Blood circulation machines are also known as foot circulation machines, and they are built to ensure maximum circulation of blood. Although they are designed to work on the feet, the impact of this machine goes beyond the feet. And this is why it is called a blood circulation machine for the whole body.

Blood Circulation Machine for Whole Body: Do They Work? & Reasons

Blood circulation machines work by sending vibrations up your body through the soles of your feet. They are highly beneficial to your health as they relieve tension, restore blood circulation and help alleviate some health problems. This guide reviews 6 of the best blood circulation machines for the body to find the best one for you.

Quick Comparing
1. AOUSTHOP Seated Slim Circulation Leg Exerciser: Top rated
It comes portable and lightweight to transport. Able to improve blood flow with its 30 adjustable speed levels.
2. OSITO Circulation System and Nerve Muscle Stimulator
This product combines both EMS and TENS, meaning you can use it for both foot and body. EMS is for feet massaging while the TENS is for body pain relief.
3. DIENSPEAK Physiotherapy Leg Exerciser: Best for seating position
This electric massage works quietly, features adjustable speed controls, and users said, has help them reduce leg fat, pain and also body blood circulation
4. Silver feat Leg Activator: Ideal for elderly
It comes very cheap, thus affordable by an average income earner but still delivers result to the fullest. It works silently in operation.
5. REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster: FDA recommended
FDA approved, up to 99 levels speed adjustment, 30 minutes used daily and 1 year warranty back-up.
6. Daiwa Felicity Foot Vibration Massager
Has 12 vibration settings and 8 infrared light levels. It also comes with a remote for convenient operation.

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What is a Blood Circulation Machine?

A blood circulation machine is an electronic device designed to help increase blood flow. It also increases the distribution of oxygen throughout the body. This machine can be beneficial with lots of health benefits. Several clinical studies have been carried out to prove the effectiveness of these machines to relieve stress, relax your muscles and improve blood flow throughout the body.

There are different types of blood circulation machines. The essential feature of most units is vibration therapy and acupressure therapy. However, many whole body blood circulation machines also offer other forms of treatment such as magnetic therapy, infrared therapy, and even mental therapy. In addition to relieving stress and improving blood flow, blood circulation machines may also help treat conditions like arthritis, nerve atrophy, varicose veins, sleep disorder, psychological stress, and so on.

What Causes Poor Blood Circulation?

Poor blood circulation due to inadequate flow of blood to different parts of the body can reduce the number of nutrients and oxygen supplied to the affected cell. There are several causes of poor blood circulation. These may include;

  • Peripheral artery disease. This is when the arteries responsible for the flow of blood stiffen or fold up. 
  • Blood clots: in this case, the formation of blood clots in one part of the body can make it difficult for blood to move in that area. 
  • Diabetes: people with diabetes tend to experience an inconsistent flow of blood.
  • Obesity: An obese person is at risk of blood congestion and poor blood circulation

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How To Improve Blood Circulation In The Body?

Poor blood circulation can result in illness, pains, tiredness, high blood pressure, brain damage, hypertension, and may even lead to death. All of these can be corrected by improving blood circulation. One of the ways to do this is by making use of a blood circulation machine. This machine vibrates and transmits this vibration throughout the entire body. This helps to dissolve nutrients and water in the blood leading to an increase in blood flow. Oxygen and nutrients mix with the blood, transporting quickly to the brain and other parts of the body. It also expands the blood vessels and helps to flush away contamination from the blood.

How To Find The Best Blood Machine For Whole Body Circulation

The importance of blood circulation machines cannot be overemphasized. These machines have to been proven to be very effective. They keep the body at its finest by enhancing blood and oxygen circulation, improving metabolism, and ensuring the heart remains in good shape. These machines ensure that the whole body is kept in an overall healthy state. However, there are various variants of this device. For you to choose the best blood circulation machine, there are some factors to consider. 

