The led grow lights market is growing daily due to the high demand by farmers. The importance of led lights for plants or crops is to supply sunlight for maximum growth, but you only need a LED growing light if you have an indoor garden, greenhouse, or grow room (tent). If you are planting outdoor, the natural sunshine is enough to supply your plant with the right amount of photosynthesis required. Therefore, this article is only of relative importance for those who plant indoors, unless you want to learn about what’s growing led light.

Hence, it is substantial to let you know that grow lights come in watt capacity, and choosing an appropriate watt capacity for a specific coverage area will make your plant do better. For instance, 1000w led grow lights are more powerful than 600 watts if you are thinking of covering 5 x 5 feet. Some people have a misconception that a thousand-watt led grow light can only cover four by 4 feet.

Our point, there is no difference between the two feet’ size. You can use it either for 4 x 4 or 5 by 5 when choosing a high-quality one. But how do you know the good ones when there are lots of fake products out there. This is why we are here to help you through this discussion. We have emphasized the most relevant aspects so you won’t get lost, and our buying guide is lucid on the features to check for you to make a wise decision. We are starting with the comparison, followed by other areas of concern before the review section.

Sample of 1000 watts Led Grow Light
SpectrumLed color Lifespan
King Plus 1000w Grow Light380 – 780 nm blue, white and red 100,000
Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light440 – 660 nm blue, white, yellow and red 50000
SUNRAISE Full Spectrum Light430 – 660 nm blue, white, and red 50,000
COB Grow Light Full Spectrum Reflector 12 color spectrum light 72 + 1 COB50000

Why choose a 1000w led grow light?

In reality, you know, indoor garden, hydroponic, tent, grow room, etc., sizes vary. This, however, determines the performance of a particular grow light. The bigger the coverage area, the higher watt (W) capacity led lights you’ll need. Otherwise, you have to buy more than one unit for a particular space installation.

Always remember that your crops will do fine and better when a burst of adequate sunshine is coming on them, and their yielding may supersede your calculation. Therefore, a 1000w capacity led light may save you more space and cost than buying 2-separate units that have 600w rated if you’re to add sunshine in a 3 x 3 ft.

More so, the number of pieces you may need for a particular coverage area depends on the size. The table below will be helpful, knowing the exact quantity, but it might not be feasible in some enclosures.

Feet (Ft)
Number of 1000w led lights
5ft x 5 ft
4 ft x 4 ft
3 ft x 3 ft
4 ft x 2 ft

Types of Grow Light 

Apart from led lights for the plant, other types are available, and it is wise to know them if you want to change your mind about buying led lights. All indoor grow lights fall into these three categories:

  • LED (light-emitting diodes): It is the most expensive of all types but more efficient. It lasts longer and consumes lesser energy as regards fluorescent and HID lights. With this model, you have a different color spectrum which intensity can be dim depending if the one you can do. It does not produce heat that can harm plants but have side effect when to human eyes. Therefore, people need to wear protection when entering planting rooms that have led lights. 
  • High-density diodes (HID): These are more powerful than fluorescent and are commonly used among professional farmers commercially. The HID models produce more heat and thus advise to be placed a farther distance from your plants to avoid killing them.
  • Fluorescents light: This can supply light to indoor plants but may not be as effective as LED or HPS, but still better than incandescent bulbs. To use a fluorescent, you’ll need a stand to place them, and also, the light needs ballast for current regulation.  

