Most wheelchair manufacturer promises that they have the best all terrain wheelchair, therefore you should opt for their brand. But is this true? Are they not after your money?

We can’t dispute the fact because they’ve their proof as in the quality of material used in making the wheelchair. Nevertheless, thorough research is required if you want to arrive at a sturdy and high performing wheelchair for different terrain utilization.

However, in a way to help you bypass the challenges that may arise in choosing the right all-terrain wheelchair whether manual or electric model – we’ve researched and analyzed some products for top consideration.   

A review of them below highlighted detail of each unit concerning the features, pros, and cons.



Our Reviews

NOVA Lightweight Transport WheelChair for All Terrain

  • Foldable

  • Easy travel

  • For users up to 300 pounds

  • Item weight: 27.1 Pounds

  • 16 x 25 x 37.5 inches dimension

Karman Healthcare WheelChair

  • Easy folding 

  • Ultra lightweight

  • For users up to 220bls 

  • Item weight: 19.5 Pounds

  • 14 x 31 x 31 inches dimension


  • Quick folding 

  • Lightweight

  • For users up to 330bls 

  • Item weight: 19.5 Pounds

  • 14 x 31 x 31 inches dimension

Hi-Fortune Magnesium Wheelchair

  • Self-propelled

  • Travel bag

  • For users up to 220bls 

  • Item weight: 21 pounds

  • 35 x 13.4 x 28 inches dimension

Invacare Wheelchair    

  • Manual

  • Footrest  

  • For users up to 250bls 

  • Item weight: 41.05 pounds

  • 37.4 x 32.3 x 13 inches dimension

Rubicon Best Rated Exclusive

  • Up to 330 lbs

  • Travels up to 18 miles

  • 25 degree max. climbing slope

  • Intelligent brake system

Reviews of Top 6 Best All Terrain Wheelchair

1. NOVA Lightweight Transport WheelChair for All Terrain

  • Reviews of Top 6 Best All Terrain Wheelchair

Knowing that a lightweight wheelchair is one of the most sorted on the market, it’ll interest you to introduce this Nova product to you. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport and travel with as one can quickly fold and store away. 

The weightless design also allows for easy navigation across all terrain and maneuver effortlessly. This versatile all-terrain design features 12 inch rear wheels and Nova’s locking brakes that let the companion control and regulate the speed or park it without brake failure. It is also safe to ride the manual transporting chair in a bump or inclines terrain due to the high level of safety equipped into the NOVA Chair

With this product, you have access to adjustable belts, storage pouch where to put accessories such as mobile phones, keys, and other things needed for the journey. A disabled or a patient weighing up to 300 pounds can utilize this chair. 


  • The unit is not heavy 
  • Its 12” tire great for all-terrain 
  • It offers quick folding and compact storage 
  • Has responsive brakes and safety belts 


  • Not an electric model 
  • It requires a companion to transport users 


2. Karman Healthcare WheelChair

Although the first product is a good offer, you might still want to dive into the specification of this Karman product to choose wisely. If that is the case, we’re glad to take you further on the details of the Karman all-terrain mobility chair. 

When comparing with the previous item, this unit only weighs 19.7 pounds, which is far lesser than that of the NOVA in contrast. Therefore, in terms of reducing weight, we recommend Karman Healthcare because heavy load can be tiring. 

However, the Karman wheelchair can only hold a maximum weight of an individual of 220lbs, hence if you’re looking for a product with a carriage capacity up to 300 pounds, don’t hesitate to choose NOVA for meeting the requirement. 

Consequently, one of the major drawbacks associated with this Karman model is the high price tag, which is as a result of the robust features it has. Besides, the Ergo Flight is made of Aircraft Grade T6 Aluminum, which is globally accepted and can be used on an airplane travels.  


  • Folding backrest 
  • Comfortable padded seat 
  • Safety braking system 
  • Limited lifetime warranty 


  • A little bit expensive 
  • Design for users not exceeding 220lbs 


3. MAJESTIC BUVAN 2020 Model

If you want to upgrade from a manual wheelchair to a power (electric wheelchair) or do you want to purchase your first electric transporting wheelchair then MAJESTIC BUVAN is one never to underrate. 

While the previous chairs are very cheap and very lightweight, a model powered by electricity is generally more expensive and heavy in weight but accommodate heavyweight persons – this is all that you’ll enjoy from this wonderful riding chair for all-terrain. 

As to say, the MAJESTIC BUVAN overall weight is 59lbs, which is an average weight for an electric wheelchair, and the design holds users up to 330lbs. Also, the wheelchair is approved for airplane traveling, thanks to all the safety features that make it possible. Handling and transporting when not in use is easy, requires only 3 seconds folding and convenient storage – fits most trunks easily. 

When you purchase this product, you’ll enjoy 24/7 customer supports, 30 days money back warranty, spare parts, and repair warranty as offered by the US-based California Company. 

This robot can travel 13miles at a maximum speed of 5Mph, the back 12-inch wheel is wear-resistant, has an intelligent brake system, all direction Joystick control, and many more.    


  • Airplane approved
  • Easy to handle 
  • Warranty backup 
  • Design with aircraft grade alloy 
  • You don’t need a companion to ride it 


  • It is expensive 
  • It takes up to 5 -6 hours for the battery to charge fully 


4. Hi-Fortune Magnesium Wheelchair

Peradventure, you’re yet to decide from the above units, no challenge, this Hi-fortune can still win you over. Though it’s a manual model with this, only the user can transport him or herself, thanks to the self-propelled features – therefore, users may not need someone to transport them at all times. 