  • Portability: 

The portability of the circulation machines is a significant factor to consider since blood circulation machines tend to get moved around a lot. For easy movement and transportation, you want your BCM to be compact and portable. For this reason, most modern blood circulation devices are designed to be mobile. However, some people might prefer more giant blood machines circulation machines because the higher the weight, the higher the stability. 

  • Vibration: 

Foot circulation machines that work using vibrations are very beneficial in burning fat or losing weight and reducing muscle soreness caused by exercise. Some research also claims that whole-body vibration may help reduce back pain and improve balance. The machine makes your body’s muscles contract and relaxes as it transfers energy to the body through continual vibrations. The BCM with this feature is recommended for athletes and other people who often have stiffness in their legs and feet.

  • Electrical Muscle stimulation (EMS): 

For models of blood circulation machines with this feature, electrical impulses are passed into the body from the feet to the entire body. This steady flow of impulses causes the muscles to relax and contract. You’ll get a soothing feeling in your muscles as you use this kind of machine. Machines with this feature aid in enhancing blood flow. The blood reaches the damaged tissues and helps them get repaired faster. 

  • Size: 

The human body size differs from person to person. The same goes for feet sizes. Having this in mind while making your purchase will aid in selecting the best fit for you.

  • Cordless circulation machines: 

Cordless machines are way trendier and more convenient to use. You don’t have to go through the risk of tripping over unnecessary bundles of cords. This can go a long way to keep you from harming yourself or even causing unintended damages to the device. This category of machines runs mostly on rechargeable batteries. It could be run for about 2 hours before the batteries get drained. Once this happens, all you have to do is attach it to its charger, fix it to a power supply and let it regain the lost charges. 

  • Multiple Massage Setting: 

This function allows you to customize the type of massage you get. Aged citizens may need a mild and gentle massage, but younger users or sportspeople (especially athletes) might need a more intense massage. The same blood circulation machine can work for these two categories of people with multiple massage settings. Getting a circulation machine with this function would be ideal for a family with old and young people. It can be cost-effective because you purchase just a machine instead of getting different devices for different family members. 

  • Additional functions:  

A single unit of blood circulation machine can provide both leg and foot massaging functions. Some circulation machines can even be remote-controlled with other extra features (like airbags and heated knee pads) to ensure that you get the best massage experience.

5 Best Blood Circulation Machine Reviews

1. AOUSTHOP Seated Slim Circulation Leg Exerciser: Top rated

AOUSTHOP Seated Slim Circulation Leg Exerciser: Top rated


It’s constructed from steel and plastic. The portable leg exercise machine is perfect while at home or at work use. It is the ideal body blood circulation machine for individuals with a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting for too long can be detrimental to your health, but with Aousthop passive leg massager, you can do so without any worries.

This machine design allows putting your legs in constant motion, making it seem like you are walking. The result, muscle relief, improved blood circulation, and an overall increase in body strength. This machine is lightweight, portable, and highly convenient to use. It can be remote controlled and comes with various features to enhance the user experience.

  • Easy to use and operate.
  • Remote controlled with 30 adjustable speed levels.
  • Portable and convenient.
  • Enhances blood circulation and improves overall health
  • Movement is a little slow.

2. OSITO Circulation System and Nerve Muscle Stimulator


The Osito Circulation System uses clinically proven electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) to enhance blood circulation and improve muscle strength. Multifunctional and non-invasive, this device can relieve aching muscles, heighten muscle activity and provide an auxiliary therapeutic effect for certain foot conditions like arthritis, foot cramps, and foot neuropathy.

It doubles as a TENS unit and comes with 4-large pain relief electrode pads that can be placed on painful areas of the body like the arms, legs, shoulders, back, etc. These electrode pads effectively reduce body pain and can also be used together with the foot stimulator. Other features of this product include remote control, colorful LCD digital display, and 99 different adjustable intensity levels for comfort.

