Some environments can impede using a manual wheelchair if the model is not designed to adopt all terrain. And since you don’t know where you might be with your wheelchair per time, it is advisable to invest in an all-terrain manual wheelchair so that you are assured of a smooth ride anywhere you find yourself. 

What is an All-Terrain Wheelchair? On the norms, “terrain” refers to the structure of an environment topography, and this can vary from place to place. Therefore, the type of terrain in some areas can limit users of wheelchairs, whether manual or electric model. 

Hence, an all-terrain wheelchair is a kind that has tires or casters rated for any terrain riding. Some models can ride through incline or bumpy surfaces and are readily equipped with an intelligent brake system to bring you to a responsive stoppage. 

There are tons of manual all-terrain wheelchair online for the disabled or patients who haven’t recovered fully from medical treatment. While some just love to ride them (electric wheelchair) as a commuting device for short distances or having fun. Nevertheless, if you want to purchase one, we can help you locate the best from the list below.



Our Reviews

Medline - MDS806550E

  • $$$

  • 300lb capacity

  • Seat can be adjusted 

  • Item weight: 34 pounds

  • 31.5 x 25.5 x 36.5 inches dimension

Karman Healthcare S-115

  • $$$$+

  • 250lb capacity

  • Removable upholstery

  • Item weight: 25 Pounds

  • 28 x 18 x 36 inches dimension

 NOVA Transport Manual WheelChair

  • $$$+

  • 300lb capacity

  • Portable and Compact

  • Item weight: 27.1 Pounds

  • 6 x 25 x 37.5 inches dimension

Drive Medical Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair

  • $$$+

  • 350lb capacity

  • Medical grade

  • Item weight: 9.32 Pounds

  • 37.00 x 33.50 x 13.00 inches dimension

NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair

  • $$+

  • 300lb capacity

  • Adjustable belt

  • Item weight: 27.1 Pounds

  • 16 x 25 x 37.5 inches dimension

Invacare T424RDAP

  • $$$$+

  • 350lb capacity

  • Heavy duty frame

  • Item weight: 48.9 Pounds

  • 37.28 x 32.28 x 12.76 inches dimension

Top 6 All Terrain Manual Wheelchair Reviews

1. Medline – MDS806550E

  • 5 Best All Terrain Manual Wheelchair Reviews & How To Pick

This Medline product has an 18-inch seat size, which is ideal for women whose hips are not too large, but certainly, it will occupy an average waist of men. The seat is also soft and comfortable, thanks to the breathable upholstery. This product comes featuring a flip back, arms that are that of desk-length, and elevation footrests for extra support. You can also remove the footrest if so wishes. The adjustable backrest moves up and down for customized support.

The Medline has smooth-rolling wheels, and they’re of low maintenance flat-free and foot-powered movement. This smartly built lightweight chair is simple to navigate yet sturdy enough to holds individuals weighing up to 300 pounds. However, this is an ideal choice for on-the-go users who want the easy access of flip-back desk arms and the enhanced comfort of elevating leg rests. 


  • Strong and sturdy 
  • Lightweight design 
  • Multiple seat width such as 16, 18 or 20 


  • The only drawback, it’s not powered by electricity 


2. Karman Healthcare S-115

Another solution for an all-terrain manual wheelchair you may like is the Karman S-115 model. From our observation, this Karman breathable mesh seat can carry people reaching 250-pound weight and very comfortable to sit-on. 

It features two big rear wheels and smaller ones in front, which allow the device to be stable when riding and maneuvering tough- terrains. 

The design features an 18” armrest height, 19” seat height, and overall open width of 23, 25, and 27inch. Also, the finishing features AEGIS anti-bacteria technology plus stain-free resistance material. Karman all terrain wheelchair also has an optional quick wheel release pop-off at a press of a button. 

One unique feature, it has removable and washable upholstery resulting in low maintenance and easy cleaning. The ergonomic armrest pads, also going to help you get comforting support for your elbow. 


  • Lightweight construction 
  • The quick wheel release option allows for easy storage or transporting into a car trunk. 


  • No storage compartment 
  • It’s not ideal for a person weighing more than 250lbs 


 3. NOVA Transport Manual WheelChair

This product is from the NOVA brand, a top, and renowned company when it comes to high-quality mobility wheelchair. You’ll love this unit coming from them like other users. Besides, it has received up to 800plus customer reviews and 4.7 ratings out of 5 stars, making it a top-notch wheelchair for seniors, the disabled, and others.

It has locking hand brakes, applied to the rear 12 inch wheels, and removable anti-tippers for added safety. The easy to use footrest can be removed and lock back into position. You can adjust the footrest so that the user’s legs can rest properly.

While the previous product can accommodate 250pounds, NOVA boasts up to 300pounds, which senior the Karman S-115. With an adjustable belt, padded armrest, lightweight aluminum frame-work, etc. choosing the NOVA is worth the offer.   


