with an easy lift assist.

The treadmill is an efficient and interactive workout machine for living room, studio, or convenience for home use.

It has a 2.6 DurX Commercial motor and a speed range of 0-10MPH. Although this treadmill is slightly bulky, it has a dimension of 54.0’’ x 36.0’’ x 73.5’’. This T series treadmill can carry a maximum user weight of 300lbs and has a tread belt dimension of 20 x 55 inches.

Other features of this treadmill include; auxiliary music port, dual 2 inches digitally amplified speakers, and a 30-Days free iFit trial membership.


  • On-demand studio workout
  • 300lbs capacity
  • Space-saving design with Easy lift assist
  • 10-year frame warranty, 2-years parts warranty and 1-year labor warranty


  • Installation and assembling may require a little expertise


4. DR. GYMlee Folding Manual Smart Treadmill

  • DR. GYMlee Folding Manual Smart Treadmill

Dr. GYMlee’s folding treadmill is an easy to use exercise equipment that is nice for walking or running. It does not require too much assembling and has over 12 programs and speed levels. This electric treadmill has transport wheels for easy movement and transportation. It has a powerful 2.25chp motor, three manual incline levels, and a maximum load capacity of 300lbs.

You can track the heart rate with the armrest on this treadmill. Its LCD monitor shows the necessary data you need to know while exercising. The treadmill has a folding size of 30.3 x 10.5 x 62.6 inches, a maximum weight capacity of 300lbs, and a running bel size of 17 x 47 inches.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Hydraulic rod folding and space saving
  • Noiseless and smooth working


  • Oil in hydraulic might leak


5. Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

  • Goplus 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill

Goplus 2-in-1 folding treadmill is built with a powerful 2.25HP ultra-quiet motor and has two sport modes. Its running belt has a 5-layer non-slip and shock-absorbing cushioning that provides support for your back, joints, muscles, and knees. The weight capacity of the treadmill is 265lbs.

It has an overall folding dimension of 49 x 27 x 42 inches and 52 x 27 x 5 inches. More so, the belt running area size is 40 x 16 inches. Its speed range is 1-12km/h, and it includes a remote controller.


  • Bluetooth function and high-performance speaker
  • Features a remote control and phone holder
  • Wheels for transportation and storage
  • Adjustable foot pad


  • Requires too frequent lubrication to ease rigidity



While on the lookout for the best folding treadmill for small space, this article has done so much good in helping you streamline your choices to focus on the best. With this detailed, informative, and easy digest review, you can make informed and wise decisions when it comes to the best folding treadmill for a small space.

Having gone through the list, are you confused as to which to pick? We know they are all awesome. However, you can check out FUNMILY Folding TreadmillIt is an excellent choice that would not cost you so much. Although it has no incline levels, its other notable features ensure you enjoy every minute of your workout session. The ANCHEER Treadmill, Automatic Incline, 3.25HP Folding Treadmill is a choice you might want to consider. It has 12-speed control options, a multifunctional LCD display, and automatic incline levels. Whichever best folding treadmill for small space you settle for, be sure it suits you well.