Have you heard of a dehumidifier and its uses before? What if you’re looking for a dehumidifier for 1000 square feet? Is it advisable to settle for a dehumidifier size below 1000 sq. feet? Don’t be lost if you find yourself in this situation. We’re here to help you find the right dehumidifier for your square feet in this discussion.
If you live in an area where moisture gets its way into your building, your house will be smelling profuse. Over time, the water present in your home air can cause bacteria and allergies, including different kinds of molds (pink or black molds). You can imagine how mildew is responsible for the odor in your living space. The condensation does not end in compromising the air quality but also in difficult breath and uncomfortable sleep. The earlier you think of resolving the water menace, the better your health and building integrity is protected. The way forward is to place a dehumidifier in your home. However, the problem is always tedious to sizing a good dehumidifier capacity. This article is dedicated to the best dehumidifier for 1000 square feet. It is wise to say that dehumidifier size is of relative importance to the coverage area they’re going to be used and greater efficiency if space corresponds.

Quick Summary
1. Editor choice: hOmeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier
Reliable and efficient and take care of high humidity challenges in space reaching up to 1500 square feet with 30 pints removal capacity daily
2. Best for medium to large room: Vremi 22 Pint Dehumidifier
An energy star rated dehumidifier, dry air effectively in an area of 1000 sq. feet. It has mobility wheels and create less noise
3. Best quality: Honeywell TP30WKN Energy Star
With the unit, a 1000 square feet space is well protected from humidity. Has auto restarts, handle for easy transporting and back up with a 5-year warranty
4. Best small unit: Inofia 30 Pint Electric Dehumidifier
This has a washable and reusable filter, works in low temperature, thanks to the auto-defrost, and can restart after power interruption.
5. Best affordable: MIDEA MAD20C1ZWS
If you have a small budget, we advise you to choose this one, because it’s not expensive but still has features found in the costly unit.

Why Do You Need A Dehumidifier?


The value placed on dehumidifiers cannot decrease as long as high humidity enters your home. A dehumidifier is the only device that can help you dry water from water-damaged homes, offices, or enclosed spaces. In a simple term, it removes moisture from the atmosphere (dry the air). Did you know surrounding with high moist conditions promotes mold growth and some dreaded allergens? Of course, that’s why you have frequent nausea, running nose, and cold symptoms, especially at night. A dehumidifier solution handles all of these provoking health conditions. More so, when you run a dehumidifier at home, it helps moderate humidity levels, keeping it at a balanced level. Some advanced dehumidifiers have automatic humidity controllers (humidistat). This monitors indoor moisture levels and turns-ON the device when it’s high or turns off once it reaches the level preset by you. 

In addition, running a dehumidifier lowers your energy cost. In this sense, running an air-conditional without a dehumidifier makes the AC use up more energy. Why? Because it requires twice the amount of energy to cool and to remove moisture from the air. This means your Ac firstly works to remove wetness before cooling the air, and that’s more utility bills expense to be paid, but if you install a dehumidifier while running it alongside your air cooling (AC) system. Your energy usage rate will reduce but ensure buying an energy-efficient dehumidifier.

What Is Dehumidifier Capacity? Pints Or Size

Firstly, you need to understand, dehumidifiers are designed in such a way to collect moisture from the air, and this is measure in pints. So when we talk about dehumidifier pints, it means the amount of mist a particular unit can remove per day. The pints size varies from one product to the other. It can be 30 pints, 60pints, or 90 pints size, and so on. The higher the pints capacity, the more water a regular dehumidifier will remove from your home.

While the pints size is of relative importance, the coverage size is another factor you cannot overlook. You also need to examine the product properly, ensuring the one you want can operate effectively from the space you want to dehumidify efficiently. A dehumidifier coverage capacity is in square feet measurement. As such, you can find 100 sq. ft., 300 sq. ft. up to 4000 square feet, and more sizes like the models found in a commercial environment. A 1000 square feet dehumidifier size is an example of dehumidifier capacity as enumerated. The dehumidifier sizing chart below further helps understand the right size for your home to choose.

Pint capacity
Coverage area (square feet)
60 pints
2000 - 2,500 sq. ft.
50 pints
1,200 - 2000 sq. ft.
40 pints
800 - 1,200 sq. ft.

35 pints
500 – 800 sq. ft.
25 pints
300 – 500 sq. ft.
20 pints
0 – 300 sq. ft.