  • 25 targeted foot stimulation modes for increased blood circulation.
  • 4 large body pain relief electrode pads.
  • Makes use of clinically proven electrical muscle stimulation.
  • Remote control and LCD for easy use.
  • Provides adjuvant therapy for certain foot diseases.
  • The product is not very strong

3. DIENSPEAK Physiotherapy Seated Electric Leg Exerciser: Perfect for full body


Practical and precise, this unique electric leg exerciser can create leg movement while seated, which stimulates blood circulation and relaxes tension in leg muscles. Dienspeak electric leg exerciser is suitable for people with a sedentary lifestyle or who find it challenging to walk often. It is portable and can easily be used at home or the office.

It can be controlled via remote control or touch screen and has soft rubber foot pads that are slip-resistant and safe. This device has a forward and backward movement feature that decreases leg fat, reduces pain, enhances body blood circulation and body oxygen content. Dienspeak electric leg exerciser stands out among all others with an elegant noiseless design and adjustable speed levels.

  • Convenient, portable, and easy to use at home or office.
  • Passive exercise that can be done while seated.
  • Improves body blood circulation, strengthens leg muscles, reduces pain and promotes body oxygen content.
  • 5-level adjustable speed
  • Product quality may be a little old

4. Silver feat Leg Activator: Ideal for elderly

Silver feat Leg Activator: Ideal for elderly


Made with ergo-therapy and passive exercise techniques, therefore, this device can effectively improve blood circulation, strengthen your leg muscles, and reduce back or leg pain.

It is designed to create precise movements that place your legs in constant motion and also helps to enhance your body shape. It comes with a dual-speed system and a silent motor which makes it convenient to use anywhere.

It is lightweight, efficient, and produces results in no time. It is the ideal gift for middle-aged and older adults.

  • Ergo-therapy design that promotes body blood circulation, prevents leg inflammation and
  • Relieves back pain.
  • Gets rid of cellulitis and enhances body shape.
  • Dual electrical speed system.
  • Leg movement is slow.

5. REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster: FDA recommended

REVITIVE Advanced Circulation Booster: FDA recommended


In search of a modern and efficient blood circulation machine? Revitive advanced circulation booster is just what you need. Made with sophisticated electromagnetic muscle stimulation (EMS) technology, this device can relieve leg or foot pain and improve poor blood circulation. The FDA approves it as a drug-free method of pain relief, and it can stimulate body blood oxygen to your legs.

Revitive advanced circulation booster comes with 99 different intensity levels and 15 patented waveforms configured to provide optimal comfort while enabling painful areas in your foot. It is easy to use, remote control, and has a 1-year limited warranty. To get the best results, it is advisable to use the product for 30-60 mins every day during the first 2-months.

  • Increases body blood circulation and effectively ensures muscle contraction.
  • Clinically proven and FDA approved as a drug-free pain relief method.
  • 99 intensity levels.
  • The product is pricey.

6. Daiwa Felicity Foot Vibration Massager

Daiwa Felicity Foot Vibration Massager


This multifunctional vibration massager provides you with an efficient foot treatment that can boost healing, relieve pain, and promotes blood circulation. The foot vibe pro comes with acupressure nodes, eight levels of red light for efficient blood circulation, and 12 powerful vibration settings that provide intense treatment for the soles of your feet.

It has a unique design that allows it to be used as a hand, calf, or thigh massager. Remote-controlled and multipurpose, this is the ideal foot massager for every home.

  • Promotes blood circulation, relieves pain and fast tracks healing.
  • Can be used for other parts of the body like the hand, thighs, and calf.
  • 12 vibration settings and 8 levels of infrared light.
  • Remote controlled.
  • The product is a little heavy.
  • The product is a little heavy.


There are numerous benefits of a whole-body blood circulation machine. These include; relief from leg pains and sores, improving body blood circulation, reducing leg inflammation, relaxing muscle tension, eases back pain, preventing leg cramps, and providing an auxiliary therapeutic effect for neuropathy, arthritis, and other leg conditions. It is typically most beneficial to individuals who sit for very long hours or cannot walk at all. Our top recommendations are:

Both clinically proven drug-free pain relief methods feature efficient EMS technology that stimulates body blood circulation.