A dehumidifier with auto defrost is a good choice for those living in areas where the temperature can go as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Like in Canada, where the weather can be so cold, running a dehumidifier in this region can allow frost formation on the coils. When this happens, the auto-defrost helps protect the dehumidifier stopping the compressor by defrosting the evaporator automatically.

However, the dehumidifier can easily be damaged when condensation builds on the coils in the absence of auto defrosting. Therefore, this article will enlighten you on auto defrost dehumidifiers, alongside top-rated products featuring this functionality that you can pick to protect your space from high humidity encroachment.

Sample of dehumidifiers with auto defrostCoverage Qty Control
1. VIVOSUN Auto Defrost Dehumidifier4500 sq. ft.70 pints Manual
2. LUKO 2500sq.ft Dehumidifiers2500 sq. ft.70 pints Manual
3. GE Energy Star 50 Pint Dehumidifier2500 sq. ft.50 pints Manual
4. Keystone 50 Pint Dehumidifier4500 sq. ft.50 pints Manual
5. AlorAir Duct-able Version Basement/Crawl Space600 sq. ft.90 pints Manual / Remote

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How Dehumidifier Works, What Is Auto Defrost & Importance?

In dehumidifiers, there is a fan, but there are principal parts such as the compressor, condenser, and evaporator. There is also a liquid in a dehumidifier called refrigerant that enables the three components to function together.

The compressor is responsible for supplying air pressure to the refrigerant, which travels down the evaporator, causing the refrigerant to evaporate gradually every second. These phenomena withdraw the surrounding heat, in return, cool the evaporator surface. As the fan pulls air into the dehumidifier, it passes through the cooled evaporator, thereby converting water vapor present in the atmosphere to condense into the cooled evaporator and drips into the bucket (reservoir) or disposed of via garden hose into your drainage. The process continues onto the condenser, where the refrigerant returns backs to liquid states. Consequently, it is important to note; that during the condensing stage, the condenser surface warms up, which is why the air released by a dehumidifier feels warmer than when it goes in. 

The above explanation tells you the process of how a dehumidifier works, but our objective is to understand the meaning of auto defrosts. Therefore, when the air in an enclosed space (such as room, basement, or crawlspace, which are the areas of dehumidifier placement) falls below a particular temperature (18Celcuis), some portion of the water flowing through the evaporator turns into ice before it drops into the bucket. The ice formed is what usually frosts on the dehumidifier coils. Consequently, as the frost continues to build up, if left unchecked, it can damage the machine, and that’s where an auto defrosts in dehumidifiers becomes relative to protect it. 

So literally, the auto-defrost works to ensure that the evaporator coil is not refrigerated. Meaning it should remain warm to enable the ice formed on it to be melted. In essence, a dehumidifier with auto defrost has a sensor that detects ice formation and thus triggers the switch-on to defrost the machine on sensing ice forming. 

How To Pick The Best Dehumidifier With Auto Defrost

Though the dehumidifier you might have sighted has an auto defrost, but that does mean the best one for you. Check other things to ensure you choose what will work optimally for you even as it defrosts. Below is the requirement:

  • Coverage Area

Like humidifiers and evaporative coolersdifferent dehumidifiers have different maximum coverage areas, which determines their efficiency. For instance, a dehumidifier size of 400 square feet cannot work for the section up to 1000 square feet. Therefore for efficiency, ensure to know the measurement of the space where to use it. It is not difficult. You can calculate the proposed space’s square feet (SQ. FT.) and size an accurate unit for the calculated area.  

  • Bucket size

Not every product comes with a continuous draining outlet, in which bucket size may not be a big concern, as the water will be dumped outside. But the case is different if the proposed unit only has a bucket as a means of draining. It means you will need to empty the bucket each time it is saturated. For unnecessary movements, a large bucket size unit is worth consideration. If not, buy a product that has a continuous drain option.  

  • Mobility   

Transporting a dehumidifier from one place to another within a facility is inevitable as humidity can settle anywhere. Hence, to make things easier when the need arises to move it from a location to another where needed most, a unit with castor wheels and handles is a good buy. 

  • Automatic Shut-off

In the case of a product without a continuous drain outlet that only has a bucket as a method to emptying water, an automatic shut-off will prevent water spilling on your floor as it would help turn off the machine once the tank is full. 

  • Auto-restart

This is also a nice feature to relieve you from switching on your device after a power outage. The auto-restart will turn on the dehumidifier as soon as the power is restored while retaining previous settings.  

1. VIVOSUN Auto Defrost Dehumidifier

5 Best Dehumidifier with Auto Defrost In 2021 – Reviews


The Vivosun is one best-rated dehumidifier with auto defrost. It is perfect for 4500 square feet bedroom or basement. With its strong wheels, it is easy to roll to any section of the home for use. The auto-shut-off protects the appliance from overflow, ensuring the device is turn-off once its tank is filled. It has two dehumidifying speeds available such as maximum and quiet-mode is ideal for nighttime to have quality sleeping.

