Different seasons, such as harmattan, could have diverse effects on the skin and hair. One needs to make a good resolution to keep up with the standard of hair and skin. One thing to consider is a humidifier. A good humidifier adds moisture to dry air and creates a conducive condensation level that soothes your hair, skin, scalp, cracked lips and improves your breathing, too. There is no need for breaking hair and skin. The hair stamina and moisture need to be maintained every time. The effect of a dry environment around your house and room, especially during winter, can be so uncomfortable. From dry skin, difficulty breathing, chapped lips, discomfort in sleep, and so on, dry air is not favorable. You can combat the dry air and its symptoms using the best 400 sq ft humidifier.

5 Best 400 Sq Ft Humidifier Discussion 2021: How To

However, having too much moisture in the air is as bad as having too little or dry air, which is concerned. The best humidifier must be that which matches your space, requirement, and lifestyle. Hence, this article on the best 400 square feet humidifier will guide you through a rational choice and purchase of the best humidifier for your mid-sized room in a simple way.

The best 400 square feet humidifier ranges in specificity, size, features, and type. It can be tasking deciding, which soothes you well, but we have done extensive research on the top five best 400 square feet humidifier. This resulted in commendable and accurate reviews to help you select the best for you. Below is the analysis of the top 5 best 400 square feet humidifiers with their reviews, including pros and cons, too.



Our Review

MADETEC Humidifier for Bedroom

  • 5 liters tank

  • 4 layers filters

  • Top refilling

  • 430 square feet

Air innovation MH-408 Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Up to 70hr operation  

  • Variable mists settings

  • Runs quietly

  • Up to 400 Sq Ft

WIEKURT Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom

  • Wifi compatible

  • 24 hours operation

  • Timer up 1-8 hrs

  • Essential oil box

  • Up to 400 Sq Ft

SUPALAK Cool Mist Humidifier

  • 4.5 liter tank

  • Quiet operation

  • Automatic shut off

  • Essential oil diffuser

LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom

  • 6 liter tank

  • Works with Alexa

  • Has a remote control

  • Top fill design

  • Essential oil

5 Best 400 Sq Ft Humidifier Reviews

1. Best 400 Sq Ft: MADETEC Humidifier for Bedroom

The MADETEC is a smart ultrasonic cool mist humidifier ready to release your 400 square room with the right amount of moisture and humidity. It features a 360degrees rotatable that has higher coverage with a 5.5litres water tank that can run for up to 40hours.

The three adjustable mist option makes it easier to choose the intensity of the mist output according to your need at any point in time. These mist levels are 120ml/h, 180ml/h, and 250ml/h, such as low, medium, and high level, respectively.

This humidifier ensures that you get the best and freshest air intake by reducing airborne impurities through its 4-layers filter purification process. You will sleep better even with this humidifier is in operation because it is ultra-quiet.


  • Timer mode – up to 8 hours
  • Essential oil tray
  • Remote controlled with built-in humidistat
  • Auto shut-off and LED display


  • Humidistat gets a little inaccurate after some time.


2. Air innovation MH-408 Cool Mist Humidifier

  • Air innovation MH-408 Cool Mist Humidifier

Air innovation’s MH-408 cool mist humidifier is a classy one that moisturizes medium-sized rooms up to 400 square feet. It is lightweight, weighing about 3pounds. Also, it is made of plastic and has a permanent ceramic filter that never needs replacement. Once its tank is filled with water, it runs up to 70hours.

Furthermore, it is controlling, using a manual dial that is calibrated with levels and control options. Also, it is designed to operate noiselessly so you can enjoy your sleep and relaxation, uninterruptedly.

It is important to also note that the humidifier has a number of mist settings, mist output levels, and a rotating nozzle for easy moisture dispersion. 


  • Features a permanent ceramic filter
  • Has variable mist control
  • 360degress rotating nozzle
  • Easy to operate


  • Being made from plastic, it is fragile.


3. WIEKURT Cool Mist Humidifier for Bedroom

WEIKURT cool mist humidifier is black, shiny, elegant, and efficient. It features a top-fill large capacity water tank that contains 5000ml of water. The top filling system makes it easy to refill the tank when it is low on water. Coupled with the fact that this humidifier is an ultrasonic one, which explains its whisper-quiet operation, it also is WIFI compatible.