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How To Pick The Best 1000w Grow Led Light 

Grow lights are of different quality, making one product differ from the next. To avoid the wrong choice while buying the best 1000w led grow lights, the following features are worthy of note:

  • Coverage area: You need to consider the size of the enclosed space to use the grow lights before purchasing. Grow lights have maxima coverage areas to work best if you choose a product of a lesser capacity to your plant growing section. Your plants may receive a partial lightening, which can affect their performance unless you want to invest in more than one product. To overcome this challenge. Measure the grow room size and choose corresponding units that can effectively release artificial sunshine into it. 
  • Spectrum: A grow-led light with a red and blue spectrum is a reasonable deal for plants of any kind to do well. But if your grow light can provide infrared, ultraviolet, IR, or UV light, that means a more spectrum option to choose for plants growing.  
  • Energy consumption: An excellent 1000w energy-rated grow led light should be able to run for 12hours without consuming much power. Since you’ll want it to work for hours, it is appropriate to choose an energy-efficient product. Getting a unit of this rating will serve you a higher cost of electricity bills. So how do you know which is the best energy-rated product to choose? Any product whose output is below 300 watts is considered a bit low. Therefore, an upward value of, let’s say, 350w, 450w, 1000w, and above are a better choice to cut down electric tariffs.   
  • Light Adjustment: Too much light shining on your plants all the time can affect them. Moreover, different growth stages require a specific amount of light. Meaning, if you’re to use a single 1000w led grow light to supply lightening from germinating to the maturing period, such a product should have light controls that’ll let you adjust it to different stage requirements.  

Top 5 1000w Grow Led Light Recommendation

1. King Plus 1000w Led Grow Light

King Plus 1000w Led Grow Light


If you’re looking for a led grow light for veggie or bloom growing, the King Plus, 1000 watts product, is our recommendation. It’s designed for different growing stages of veg and flower. The KingKing plus spectrum has Veg and Bloom switches located at the side and three different LED light colors: blue, white, and red. The veg switch produces blue LED and white LED lights only for growing seed or seedlings, while the bloom switch offers red and white led for flowers, although the veg switch can also be used. The KingLED offers full spectrum lightening from 380 nm to 780 nm natural lights needed for all plant’s growth stages. Its high-tech LED design features two times led chips for less energy consumption to save you money on electricity than traditional lights featuring HPS. The bottom line, the KingKing 1000w plants growing light is ideal for seedlings growing flowering fruiting.

  • It has high-end energy saving led 
  • It has veg and bloom switch 
  • Has blue, white and red led colors 
  • Produces (380 to 780) nm spectrum  
  • 90 days money return warranty 
  • 3 years professional customer service 
  • Install with cooling fans 
  • Provides brighter light and durable 
  • Some users said cooling fans can go loud sometimes while some conclude it’s quiet. 
  • The construction is quite heavy 

2. Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light

Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light


The Giixer is one of the cheapest grow led lights for indoor gardening, but its chip 10w led bulb is bigger and shines brighter and more efficient than traditional 1000 watts lamps. Recall, this product has 10w x 100pcs led lights, making you have access to 1000 watts capacity to improve the yield of your planting in the next harvest. It comes with a dual switch such as the veg mode and the bloom option. For young growing plants or seedlings per se, use only the veg mode that offers white and blue lights, while for flowering or blooming, the bloom and veg can be used. Your plant will never suffer from heat because the Giixer has powerful dual fans that cool the light rays. As such, your plants will be happy while increasing in yield.

  • Up to 100,000 hours lifespan
  • A powerful cool fan inside the construction 
  • Vegetable coverage 2.5 x 2.5 feet at 16 inches while bloom coverage 2 x 2 feet at 12 inches.
  • 2-year customer service and warranty and also 30 days money refund guarantee 
  • It comes with hanging kits 
  • You’ll need 6pcs for 5 x 5 ft, 4pcs for 4 x 4 ft, or 2pcs for 3 x 3 ft space 

3. SUNRAISE 1000W Full Spectrum LED Light for Indoor Plants

Giixer 1000W LED Grow Light


The Sunraise construction includes an optical lens, which helps increase light rays by 30 percent, plus higher PAR values to most brands of led light lights in the market. The performance of this 1000w led lights makes your vegetables, greenies, or any other indoor plant grow well and produce fruits that you’ll least expect. It uses 15watt triple LEDs, shining brighter with its advanced PAR value. In the design, there are 96 LED’s and each one has a Zener diode. Like most brands, the Sunraise features two switches: the bloom and veg. as we have stated earlier, the bloom or veg switch is for nurturing flowers or bloom while seeding or growing vegetative. The veg switch only is required to be turned on. Every hardware required in installing comes with the purchase and a manual to guide you through the process. Read more on customer reviews. 