Also, it has a filter that protects you from breathing bad air, and maintaining the filter is easy, thanks to the filter indicator light that comes after 250 hours of use, reminding you to clean it. Still, warm soapy water should be used in washing the filter. The warranty period is another applausive reason to choose this auto defrosting dehumidifier.

  • Full bucket indicator
  • The filter protects you from bad indoor air
  • Two-speed mode control
  • LED display shows actual and preset humidity
  • Not for small spaces 
  • It is pricey 
  • No remote control 

2. LUKO 2500sq.ft Dehumidifiers

LUKO 2500sq.ft Dehumidifiers


The Luko specifically designs for basement moisture control, and it is ideal for coverage reaching 2500 square feet of floor area. You can also use it in the bedroom to reduce the humidity level. Its large size does not mean noise creation because, from testing, it operates quietly and thus is perfect for the baby’s environment.

The 2500 square feet dehumidifier has CNT mode that lets the machine remove water continuously until the humidity level in your space reaches 40 percent. So all you need to do is to choose the mode to eliminate guesswork. Daily, this appliance can dehumidify up to 12 liters via its drain hose while 68oz per day with the tank.

The most important thing, the auto-defrost is responsive. Once it senses moisture accumulating on the coils, it starts to protect the device against condensation.

  • Transporting castors
  • It has a 4-dehumidification mode (SPEED, HUMSET, TIMER, and CONT)
  • Ideal for (300 – 2,500) sq. ft.
  • Installed with two filters, each located at the side
  • A good dehumidifier from drying clothes
  • Easy to remove wheels and handle
  • Energy saving
  • Full bucket automatic shut-off
  • Power outage restart
  • Included drain hose and user manual
  • No remote control
  • Bulky means more space requirement

3. GE Energy Star 50 Pint Dehumidifier

GE Energy Star 50 Pint Dehumidifier


One relevant feature we love is the built-in pump that lets users drain water to a more convenient location up to 16 feet distance away. With this feature, there is no need to monitor the tank water level or empty the bucket.

Up to 50 pints will be removed from your humid air in 24 hours, and if you decide to use the bucket as a method to empty the tank, the empty bucket alarm will alert you when to dispose of it.

The 50-pint dehumidifier features a filter responsible for delivering clean air, and cleaning the filter is easy with the help of a clean filter alarm. The ease of use is another reason why this Ge is versatile as a water damage area restorer.

  • The black design is attractive and easy to maintain
  • Adjustable humidistat
  • Equipped with automatic restart functioning
  • High-quality filter for fresh air
  • Three-speed fan settings – high, medium, and low
  • Empty bucket alarm
  • Built-in pump
  • Energy-star certified
  • Two to a four-hour timer
  • LED control to manage your settings
  • It does not have wheels for transporting 

4. Keystone 50 Pint Dehumidifier

Keystone 50 Pint Dehumidifier


To improve air quality amid high humidity levels, Keystone delivers performance. For up to 4,500 square feet areas, trust this old dehumidifier, as it can take out 50 pints of moisture from the air in twenty-four hours. It features an LED display that enables you to adjust settings via the easy control kstad50b.

Top of the gain, the speed levels include average and turbo for advanced humidity control. Auto defrost is also one of the tops most priority users see in this keystone energy star 50-pint dehumidifier with electronic controls, making it an outstanding product from rivals.

  • Has continuous drain
  • Great for application during the wet or stormy rain season in bedrooms, basement, or other indoor section
  • On a full tank, this device turns off automatically
  • Up to 4,500 square feet coverage capacity
  • LED display, defrost, and auto restart
  • Dirty filter cleaning alert
  • Expensive 
  • Garden hose not included  
  • Manual operation 
  • Limited to 4,500 sq ft

5. AlorAir Duct-able Version Basement/Crawl Space

AlorAir Duct-able Version Basement/Crawl Space


If you are looking for auto defrost dehumidifier for crawl space, garage, storage areas, etc., our list still gets you covered with this Alorair duct-able. This newest version comes with a condensed pump to help you dump water over a long distance from your home foundation.

Though it’s weighty but has two handles for easy lifting and transporting. It is a 90 pints per day removal and best for 600 square feet surroundings. Most relevantly, the interior is equipped with corrosion-resistant materials which prevent rusting and leakages. It’s energy certified and cETL listed.

  • It comes with an optional remote
  • Its internal is corrosion free
  • Optional remote control
  • No manual emptying of water
  • It is space-saving
  • 5-years warranty
  • Only for 600 sq. ft. areas
  • The most expensive product on the list
  • Require installation (DIY or professional)

Final Words

Auto defrosts relevant for those who want to use their dehumidifier in a low temperate environment. It helps to defrost the machine coil by ensuring no building up of ice on them, hence protecting the device from being damaged by high humidity levels and making it last longer.