The seat has enough support to give you a comforting ride unlike competitive units without foam. The seat has a width of 17.5 inches and can hold 220lbs weight capacity, thanks to the 13.5lbs strong frame that absorbs the user’s weight. 

However, the width from the outer of the wheel to the other side is 28 inches – so before you place an order, ensure the chair will fit through your home doorway. 

Safety of the Hi-Fortune Wheelchair is highly put into consideration by the manufacturer by installing both hand and rear brakes for safer rides. Also includes anti-tippers that help enhance safety. 


  • No assembly required 
  • One year frame and component warranty against defects 


  • Check the dimension of the unit and compare it with your way to ensure it fit to pass through before buying. 


5. Invacare Wheelchair

This wheelchair is not only built for use in all-terrain environments but also designed to last long. Not only durable but also lightweight weight nature allowing you to take for the journey stress-free. You’ll love the flexible folding construction for quick storing. 

The Invacare comes with 8” front casters and 24” rear wheels that would let you cruise through rugged topography without noticing the feeling of bumps. The construction has an integrated footrest to place your legs for a relaxed ride. The upholstery is made of black nylon with a heavy-duty inner liner to keep the seat and back from stretching. 


  • Holds weight up to 250 pounds 
  • Has 18-inch width seat for wider persons 
  • Built with a carbon steel frame that offers high strength   


  • Require companion assistant to use this device.


6. Rubicon Best Rated Exclusive

Rounding up this discussion on the best all terrain wheelchair comes the Rubicon exclusive power wheelchair. This robot features a dual 500W motor, which means 1000 watts in total engine power. The design consists of a Joystick serving as steering and it’s flexible to control for seamless riding. 

You’ll love this motorized adult wheelchair if you’re living in a grassy, gravel, or snow because the tires are made to withstand this kind of surfaces and many other terrains. 

This comes ready for air traveling-approved and foldable within a minute and is lift easily into your SUV or car trunks. Its breathable seat and back cushions give comfort and also removable for easy cleaning. 


  • It is back up with five years on frame, one year for motor, and 6-months warranty    
  • Long-lasting battery life and shock absorbers for comforts
  • Features for electromagnet braking system ensuring passenger safety      


  • It requires you charging the battery up to 6 – 8 hours 


How to Pick the Best Wheelchair for All Terrain from the List

A case of the above top 6 all-terrain wheelchairs is a practical approach to knowing which the best product is for you. Trying to figure out on the ground of lack of information regarding a wheelchair then mistake is inevitable choosing wrongly. Therefore, in this context, it is wise to know the topmost requirements for buying a good wheelchair. We believe the below will be of great help:

1. Weight

On the market, wheelchairs’ user capacity is either rated in pounds or lbs, which is the unit of measurement of weight it can hold. In a real sense, people are supposed to purchase what will accept them properly and be comfortable. Therefore, the higher the weight capacity, the more loads it can accommodate. 

Meaning, if you’re weighing higher, pick a wheelchair that has the strength of a carrying you. Purchasing a unit with a lesser weight carrying capacity is a total waste of money and may end up not holding, hence may damage the mobility device. 

To eliminate doubt on the unit that can hold you firmly, ensure you take your weight measurement before going to the market in search of a wheelchair. 

2. Adjustment 

No wheelchair comes perfect to fit different users. As such, a product that allows for adjustment is worth it. Because users can easily tailor customization to meet their demand. With this view, it’s wise to look for a model whose seat level or width can be re-adjust to fit comfortably. Also, consider checking the belt adjustment allowance and footrest, if it is possible to remove it or not. A standard wheelchair should allow for footrest removal or installation when required. 

3. Compact Foldable 

The most complex wheelchair can be difficult to fold up in seconds and sometimes after folding still look no different like when in use, making it difficult to transport into a car trunk. This is not good, especially if you need to take it alongside to somewhere that matters most. Your car may, unable to accommodate it but, not to worry, all the units discussed here are very portable and compact after folding to store or transport with cars. 

4. Safety Level  

We do not advise anyone to purchase a wheelchair that doesn’t have a braking system. Your companion may need to stop suddenly, and applying the brake will be the only solution. But what if there is no brake? Anything can happen. Therefore, buy a product with intelligent brake technology. 

5. Storage   

Although this may not be necessary and not a topmost priority in determining the best wheelchair to an extent, having storage is ideal. You can keep some of your items you may need at any time, such as your keys, phones or water bottles, etc. inside the storage holder.

6. Price 

Wheelchairs are not as expensive as electric wheelchairs. They cost around $150 up to $600+ depending on the features. How much you can invest, however, depends on specs and what you want. According to the rule of thumb – higher price products seem better, but in most cases, it may not be so. Our opinion is that you spend more to get quality and value. 

Conclusion & Recommendation 

Different options are available when it comes to an all-terrain wheelchair leading to complex decision making. While this has been one major drawback before now. Our post has addressed this issue by featuring the top 6 wheelchair reviews and how to determine a good one. 

The elderly, seniors, disable, and people with one medical condition or the other can use any of the products discussed in this post. Hence, we recommend Karman Healthcare as the best manual wheelchair while Majestic Buvan as the best power electric wheelchair in this article. But feel free to check the rest of the list for an affordable one.