If there is anything we can all agree on, it is the fact that losing weight is tough work. It takes dedication and effort to achieve a weight-loss milestone and most people can hardly keep up (not to about having a 30 days weight loss challenge). A vast majority of those who start out on a weight loss journey end up giving up halfway. Asides from the time and effort required to keep up with the routine, setting unrealistic goals, difficulty to meet a deadline, or losing motivation midway are a few of the reasons why people don’t follow through on their weight loss plan.

It takes a lot of effort to follow a routine. However, if you follow it consistently enough, you’ll enjoy the benefits. One of the ways to motivate yourself on a weight loss journey is to create a challenge. This challenge could be a weekly, fortnight, or monthly challenge that is aimed at helping you to maximize your weight loss effort. 

Setting a time frame for yourself like this may be all the motivation you need to achieve your weight loss goal. Your 30-days weight loss challenge can be structured in any way depending on your personal preferences, capacity, and of course, the goals you have in mind. However, for healthy weight loss, combining healthy nutritional modification with workouts is recommended. You are more likely to achieve your goals when you use both of these strategies in tandem rather than trying one or the other. In this article, we will go over some of the things you should consider including in your fat burner challenge 

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30 Days Workout Challenge

One part of your weight loss challenge is the workout challenge. The 30-day weight loss workout challenge does not have to be rigorous or time-consuming. In fact, spending between 10 to 20 minutes per day on workouts that actually work can make a lot of difference. The following are some of the routines recommended for your 30-days workout challenge



This is one of the most effective weight-loss exercises you can try. It engages almost all your muscle groups which ensure effective results for your whole bodyweight-loss efforts. 



This is the ultimate exercise for those looking to lose some fat. The plank exercise also works your core muscles and strengthens them. It is one of the most recommended workouts to include in your weight loss routine. There are different variations of this exercise, but for this challenge, the regular front plank will be just great. 

Jump Squat: 

This is a plyometric exercise that requires you to use your dynamic force. This routine mostly engages the muscle groups in your lower body but also works your back and shoulder muscles as well.

Mountain Climber: 

Mountain Climber:

This is another very efficient exercise for burning fats because it engages all your muscle groups. for this challenge, you can perform this exercise normally or make it more intense by using ankle weights. 

Bird Dog: 

Bird Dog

This is traditionally a yoga pose but has gained mainstream popularity due to its potentials in aiding weight loss. When Bird Dog is adopted for a weight loss routine, it is usually performed faster than with regular Yoga. This exercise engages all your major muscle groups and may also promote strength and balance in addition to weight loss. 

Walking Lunge:

This exercise is commonly used as a warmup exercise. It mostly targets your lower body muscles and is great for toning up your hips and legs. 

Weekly Workout Routine For Your 30-Days Challenge

For your 30-days weight-loss routine, these exercises will be performed daily. To make it easier, you can structure the exercises into weekly cycles that are repeated for the entire 30-days duration. Generally, it is recommended that you do two sets of each of these exercises daily. You can also modify the routines based on your ability and preferences. 

Week 1: for the first week of the challenge, you can perform 10 reps of each exercise in two sets. For routines that involve side movements, you should 10 reps for each side, and for time-bound routines such as plank you should do 30 seconds of the exercise for each rep. You can take a 20 second rests in between sets. Exercises can be combined in different ways depending on your preferences.

Week 2: in the second week of the challenge, you can increase the number of repetitions to 20 for each exercise (30 seconds for plank). Do two sets for each routine and take a 20 seconds rests in-between routines

Week 3: for the 3rd week of the challenge, you can increase the number of reps for each exercise to 30 (40 seconds for the plank). Perform 2 sets of each routine and take 20 seconds rests between each set.

Week 4: for the fourth week of the challenge, you can perform 2 sets of 40 reps of each exercise (50 seconds for plank). Take a 20-second rest between each set.

30-Days Weight-Loss Challenge Meal Plan

30-Days Weight-Loss Challenge Meal Plan

The 30-days workout challenge is typically enough to help you lose a couple of pounds. However, you can achieve even better results when this plan is followed through with a nutritional plan. The basic idea is to ensure that you consume fewer calories than you burn daily. The fact is that you are free to create your weight loss diet for the 30-day duration of the challenge based on your specific goals and preferences. However, be sure to include essential nutrients in this plan while cutting down on calories as healthily as possible. Here are some tips to keep in mind for preparing your 30 days meal plan for this challenge.

Avoid Sugars: sugars, especially those found in sugary drinks and desserts provide your body with what is known as empty calories. They don’t add any beneficial nutrients to your body and only adds on extra calories that you do not need. Try to cut down your sugar intake to about 5% of your daily caloric requirements.

Substitute unhealthy fats for healthy fats:  you should cut down on your intake of unhealthy trans fats and replace them with healthier alternatives such as nuts, fish, avocado, coconut, olive oil, and sunflower that are rich in unsaturated fats.

Avoid processed food: almost all processed foods contain added sugar, salt, and fat. This is why you should cut down on them for your 30-days weight loss challenge and opt for whole foods instead.

Eat more protein: proteins are essential building blocks that help in the preservation of lean muscles. It also helps promote the feeling of fullness which helps you consume less food. You should consume at least 50g of protein from success like meat, egg, beans, and nuts during the 30days challenge

Drink water: you should drink at least 2 liters of water each day during this challenge. It aids the circulation of nutrients and helps to flush toxins out of your system.


If you follow the recommendations highlighted here for your 30-days, you should be able to see impressive results in achieving your weight loss goals. Of course, be careful not to set unrealistic expectations. The goal of this challenge is to healthily lose weight without putting an unhealthy strain on your body and health as a whole. You can speak to your doctor or dietician to further assist you with customizing a meal plan and exercise routine for your benefit.

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