This humidifier is easy to clean and reliable for everyone’s use, even around children. It shuts-off automatically when the water level is off, and it features an aroma tray that allows you to distill your essential oil.


  • Features a mist purifying bulb
  • Has an aroma box
  • Easy to clean
  • Smart and WIFI compatible  


  • Users complain of leaks and water spill


4. SUPALAK Cool Mist Humidifier

SUPALAK cool mist humidifier is ultrasonic and works to maintain a comfortable indoor humidity as you would desire. It features an intelligent humidity monitor that turns the humidifier on or off when the preset humidity is dropped or reached.

There are three mist levels to choose from, conveniently. Not only does the humidifier moisturize the air, but it also serves as a diffuser for essential oil. It comes with remote control, so you change its settings without leaving the comfort of your bed.

This humidifier gives a warning when its water level is low and turns off automatically when this occurs. SUPALAK humidifier has a water tank capacity of 4.5litres with a wide opening that allows for easy refilling and cleaning.


  • Large watertank capacity
  • Remote controlled
  • Easy to clean
  • 1-12hr timer with sleep mode


  • The view panel is on top and cannot be viewed from your bed when using the remote control


5. LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifiers for Bedroom

Are you looking for a smart humidifier that can be controlled by voice? The LEVOIT Cool Mist Humidifier is your go-to.

You can set this smart humidifier to work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant hands-free. This cool-mist humidifier has an in-built sensor that adjusts automatically following the preset output level.

You can also add your favorite essential oil to the aroma box, included in the humidifier to add great fragrance and allure to your room.

The water tank capacity is 6litres and can run for up to 60hours without refilling when on a low mist setting.

Being a top-fill design, it’ is quick to fill, clean, and maintain. Along with the humidifier comes a cleaning brush and a user manual.


  • Three control options – voice, app and manual controls
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • LED display
  • Essential oil tray


  • The valve circle weakens and leaks with time


How To Find The Best 400 Square Feet Humidifier For Room

When using a heater in your home during winter, though the warmth is needed, it creates dry air. And it is also accompanied by some uncomfortable symptoms. You can elevate these symptoms and moisturize your home and rooms with a humidifier. To find the best humidifier for 400 square feet room considers the following:

  • Effectiveness 

The best humidifier for your mid-size room of 400 square feet must be efficient enough to moisturize the room efficiently without overdoing it. Excess humidification is as worst as the dry air present in the first place. Hence, humidifiers for this purpose are usually compact, lightweight, small, portable, and placed on desk, table, or countertops.

  • Cleaning of Water Tank

The water tank cleaning is significant because you breathe-in all that the tank gives to the humidifier. Some humidifiers have openings on their water tank that your hand can fit in for cleaning, while others do not. Go for the humidifier that allows you to clean the water tank well to ensure that bacteria, mold, and mildew are not growing inside it.

  • Maintenance 

Generally, humidifiers require minimal maintenance. However, it is safe to go with those that allow you to save costs. Some humidifiers have an internal filter that requires periodic replacement, while others do not. Note how much maintenance that’ll require and pick a unit, which is best for you.

  • Noise level 

Humidifiers, in general, make little insignificant noises. Some can be noisier. For your bedroom or office use, you will need a near-silent operation from the humidifier, so your work and sleep is not interrupted. Ultrasonic humidifiers are usually very quiet; in fact, they are the quietest of the humidifier types.

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Humidifiers are a great help in homes, especially during winter. They eliminate the harmful effects related to dry air by maintaining a balanced humidity level. 

In our opinion, the best 400 sq ft humidifier is the MADETEC Humidifier for Bedroom, which is the first and best on the list of the best humidifier for 1000 square feet

It features a 360degrees rotatable that has wide-coverage with a 5.5litres water tank that can run for up to 40hours. It is easy to set up and use, its price is moderate and design, elegant. Maintaining this piece does not cost a fortune, whereas it is durable, too.

The Air innovation MH-408 Cool Mist Humidifier is also an excellent choice because it works excellently well in your 400 square feet room. It features a permanent ceramic filter and has variable mist control 360degress rotating nozzle. Generally, it is easy to operate through fragile because of its plastic nature.