  • High yield performance 
  • Stainless steel hanger  
  • Adjustable rope hanger 
  • Included daisy chain 
  • Easy to install 
  • Back up with 3-years warranty     
  • Energy efficient 
  • Consumes 164 watts per hour 
  • It comes with a user manual 
  • It gives only red, blue, and white light
  • A user complains about the hanger being too small for her to hang the device. 

4. COB LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Reflector

COB LED Plant Grow Light Full Spectrum Reflector


This has undergone plenty of experimentation to ensure efficiency and has passed all the tests of promoting faster and better plant growth. Compared with rival brands, it proved to provide higher brightness with less heat emission and last longer. Using spectrum light for your plants gives you more courage for a better result than using traditional grow lamps based on low light technology. It’s universally adopted globally among farmers due to the high productivity it gives to plants. Its combination of red-blue and whites lights is the same as natural sunshine; plants desired to grow in perfect lighting conditions. Ensure to hang the COB at the height of 20 – 28 inches for it to supply maximum light to vegetate your plants. It is best to use this product for a coverage area of 4.2 x 4 feet at a height not exceeding 22 inches. Many greenhouse farmers make use of the COB LED Plant Grow Light. So, it is wise you read more customer reviews here. The led bulb installed in this product is generally dim. As such, do not think they are faulty. 

  • It is energy efficient compare to MH and HPS
  • 30 days money back warranty 
  • It’s backup 36-months warranty 
  • Lifetime after service warranty 
  • Single switch design for both veg and flowers 
  • Single switch design 
  • It has 50,000 hours lifespan 
  • Uses 110 – 240 voltage 
  • Only for indoor use
  • Do not use once the fans are off
  • When the light is in operation, do not look at them directly 

5. VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable 1000W LED Grow Light

VIPARSPECTRA Dimmable 1000W LED Grow Light


On the market, the Viparspectra brand has some of the best 1000w led grow lights. Even other of their watt size, such as the 600w, 1,200w, etc., also earned ratings from customers who had used them. Therefore, choosing this 1000w, preferably for an indoor hydroponic garden, will give your vegetables or flowers a healthy look, as they’ll receive full-spectrum lights without heat emission. One unique aspect, you can dim the lights, unlike competitive units that lack this functionality. The VEG dimmer will help your young plants spring forth correctly for the farmer specializing in germinating seedlings. Hence, promoting the early vegetation cycle is very necessary as it determines their growing stage. The bloom dimmer switch, according to the manufacturer, can be applied throughout all stages of cultivation. This 1000w light is perfect for a three by three vegetative coverage area (VCA) at height 22” while 2.5 by 2.4 feet flowering cover area at 16-inch height. You can check what users have to say about this product before deciding on it.

  • Effective cooling system
  • Two (2) years warranty and thirty (30) days money-back guarantee  
  • Users can dim the light or adjust the intensity level 
  • Daisy chain allows growers to connect many lights via the light outlet’s connection option 
  • The user said it’s loud;
  • The caribiner is tiny 


  • How many plants can a 1000w led light grow? 

A 1000 watts led light can be used to supply sunshine up to 20 plants in 4 x 4 feet space. Better still, perfect for a 20 square feet closed area. 

  • How much power does a 1000w lead grow light use?   

While electricity consumption by a 1000w led light varies from one brand to another, from research, a standard 1000w led bulb can use up 164kw (kilowatts) per hour, meaning in 12 hours, a total of 1968kw of electricity is consumed. 


Knowing how to use a grow light is the most concerning aspect for plants proper growth. Do not place it too close to them, because the heat can kill the plants and shouldn’t be too far, for even spread the ray of light. 

Choose wisely, and nothing but the best 1000w grow light for your indoor plants.