How Does A Dehumidifier Work? Mini, Portable or Whole House Dehumidifiers

All types of dehumidifiers feature a similar working mechanism. Their primary aim is to protect the home from excessive moisture, which can cause expensive damage. When you take a close look at its construction, a dehumidifier works, firstly removing (collecting) air from the atmosphere. The air collected is always warm and feels damper. The unit further forces the warm moist air to pass over its coil. As dry air moves across the dehumidifier coil, condensation happens, the process produces water (waste – residual) and warm air (useful-part). The residual goes into the unit bin (bucket) or is dumped into your drain via a continuous hose while the warm, dry air is released back into your home air.

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Comparing the various types, a mini dehumidifier is perfect for closest personal space or in a boat, where humidity is hosting a festival but with no space to mount a bigger model. A mini dehumidifier is cheaper than a portable one or (single room’s dehumidifier). If you don’t use either of the two, there is a possibility you might end up with a whole house dehumidifier. It is a non-refrigerant dehumidifier and requires a connection to a duct. Some come as wall-mountable, while others come portable with castors to move and can be bulky sometimes, depending on the brand.

Buying A Dehumidifier For 1000 Square Feet: What Features To Consider? 

  • Built-in humidistat

A humidistat is a function built-in in some dehumidifiers. It detects the air wetness level of a surrounding and can re-adjust the dehumidifier operation to meet the prevailing condition. It’s not all dehumidifiers that come with this feature. But a product with an inbuilt humidistat allows users to set the level of humidity desired. As such, you can go about your business while it works without over-drying your home air.

  • Defrost function 

Dehumidifiers have a coil inside them. If you use it in a freezing environment, the coil may get frozen, stopping the unit from working and causing permanent damage if care does not adhere. But with a defrosting capability, your unit coil is being protected because it helps remove any condensation that may settle on the coil over time. If you cannot buy a dehumidifier with a humidistat, ensure to pick a product that can run perfectly in your home humidity level.

  • Withdrawal capacity 

Be it home, industrial or commercial dehumidifiers, their water collection capacity varies. The bucket capacity is a relevant spec to consider. If you want to be free from frequent water disposing, ensure to choose a dehumidifier with a large bucket size or a unit featuring a drain hose connecting it to dump the water itself. 

  • Automatic shut-off 

This functionality helps prevent overflow after the bucket is filled by helping to turn off the dehumidifier automatically. A dehumidifier featuring automatic shut-off is good for forgetful people, so water doesn’t spill on your floor or damage the device on a full tank. 

  • Mobility consideration 

While mini dehumidifiers are easy to move about, the larger models prove hard to transport. To make things easier, if your aim is picking a large dehumidifier size like a unit specified for 1000 sq. feet, ensure checking for castors, as well as a handle that can enable you to transport it from one room to another for use. 

  • Controls

There are two main options such as the manual or electronic controls. Dehumidifiers that use manual controls are not as advance compared to electronic ones. A manual grade dehumidifier has an easy knob or dial button with a limited level of flexibility but is electronic rated. Some models come with a remote system or support app that you can operate directly from your mobile phones while conveniently sitting/relaxing on your couch. 

Our 5 Best Dehumidifier for 1000 Square Feet Reviews

1. Editor choice:  hOmeLabs Energy Star Dehumidifier

5 New Best Dehumidifier for 1000 Square Feet: Reviews in 2021


The homeLabs is a popular dehumidifier among homeowners as it has received up to 26,000+ customer reviews on amazon. This means it is performing to expectation. As such could be your best pick in our list of dehumidifiers for 1,000 (thousandth) square feet.

Truthfully, medium to large rooms or basement feet of high humidity is a perfect area to place this gadget for maximum results. It can remove up to 30 pints of moisture in 24 hours before you think of emptying the bucket if you’re not using the continuous drain option. The homelabs is an energy-star-rated appliance, which means you can dehumidify for long hours while paying fewer energy bills.

  • It has a built-in pump compressor
  • Turbo boost fan for an increased speed (165 cmf – 188 cfm)
  • Full tank automatic shut-off function
  • It’s equipped with castor wheels and a handle for easy mobility
  • Only removes 30pints / day
  • It does not have air filters
  • It is a little bit louder like normal window ac or furnace

2. Best for medium to large room: Vremi 22 Pint Dehumidifier for 1,000 sq. ft.

Best for medium to large room: Vremi 22 Pint Dehumidifier


The 22 – 30 pints capacity such as this Vremi is an ideal dehumidifier for small rooms or basement humidity removal. Let’s say your space is up to 1500 square feet. Vremi is designed to work in this coverage space and effectively absorb water without consuming much energy, thanks to its energy star qualification.