  • It’s not bulky 
  • Large wheels to navigate through a bump 
  • It comes with an adjustable foot height 


  • A user said it has a poor ergonomic construction. Also, prolonged sitting can be uncomfortable.


4. Drive Medical Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair

This medical drive wheelchair comes sturdy and attractive for urban environment settings. The steel frame is powder-coated and silver vein finishing, which makes it easy to maintain compared to a most all-terrain manual wheelchair. The product’s durability cannot be questioned, because of the high-quality steel frame used in the making.

Having this product is quite interesting to use or store-away because it is easy to load and unload. If talking about safety, there is no need to get worried. It comes with a push-lock wheels brake that can easily be accessible by your companion when needed most. However, this wheelchair runs with 8-inch caster wheels and 24inch size wheels at the back to withstand any terrains.

Least, you forget, the Drive medical is rated up to 350 pounds capacity users weight. The seat depth is 16 inches, seat height from the ground is 17.6 – 19.5inches making it ideal for the different height-levels. Footrests are easy to put on and take off and also really flexible to unlock to move them.


  • Medically grade 
  • Lock wheelchairs 
  • Easy to maintain


  • While so many positive reviews from users, a user said she had issues with the footrest of hers, which may be subjective to that particular unit only. 


5. NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair

The selling point, this unit features removable and flip-up arms for easy transferring to store-away or putting the car trunk. It has 12-inch rare wheels, which are a little bit higher than the ones installed in front of the NOVA transporting chair. 

These wheels give users optimal balancing, but you’ll need a companion to use this product. This unique travel wheelchair has a secondary wheel-lock, plus an anti-tippers serving as an added safety feature. 

Also, the NOVA all terrain manual wheelchair has a seat belt that can be adjusted up to 41 inches. There is also a small pouch for storing things like keys, mobile phones, etc.  


  • Easy user transferring 
  • Lightweight wheelchair 
  • Hold up to 300 pounds maximum user weight


  • To use this transport wheelchair a companion is needed.


6. Invacare T424RDAP

This streamlined look product is one of the best all-terrain manual wheelchair featured by Amazon as the best choice. Unlike the previous product that requires an assistant for usage, the Invacare T4 supports both companion and self-riding. In order words, you can ride this transporting chair without anyone pushing from behind if you so desire. 

The Tracer IV has a strong reinforced frame for heavy-duty load carriage up to 350lbs weight capacity. You will also like the high Urethane 24 inch rear and 12-inch front wheels for their comfort while riding through bumps or rough arena. The seat is fully- padded to give riders the best of comfort expected from a high-quality wheelchair. It comes with a footrest and armrest.


  • The seat height adjusted to the floor level.
  • Ideal for personal use without companion assistance. 


  • It’s one of the most expensive product on the list.


How To Pick The Best Manual Wheelchair?

It can be a critical decision process when various items are placed in front of people sometimes. Like in the case of this Top 6 All Terrain Wheelchair reviews and discussion are very competitive despite the detailed analysis. Nevertheless, a few of these tips will further help to narrow your search. 

1. Weight capacity

User weight is the topmost priority when it comes to buying a wheelchair. If you take a close look at the comparison table above, you will notice each of the products has its weight capacity. That is the load they can hold individually. With this mindset, it means you have to know what you are weighing to pick a unit that can carry you conveniently. 

2. Use with or without a companion 

Some models only support use with a companion, which means when nobody is around equally meant no movement for you. While some models support both companion and individual piloting, and as such, you can ride yourself when nobody is around to transport you. I will go for a product such as the Invacare T424RDAP that offers this capability. 

3. Seat adjustment 

Adjusting the seat is always a good option when looking for a wheelchair because a chair with fixed seat height may not give you room to level or increase if the need arises. 

4. Footrest 

In recent times, I have never seen a wheelchair without a footrest. As such, you will easily find products to pick but mind you, choose a wheelchair whose footrest can be removed and lock back. This is very important when you want to transport the chair in your car, letting you remove quickly and fold it up, and put it into the trunk. 

5. Other features  

Safety is another consideration to check. Hence, ensure what you’re aiming for has a brake system or anti tippers. Also, check for the belt to know if it will hold you firmly to the chair. Also, make sure the belt allows for adjustment too, which is perfect for different users’ utilization. If you’ll need to take some accessories alongside as you go, consider purchasing a model with a storage pouch.

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Conclusion & Recommendation 

Shopping for an all-terrain manual wheelchair is not as difficult as may have thought it to be. Even though there are many products available on the market, you’ll still able to find the best one following expert guides like as we have done in this article. 

Since wheelchairs are mobility chairs, comfort and safety should never be underrated. Also, if you don’t have anyone that will be assisting in pushing around, we advise you to pick a product that allows for self-transporting. This way, you avoid staying at one fixed point when a companion is not around.

The review section has detailed all of the wheelchairs, but if still confuse about which to choose, then we recommend our choice for you to consider Medline – MDS806550E here…