All around 24 hours clock, this dehumidifier will protect your home from high moisture levels, and when its bucket is filled, it turns off automatically, preventing spillage. For more convenience in the emptying of condensation, there is a drain hose option for continuous draining.

The vremi 1500 sq ft dehumidifier comes portable with casters for easy use within a high moisture environment. How to set up this vremi dehumidifier is not hard. Since it comes assembled, what you need to do. Please place it in the area where you have noticed humidity shortly. Ensure the location has an electric socket to plug in the device. Plug the device into the electric circuit, read through the manual before switching it ON and after that, set the desired humidity level you want to be left in your atmosphere.

  • It has a turbo mode for an increased efficiency
  • It is an energy star rated home appliance
  • Removes water up to 3 gallons per day
  • It has an automatic shut-off function
  • Bulky construction
  • It does come with remote
  • Only extracts a maximum of 30 (thirty) pints per day and for space not exceeding 15,000 square feet.

3. Best quality: Honeywell TP30WKN Energy Star

Best quality: Honeywell TP30WKN Energy Star for 1,000 square ft.


It’s a bit difficult to find portable dehumidifiers for crawl space humidity. However, Honeywell has made it possible with this TP30WKN model of a dehumidifier. It is also a good pick for small rooms, kitchen, and basement section humidity drying, as long as the surrounding is not bigger than 1000 square feet.

The Honeywell product is a 20 pints unit featuring a 24hours operation cycle. Therefore, your home is guaranteed constant protection against excess humidity that compromises household health and home property integrity. This dehumidifier that has topped #2 CR reports since 2020 is a filter system that helps hold dust and reduce odor for clean home air.

In low-temperature surroundings, it works perfectly yet is not affected by high humidity. You can program the humidistat to activate the dehumidifier based on your programmed room conditions.

  • Smart design
  • It has an energy-saving timer
  • It can start by itself after a power outage
  • Quiet gliding wheels
  • It comes with a wash and replaces the filter, no additional cost of replacing the filter
  • Has automatic drainage
  • 5-year warranty
  • Require a little set-up 
  • High settings create more noise 
  • A user complained about the hose quality 

4. Best small unit: Inofia 30 Pint Electric Dehumidifier

Best small unit: Inofia 30 Pint Electric Dehumidifier


This product is not as big compared to most of the products above. As such, it’s great for those looking for a portable dehumidifier for small spaces. The 30-pint dehumidifier is in relation to 1500 square feet coverage. It has an intelligent humidity function, and this lets you set a preferred range between 30 – 80 %. When the set humidity reaches, the inofia will automatically turn off and turn-On again when the humidity level increases. This functionality relieves you of the stress of monitoring home humid conditions and also your device as well.

The design features an LCD that displays current humidity, temperature level, and working status for seamless operation. It has an auto-defrost that keeps the machine working at low temperatures down to 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It has auto restart as well, making this device come up after power interruption and restoration. Inofia is one of the best recommendations of dehumidifiers for 1000 square feet by consumer reports. Owing to this device provides worry-free operation.

  • Portable and space-saving
  • Auto defrost and auto restart function
  • LCD humidity level, temperature level, and working status
  • Continuous drain outlet and hose included
  • The washable and reusable filter protects you from allergies
  • It does have castor wheels
  • Not energy star rated

5. Best affordable: MIDEA MAD20C1ZWS

 Best affordable: MIDEA MAD20C1ZWS dehumidifier for 1000 square feet


This unit is high quality and high-performing humidity extraction appliance. The design is clean for modern sitting rooms or office use, and while the construction is just the side attraction, MIDEA can remove 22pints – 30pints in less than 24 hours.

It will also regulate humidity within (35 – 88) %, making it perfect for the basement, crawl space, or bathroom placement. It is designed to operate at a 51-decibel level, and this is equivalent to an average discussion noise level, therefore no noise interference. The continuous dehumidification mode will keep your home 24/7 protected at an optimal humidity level.

  • It has a reusable washable filter
  • Whisper quiet running mode
  • Continuous drain outlet
  • Easy maintenance
  • Garden hose is not included (sold separately)
  • Only 1-year parts and labor warranty


Finding the best dehumidifier for 1000 square feet is not difficult as you might have pictured it because our discussion has made it easy to pick the right one. Therefore, we advise you carefully go through the review list and the buying guide to understand what size is best for your facility.